Mega-Banks Pushing for Mandatory Gov’t Securities Investment in All Retirement Accounts

The Prospective Rigging of the CPI Calculation for Social Security recipients would , yet again, make the “Official” CPI even further removed from The Inflation Reality. The Reality is that the current U.S. Inflation Rate, 9.4%, is already Threshold Hyperinflationary.
The Key Point for Investors is understanding the Motivation behind Government and Mega-Banks pushing for Mandatory Government Securities Investment, and changing the way Inflation is calculated.

The Powers-that-Be in the Global Banking and Finance community know that the ever-increasing Money Printing – QE to Infinity – is already leading to increasing Price Inflation, which they wish to hide, and thus eventually to Massive Sales of Paper Treasury Securities, for which they wish to have Buyers, via 401(K) Funds.

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7 comments on “Mega-Banks Pushing for Mandatory Gov’t Securities Investment in All Retirement Accounts
  1. Gregers Werle says:

    There you go, Bondzilla rolls on…

  2. Big Bank CEO says:

    Sorry, but all these conspiracy theories about 401k’s being forced to buy bond is bunk. These people have no clue what they are talking about. Why would you believe some doctor turned silver peddler? Silver doctors are there to push one agenda, to sell you bullion and get your scared so you sell all your stocks.

    If the government did this, it would be the deathknell to big bank profits. Banks and brokerages make huge money off fees from offering a multitude of 401k investment options within those plans. They would never give up that gravy train.

  3. Zach O says:

    “Maybe if we shackle everyone to the railing of the ship, they will struggle enough to keep it afloat!” -Titanic captain

  4. Kim Briggs says:

    “Begun the counterfeit war has.”
    –Yoda (sorta)

    I dunno, what can compare to getting free currency and investing it in guaranteed returns (yours, not your clients)? Any profit is still in the range of about oh… INFINITY profit margin. It’s been a pretty sweet deal these last 4 years and it seems a hell of a lot easier than doing research and creating and monitoring equity packages.

  5. Kim Briggs says:

    On the other hand, all that red font makes me think the article came from the 1990s…. Doc needs a prescription for his website.

  6. someoneionceknew says:

    There is zero chance of hyperinflation. US so called public debt is in $US.
    Hyperinflation is an entirely different beast to normal price pull inflation. Different causes altogether.
    Money printing is an effect of hp, not the cause.

  7. Eric says:

    Doc doing ye old fear-mongering rain dance in a financial swamp land.

    Not that I doubt that some economics 101 challenged congress critters (redundant?) may be contemplating screwing new orifices into public savings … but 401Ks have been wet and soggy since the FED started flooding the landscape with “QE to infinity” fiat FRNs from a helicopter. Anyone who has not already cashed out their 401Ks after ZIRP was announced, well, they deserve what they won’t get.