14 comments on “MAKE SURE STACY STAYS NUMBER 1 ON JAN. 1ST!!!!!
  1. daddy warbucks says:

    AGW, like gun control is all about totalitarianism.
    Very few liberal progressives can even come close to grasping the concept.

    Body count of gun control in 8 minutes

    Gun Control is Genocide – documentary by Mike Adams

  2. daddy warbucks says:

    Gun Control in the UK & Their Warning to the U.S.

  3. Hegelian Dialectic says:

    sherbert brings da fla-vah!

  4. Steven says:

    I concurr. Gun control and confication is genocide! Depriving people of the means to defend themselves and destroy bad governments, criminals and perverts is genocide.
    When you mess with the balance of military power in society all kinds of bad things happen. Mass slavery, mass imprisonment, mass extermination of innocent people and of course mass robbery. If you want to find out what happens to disarmed populations watch the Killing fields and In the shadow of Hermes. Try to imagine the french, russian and chinese revolutions on steriods happening in america and its allies because of gun control. Do not be decieved by being pro gun control . As usefull idiots and idealists you to are on the target list of the powers that be. Not only do revolutions destroy class enemies and by standers they destroy the intellectuals and idealists that supported the revolution. After all competition for power and booty from underlings can not be allowed.

  5. Steven says:

    Max and Stacy you might want to stock up on winter clothing and other survival gear and rations. The reason being that there is a good chance of a little ice age setting in by 2014 or sooner due to fewer sunspots . There is also a risk of a big ice age as well since the current interglacial is almost near its end. They usually last an average of 11,500 years and are followed by a ice age lasting an average of 105,000 years. You might want to move a little closer to the equator.

    No global warming for you Stacy!

  6. Sir Halibut says:

    I still think Anna de Simone is pretty hot!

  7. Cpt Pube says:

    Now THAT really needs a shave.

  8. Stacy’s loony cult brainwashed position on AGW (or is she a provocateur?) and Max’s silence on Goldman Sachs being main collectors for carbon taxes both undermine everything and anything on any Keiser show. Shame, as Max talks a lot of sense the rest of the time. At best, under Stacy’s thumb, at worst, compromised severely.

  9. Al says:

    Is that Stacy posing with said kitty? She had my vote even before the pic!

  10. James Chen says:

    @ max/Stacy

    Herro hope good day

    Aristotle taut earth center of universe, garireo disproved, dhen garireo taut comets were opticar irrusians. He was wrong too. Dhen newton died eating mercury. Smart men shown to be wrong and stupid is a common trend in history. No fight de trend. Might not want to hitch de beautifur Stacy to a weary probable mistake or outright rie.



  11. :Dman says:

    At one time I was open to respecting your opinions. By presstituting yourselves with the globalist agenda, you two prove to have become poms of the StacyShamelessShill and Max the Organ Grinder Monkey variety. It wouldn’t be so bad, except with such efforts, Max really does look and act like an organ grinder monkey. Yeah, it’s not too hard to take this last laugh.

  12. The Beat says:

    That has to be the worst picture of Stacy (on the competition page). I much prefer the one above. I am a firm supporter of animals, especially those of the feline variety.

  13. Spaniard says:

    Stacy is up to some REAL competition- what a prime selection of alpha women.

  14. jim_S says:

    woof woof woof

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