SGT Report – Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter?

8 comments on “SGT Report – Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter?
  1. OlympiaLogger says:

    The gender mutators should be real enthusiastic about Fukushima’s future.

    That’s HOT!

    Behold — my new signature line:

  2. you just don’t get it do you!!
    Iceland has just been set up for a higher class train wreck!!
    As in Pete and repete of Argentina!!!


  3. OlympiaLogger says:

    I could slow down this weekend, and I caught Gordon Ramsay’s English version of Hell’s Kitchen… Kitchen Nightmare.

    He’s going around with a retired boxer and his wife about their establishment.
    The boxer’s a short Welshman, just like my tiny Welsh Grandma’s stock…

    When Ramsay came over a rise in the road and saw the pub for the first time it was blue. I mean EVERYTHING except the road and the field was painted blue.

    He said, “Well, you can’t miss it can you!?!! — I wish the Germans hadn’t!”

    I know nobody give a rat’s ass what on our TV, but I’m laughing so hard, my side’s hurt.

  4. OlympiaLogger says:

    You can’t run around like Feckin’ “Shrek In A Frock”.
    …don’t know what that means, but I like it. I’m going to use that one !!!

  5. death to the NWO says:

    I thank the manipulators to have brought down , temporarily the price of PM. It allows me
    to buy some some more silver …… I am a collector that never sells ……

  6. Mark Lytle says:

    The Tipping Point In Resistance To Global Banker Occupation Is Nigh

    Talks about a lot of things including the Louisiana sinkhole. A bit disjointed, but the sentiment is real.

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