Max Keiser’s Prediction for 2013: US, UK Regime Change

31 comments on “Max Keiser’s Prediction for 2013: US, UK Regime Change
  1. MrJones says:

    Quick question. Why haven’t I seen any links to “On the Edge with Max Keiser” for a few weeks now? Is that show still in production? Thanks.

  2. Bruce says:

    Surely Max isn’t talking about this dude?
    File:Jamie Dimon.jpg – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    He’s like a cuddly bear.
    Look at him.


    Not a terrorist. He’s wearing a suit.
    He’s clean-shaven.
    He has no turban.

    He has no gun in his hand.
    He isn’t in an Al-CIA-da training video.

    Cuddly. Warm fuzzies.

  3. lupe says:

    one problem with your comparison of jamie dimon, david cameron and b. obama with terrorists… the terrorists are subject to the rule of law… bankers and politicians are not.

  4. Bruce says:


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  5. lupe says:

    brucey loosey the loser

  6. Bruce says:

    lupe, harsh bro.
    The only losers are those who don’t bank with CHASE.

  7. Banking Thiefs says:

    Never going to happen in the UK, people are not armed!

    I wish you could talk about Council Tax (Property Tax), it’s the most regressive tax I’ve ever seen. The poorest pay more as a percentage of their earnings than the rich and payment is no longer based on earnings (ability to pay), it’s based on your savings/assets!

  8. bbrebozo says:

    And for those in the Military – or anyone who still wants to enlist – who still support this Washington/ Wall Street / Corporation regime, watch and weep.
    You are in the defense of Fascism, not WE the People!
    After you serve the Military Industrial Complex, they will leave you in the cold, abandon you, and if you haven’t died from your wounds or starved to death, they will gas you!
    Who’s side are you on?

  9. austin says:


    What ‘ beast slouches towards London to be born ?’
    (Yeats would not mind)
    or what ill-wind blows that empty beer-can
    scraping over the cobble stone,
    giving us all pause to think,
    paring the silence down to the bone,
    and what corpse is that in the gutter,
    not wrapped in swaddling but paper dollars?
    Do we make a stand now lest we forget
    to occupy the cob-webbed space
    of this vacant mind?
    Let them walk the plank then
    onto the lifeless ocean of their own making
    and shall we spare a little true value
    to weigh them down with gold and silver?
    From warmth behind the glass
    so cruel to see outside now-
    the puffed up thrush,shiver
    as the north wind bites
    for in my well stocked pantry
    stop and think, stop and think…. …
    the child in drought is dying
    for lack of what I give the robin?
    Who are these so-called-people,
    these stupid monsters
    who seek to live well themselves
    in a world they would destroy.

  10. Sirial says:

    Please let it be a peaceful regime change where the cops and the militairy side with the people and hopefully prevent the ones in power to misuse their power against their own people.

  11. jischinger says:

    if you say anything bad about Obama in the US – regardless of the facts – you’re labeled either a racists or a t-bagger – doesn’t matter if you are a progressive commie and so far to the left you’re neighbors call you che trotsky, if you dis Obama democrats will vilify you, lie and make up stories about you to everyone you know.

    Even if you give them proof of the wars, bailouts, NDAA, fast and furious, etc… they will blame the republicans or Bush for all of Obama’s ills –

    Obama signed another extension of the wiretap bill again, in secret, a few days ago, you are allowed to say you don’t like this one thing about him, but democrats will say he had to renew this because of Bush.

    Democrats are worse than Bush supporters, democrats are bullies. Obama is worse than Bush.

    There’s no doubt in my mind that both parties have to go, but the divide created by the corporate media to keep both sides stupid and fighting makes the US ripe for a fascist totalitarian regime.

    There’s absolutely no reason to vote any more, finding a way out of the US is high on the agenda.

  12. Dustbowl Daze says:

    In 2013 we need to associate silver with marijuana more in our rhetoric, because marijuana gets more clicks. “Just like the marijuana industry is bringing about a renaissance in capitalism, so too can silver bring about a renaissance in currency.”

  13. I precariat says:

    @Bbrebozo. Heartbreaking little film, a piece of history I knew nothing about, thank you. But sadly it just makes me realise the hopelessness of the situation. The occupy movement looked promising…..but they just let us ‘play at protesting’ for a while, before they came along and smashed it all up…just like the Bonus Army in the film. The sheople only want to shop. Their eyes glaze over when you try to tell them the truth. What is to be done?
    I wish all who come here a very happy, peaceful new year.

  14. Steven says:

    Yes Max regime change is what is needed. However that is generally not what happens at all. Usually you get the same crap with a different label and that is not regime change.
    A real regime change means wiping out the legal and human assets that made up the offending regime and its supporters then starting over from scratch and having new leaders doing as they see fit with out foriegners, oligarchs and special interests interferring with the policies and practices of the new regime. So if you don’t want to see nations on fire , blood in the streets and vast numbers of criminals and perverts executed then you might as well get used to surviving under the current evil political and financial regime. It is a change it all or change nothing deal.

  15. giggler says:

    If you post this regime change stuff on FB you’ll get locked up so it wouldn’t be long before they do the same to anyone, even famous people, talking about such things in public.

  16. jischinger says:

    @Dustbowl Daze I’d bet he’d sell a million of these quick

  17. jischinger says:

    @Steven I pretty much came to the same conclusion – although I think if a large number of smart people got together in one state the laws and transitions could be less hostile – it would be worth trying.

    However, even if that did come about there would be outside forces wanting to interfere with the process and gum up the works, which would force the swift and immediate hand of justice, thus creating something very different.

    Then there are all the alliances, trade routs, possible blockades, etc… and the people you’d need to keep that operation up and running wouldn’t fight for a cause without plenty of cash on hand. Without an ideal or philosophy money is the only thing that rules.

    There are more subtle ways, see New Hampshire. However, the population of like minds there is still very small and could be crushed within a fortnight.

    So it comes down to the individual and finding a country whose government you can best put up with, a country that has a majority where the people are still civilized, protect and value labor and take joy in preserving their traditions and culture.

    for anyone who dwells in one of those countries I’d be happy to help arrange some sort of an exchange program.

  18. bbrebozo says:

    And how many of you smugly buy that shit from Wal-Mart?
    Are you next for the reeducation slave camps?

  19. alan says:

    @bbrebozo A good book to read”Tacloban Hotel”
    Those 1932 Washington protests and the governments reaction should be USA folk law, should be taught in schools. That this history was effectivly suppressed and hidden and nearly passed into history before the internet was able top bring light on it again should tell the people something. The leaders of the military attack were promoted and went on to bigger and more effective brutality. (The suppression of effective activism under the term McCarthyism) I better stop I think the outside world knows actual USA history better than its citizens. Probably one reason their mentality never made sense to me,

  20. bbrebozo says:

    And by the way, you can post your comments freely on Max and Stacy’s site, but You Tube has these restrictions on the above video, “Comments are disabled for this video”.
    Hmmm, I wonder why?

  21. aleksy says:

    Try criticiszing bummer in the US and you become an unlawful enemy conbatant. with no Habeaus Corpus and be kept detained (imprisoned…)indefinitely. That sure soundslike freedom and democracy [N-O-T] doesn’t it??

  22. bbrebozo says:

    Thanks, I did a search on this title and it looks like a good – though probably- tragic read. I’ll read it.
    I think Molly Ivins said this quote, ” The first rule of Democracy is to keep your mouth open.” Republic is a better word but I’ll take it.

    As the grip tightens, the free will be separated from the cowardly, by speaking for – and living by – what they believe to be true and right, regardless of the out come, threats or what is attempted against them.

  23. Citizen119 says:

    Where do you get this regime change idea from?
    Regimes are hardly changed,. The elite’s have changed Conductors,
    but the orchestra is unchanged.
    All same USSR and China. KGB and Communist.
    Yeltsin’s coup was street theatre, the real coup was a KGB takeover.
    USA, Bush to OBama, same administration.
    European Union? Needn’t bother there, the EU Parliament is elected
    but has no power, while the Commission has all the power, but is not elected,
    so vote how you like, nobody in power gives a horses backside.
    UK? Why bother voting.
    Africa is the only place where leaders are likely to find themselves hanging
    from a lamp post.
    The corruption is just endless. If you start prosecuting, where would you
    begin and end?
    Judge Jefferies and Robespierre would do the job, but where would
    you find such men today?

  24. bbrebozo says:

    @ Citizen119

    Yeah, the one world government thing is marching along piece by piece. To paraphrase Noam Chomsky, the institutions survive, the regardless of the administrators.
    But, I can certainly understand Max’s frustration.

  25. David Liberty says:

    Very well said Max … enabling the change needs leadership, exceptional leadership.

  26. Jeremy says:

    same old ‘change’

  27. bbrebozo says:

    I don’t know if the rest of the world has any knowledge of Jessie Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory” show in America.
    In looking at this, I’d advise looking past the wrestler history and Jessie’s ego hubris before you make up your mind.

    Just review the facts Madam. I believe Jessie – like you and I – just wants to know the truth.

    An interesting part in this show is the reference to the Illuminati’s preference for the OZ motif. Anyone informed on the sick Illuminati brain washing tools, knows of their use of the Alice in Wonderland motif. Now, the OZ motif. Hmm. brings to mind Ozzie North.

  28. bbrebozo says:

    If you didn’t get the Alice in Wonderland connection, only for the very brave.

    Now, really want to go down the Illuminati / CIA rabbit hole? Read Brice Taylor’s account. I couldn’t accept it at first it sounded just too crazy. Now, I do.

  29. bbrebozo says:

    And another heads up folks. When you get your video picture being morphed/ altered- and it is usually is not a complimentary morphing but looks rather monsterish – that is not a computer glitch. Rather, it is intentional. The big guys are communicating through the technology that they control that they are not not happy with what you communicating and they will add their noise to affect the fools. And of course, they can always just turn off your medium and they do. But sometimes, they let you go just to see how smart you are.

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