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  1. Jeff moore says:

    A Piers Morgan isn’t just for Christmas, It’s for life.


  2. Peter brookes says:

    I’m thinking of Edward Woodward’s last lines in The Wicker Man.

  3. Keiron says:

    I am indifferent to him but, he’ s right in what he says.

  4. Max Belousov says:

    Even his own nation doesn’t want him back, while he sits around spouting trash on one piece of our constitution while hiding behind another. His O-1 should be expiring soon, hope the Immigration office can do the right thing..

  5. Flopot says:

    Ho ho ho.

  6. Cyber Noob says:

    Pier’s Morgan. Tut tut. Can I sign this petition twice.

  7. G Taylor says:

    You wanted him, you are welcome to him!

  8. David Gale says:

    I’m fed up of the sycophantic pleas of the press that they are somehow the bastions of free speech and righteousness. Start asking them how many important stories of public interest they’ve sat on at the whim of advertisers and the Great and the Good. For example, if they hadn’t been protecting their advertising revenue the banking crisis might never have happened. They had foreknowledge of the corrupt practices that were widespread in the Noughties, some of which carry on to this day, and they said and continue to say nothing. Corrupt scum.

  9. Terry says:

    Morgan is a traitor to the human race. A disgusting creature, a paid warmonger and manipulator of public conscience.

  10. David Liberty says:

    Mr Morgan is a shill of the Murdocks’. He is another cog in the wheel of the network of corruption. Fook off Mr Morgan.

  11. Nat says:

    But despite that, he still manages to be right about gun control. Kind of says it all.

  12. ronron says:

    like i said. washed up. this should be his waterloo.

  13. Paul says:

    I find Piers Morgan to be a pompous Ass. I don’t watch him. If Governments around the world could be trusted to protect it’s citizens I could agree with gun control. But I don’t trust them. Whether it’s Wounded Knee, Weco, Oklahoma City, 911 etc…. The Barbarians are inside the gate.

    Take a look at Eric Jon Phelps The Vatican Assassins. These Jesuits have got to be stopped. And taking away guns is not going to get rid of them. I’ll leave it for now as I’m off to enjoy a Turkey dinner. But Piers Morgan is wrong. And though I agree with Max and Stacy 98% of the time, I can’t on this issue. Governments and the people behind pulling the strings are not to be trusted. Learn more about History and you’ll understand what I mean.

    Merry Xmas ( even though the Pope admitted recently he didn’t know when Jesus birthday was ). It’s a Peagan tradition we’re celebrating today. Gotta go. The sausage stuffing beckons…..

  14. Jeremy says:

    Piers Moron is a nasty piece of $h1t. He belongs in assmerica.
    3 shooters, mother didn’t work at the school, dad due to tesify in lie–boar scam, gun found in boot, ambulances blocked in, parents laughing in queue to be interviewed, …
    Blatant gun grab. Not enough sheeople bought the lies, so they shot some firemen also.
    Ha ha ha merry xmas

  15. keehotee says:

    limey chodes go home

  16. David Liberty says:

    a pecker with ears

  17. David Liberty says:

    Mr Morgan, Merry Christmas … Like Jingle Bells?

  18. donk says:

    I’ll make no effort, petition or anyting for that piece of shit. I ‘d call him a cunt, but cunts are usefull.

  19. Jack says:

    Max, Just which side or you on exactly? RIGHTS are activities over which government has no authority. You constantly go on about the crimes of the banks and their enablers and the lack of a rule of law but you are very selective on which laws you support. If Morgan does not like American law he has the right to move to a place more to his liking. If he wants to deny Americans their second amendment rights he has no cause to demand his first amendment rights. You can’t pick and choose. Freedon prevails when the government is afraid of the people, tyranny when the people are afraid of the government. So who’s side are you on Max?

  20. Alf says:

    Morgan is a wonderful example of the moral malaise within todays MSM,
    he’s right up there with the Glenn Beck’s of this world…a complete phony.

  21. Don says:

    Don’t send him to Australia, we are full up with people like him already.

  22. snoop diddy says:

    is there a petition to send him to the moon?

  23. Kev says:

    Piers Morgan – Watch him cock his head arrogantly after he answers and when he is getting scewerd in that video. Please, please send this jerk back to the UK.

  24. Jayme says:

    Maybe US and UK citizens can sign both, come to a compromise, and export him somewhere into the middle of the Atlantic ocean. 😉

    Deport British Citizen Piers Morgan for Attacking 2nd Amendment

  25. Daedelous says:


    Is that place still open for crimes against humanity or did obama manage to keep his election pledge… There again, I like Cuba.
    Shit, let’s just send him to the Falklands, maybe they’ll eat him.

  26. David Liberty says:

    Dear Piers,

    There are over 60,000 Hard Core Americans that have signed the petition now. GET THE FUCK OUT, YOU Blinkered BITCH!!!


  27. David Liberty says:

    Johnny Cash has a message

  28. L T P says:

    When the UK stops vilifying Michael Savage, preventing his passage there if he wishes, then this piggy will consider signing the petition keeping the limey Morgan here. In fact, I’d petition instead to rid the USA of his distant inbred bastard fourth-cousin J.P. while we’re @ it. OINK!!

    L T P -aka- Major Bacon – Silver Liberation Army
    Follow this 2nd-amendment loving and arrogantly opinionated swine on Twitter: @lickthepig, and Keep On Stackin’!

  29. Catalyst says:

    Deport him to North Korea they will love to have him there since he is not armed and dangerous. He can cow tow and cry when he is told to.

  30. Edward Jones says:

    Send Piers Morgan back to the UK but I doubt the UK would want him back.

  31. capt ray says:

    Now I read, Peirs tweeted that he is against asult wapons b/c some brainless idiot shot firefighters with one.

    Did Piers/cnn not report that there is a growing agression towards ambulance/fire/police?

    Why is that?
    Why do workers turn against the autority?
    Why do the rich steal from the poor?
    Why is all of that?

    I believe that Piers rather sticks to his lab dog act and will not get to any bottom of anything. He just tells you to hand your guns to his authority.

    Tough luck!

  32. The Hobo Projekt says:

    Piers Morgan is an idiot. Full stop.
    I think he would relocate himself somewhere without media coverage and just fade away into oblivion. People can forget fast and he is best forgotten. He is such an embarrassment.

  33. VyseLegendaire says:

    I’m still confused why anybody is paying any heed to this nitwit, or the collapsing CNN network at all – doesn’t it just legitimize them?

  34. Vonda Bra says:

    Gun Control Failed in Britain, Wake UP America you could be next! (9:08)

  35. kdt says:

    OK so how is that [email protected] was just readng up to figure out HTF an EX FELLON who beat his GRANDMOTHER to death wth a hammer ended up wth the EXACT same gun as the school shooter…………………in NEW YORK STATE WTF?? so the shillspin was that it is the NRA’s fault for throwng control BACK to the states……………… in effect it is the NRA’s fault that a PRO GUNCONTROL state chose to allow a MURDER to buy a weapon……………WHO in there right mind BUYS THIS CRAP?

    my GOD how is ths NOT a SETUP? these morons are playng wth fire lke no ones buisness ths is the exact same thng as fast and furious “the gun nuts wan’t GUNS WE’LL give’m GUNS by the TON! how many more of these time bombs did these TRRASONOUS POSs set with this?? ……………..there must be a list MY GOD how low will these people go? this is insane!!! WHO PASSED TIHS ? the NRA would NEVER loby for somthing like this there are a substantIal number of cops IN the membershp that is part of there clout and WTF HOW did they get it past the PUBLIC? did they even TELL them they were ALLOWING this madness?

    ……………..i cant believe i just read that! so if I allow another person to make a desision for them selves and they commit a crime it is MY faut?……………..a professional news writer POSTED EXACTLY THAT………… can you gun control FREAKS possbly be THIS stupid?……….@vonda not you THEM, wich do you think is more idotic that they could possably belive ANY of this OR that they know it is BULLSHT and WE ARE dumb enuff to buy it? ether way the dsconect from realty is FRIGHTNING and ths s WAY beond the norm for ths debate the coppycats seem to be spawnng yet mor coppycats and the gun control loby s actvly armng crmnals………………… cant see ths ANY other way dont buy any of ths “death squad talk thes peoople know that can blow back but they know the trggers they have embeded n popple through the prussan system and they have control of those “pressures and know all they have to do s turn t up to get moore unstable rejects to act out and now they have armed them…………….MADNESS MADNESS MADNESS MADNESS MADNESS MADNESS MADNESS MADNESS MADNESS MADNESS MADNESS MADNESS MADNESS MADNESS MADNESSMADNESS MADNESS MADNESS MADNESS MADNESS MADNESS MADNESSMADNESS MADNESS MADNESS MADNESS MADNESS MADNESS MADNESSMADNESS MADNESS MADNESS MADNESS MADNESS MADNESS MADNESSMADNESS MADNESS MADNESS MADNESS MADNESS MADNESS MADNESSMADNESS MADNESS MADNESS MADNESS MADNESS MADNESS MADNESSMADNESS MADNESS MADNESS MADNESS MADNESS MADNESS MADNESSMADNESS MADNESS MADNESS MADNESS MADNESS MADNESS MADNESSMADNESS MADNESS MADNESS MADNESS MADNESS MADNESS MADNESSMADNESS MADNESS MADNESS MADNESS MADNESS MADNESS MADNESS

  36. SAO says:

    Morgan, now where have I heard that name before….

    Throw him to the fishes. Let him swim his way back to England. Little twit.

  37. dark horse says:

    the only time i watched him was on that show “America’s Got Talent | NBC”, now Howard Stern is in his place, a much better improvement… (it was hard as watching you, Piers.)

  38. kdt says:

    sorry but im FREAKED out right now these are end game moves you do not pull this kind of thing unless you are SHURE you wont have to answer for it

    edit and repost…………………i can’t see this ANY other way and i dont buy any of this “death squad” talk , the elites know that sort of thing can blow back in your face and consider direct action to be beneth them selves , somthing that only “new money” would stoop to.
    this is all about “social engineering” they know the triggers they have embeded in popple through the prussian school system all they need to do is set the proper condtions to get the result they want!
    they do not NEED to act, all they do is sit back and wach the show …… they know EXACTLY how people like the arson shooter or these damaged kids will react under THESE condtons or the japinese impire in 42 with a SWEET target like ‘battleship row” or there tool “al qaeda” with the towers….. that is the SICK genius of it , the”acts” are ACTUALlY random in that they have no need to controll them they don’t care WICH school gets shot up they just know that under certian condtons some WILL get shot up. and that is ALL they need , pearl harbor and 911 are more complex but that is purly a scale isue wich reqiures “conditons” to be set on the world stage.

  39. SiriusBlack says:

    How about we agree to let Piers Moron continue being a pompous, liberty-hating t∑åt wherever he likes as long as Julian Assange gets safe passage to Ecuador?

  40. Mark Lytle says:

    I do think it would be a bad thing if Americans were ‘disarmed’. I do think an armed America is a deterrent, somewhat, against full tyranny.

    Morgan is an apologist for the elites, their puppet. If HE is campaigning for gun control, that’s what the elites want. Therefore, I don’t want it.

    I don’t have a problem with armed guards in schools so much, as I have a problem with schools, generally. Most learning should be on-line by now. That would eliminate much of the problem, though Elementary kids would still have to show up, as they won’t have the discipline at that age to work without supervision.

  41. Mark Lytle says:


    Where to put this?

    Obama has nominated a moderate Republican to be the new Secretary of Defence.

    Chuck Hagel is a Vietnam Veteran, knows what war is, and has shown intelligent opposition to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Defence department goons are trying to smear him, and prevent his nomination. There is a petition to support him, (since we’re discussing petitions) and it is here:

    Please consider this, as we don’t need another chickenhawk warmonger in this job, like so many we have had in the recent past….

  42. Specky4eyes says:

    Now that would be a celebrity (infamy) “Come Dine With Me” date to miss : Bono, Piers Morgan and…mmm ah, little Georgy Porgy Osborne.

  43. chris m says:

    to Jeff moore | December 25, 2012 at 7:11 pm |
    “A Piers Morgan isn’t just for Christmas, It’s for life.”

    i would like to second that —

    Peace and Goodwill to all men on earth

    PS and a little bit of humour wouldnt go amiss either

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