The EU Bailout Oligarchy Issues A Report About Itself

On Friday before Christmas when nobody was paying attention, when people were elbowing their way through department stores or heading out for vacation, the European Commission issued its report on bank bailouts in the European Union—a dry document with mind-boggling numbers that left out the most important fact.

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2 comments on “The EU Bailout Oligarchy Issues A Report About Itself
  1. OlympiaLogger says:

    The Russian Geologists I used to chat with at breaks and over lunch at the USGS in Lakewood Colorado, SAID EXACTLY THE SAME THING !!!

    — LOOK! – some Russian guy – LOOK! —
    —> <—

    1. American Junk Scientists are sold-out and utterly worthless.

    2. Eurotrash Amature-Junk Scientists are sold-out/willfully-ignorant and trading only on their good posture and ability to charm an amphitheatre full of twenty year olds with smooth sounding globalist indoctrination.

    3. Russian Scientists are — umm…Russian Scientists!

  2. Max Power says:

    Manitoba whistleblower assigned to “non-job” after warning of government fraud, read 156 books while collecting his pay

    “I may have worked at most 10 days a year for roughly $93,000 or $94,000 a year,” the now-retired Mr. Dalgliesh wrote in a message released Tuesday by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

    He was ready and willing to work, but with almost no assignments, he took to reading Tolstoy, Twain, Atwood and Dickens, among others. He made his way through 1984 and Brave New World, two books following protagonists trapped in bureaucracy-heavy dystopias.

    An experienced accountant with more than two decades of experience in government, Mr. Dalgliesh said he had been relegated to the Manitoba Information Technology Branch after trying to blow the whistle on Crocus, a disastrous labour-sponsored investment fund.

    “Everybody in the government knew it was going to blow, everybody who was involved with the file knew it was going to blow, and the NDP government was promoting it 18 months before it blew,” said Mr. Dalgliesh, speaking by phone from Winnipeg.

    “It’s unbelievably nuts,” he added.

    In the early 2000s, the Manitoba government assigned Mr. Dalgliesh, then with the provincial Department of Industry, to examine the Crocus Investment Fund, a labour-sponsored venture capital fund that had been heavily promoted by the province’s NDP government.

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