The Shanghai Divergence

Andrew Maguire part III from King World News.  It’s like Roots – the mini series, only this time it’s radio instead of television.

3 comments on “The Shanghai Divergence
  1. Max Power says:

    You might want to run with this story, as part of the overall context of the ‘bio desil’ trafficking case — namely Canadian finance system corruption has impacted the North and this means that new measures and organization are needed to maintain some semblance of normalcy.

    Wayne K. Spear: Attawapiskat hunger strike is not about ‘financial transparency’

    Attawapiskat chief’s hunger strike part of wider movement
    Grassroots movement Idle No More driven by social media

    Brazeau: Attawapiskat chief’s hunger strike doesn’t set “good example for young Aboriginal youth”

    FEEL FREE TO CALL FOR THE APPOINTMENT OF A NEW GOVERNOR GENERAL, as the current one is refusing to meet with the involved parties. This is not the way the GG office has been run since the 1800s.

  2. mishopshno says:

    How is this part 3? It says it’s 1 of 2.

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