Q: What does it mean when the chief financial regulator who presided over England’s financial train wreck gets knighted by the Queen?

A: Keep Calm and Keep On Lubing


  1. Peter says:

    A. It means that the Queen got a nice piece of the action.

  2. stephen says:

    the beatles got a queenship…mccartney kept his and dines with bush, John Lennon gave his back and they killed him…there is your friggin queenship..look it up yourself

  3. the incestuous banking cartel
    a stable of swindlers and crooks
    the new world order knows well
    to hire good cooks for the books

  4. aleksy says:

    It means they are “lubing” each other for their mutual benefit. The fact that the British public sits for the complete load of crap called Royal Bloodlines is beyond comprehension.

  5. Jeremy says:

    Hector Hemoroid! What a name LOL. Sir Hemoroid. Queen Lizardbreath knited Pedo Savile and a whole bunch of other crooks too. Treasonous old hag.

  6. williambanzai7 says:

    BTW, this man is now paid £ 3 million annually as an employee of Barclays.

  7. Bruce says:

    looting/lubing graphic = classic
    HD – Paul McCartney Diamond Jubilee Concert – June 4 2012 – YouTube
    Personally I’d have issue promoting the establishment like this, but I understand this is where all disconnected artists end up. There are so many like him taking sides with politicians or fizzy-drink companies, or the UN, so nothing surprises me.

    Socially aware. Yeah, great…promote the axis of evil to da sheeplez.

  8. OlympiaLogger says:

    Hey… know-it-alls … listen up,

    It’s really nice to see that Silver provides something to keep your minds occupied.
    Being successful and being able to buy lots of damned STUFF is equally nice.

    However everything you think you own… you ABSOLUTELY do NOT.
    No, really… I’m not being a smartass, YOU DON’T!
    Even if it’s in fee simple absolute or droit-droit-droit, or anything else, it’s not yours.
    Your status and standing is USUFRUCT.

    Only if it’s held in allodium, is it yours.

    TAKE the time to watch these three clips – I INSIST:

    If you’ve grubbed enough silver now… or gold… and have enough to pay off your lovely status symbol, use it to do a REAL title. You’ll even be HELPING THE COUNTRY by adding to the precedents of more and more perfected titles. That’s something the Rothschilds & Co. do not want you to understand, let alone convert your property to…EVER. This is for the U.S. AND Canadian systems and it’s really amazing how similar our land law is. It’s as though they knew someday down the road, they’d be combining them… but of course that’s impossible!

    Kreglow’s landing page is here:

    The guy I learned with, I think has an unflawed, or “perfectly perfected” process:

    I don’t know how the British system works, but since Common Law is still strong there in spite of the German Hag’s love for totalitarianism, it’s worth looking into and you’d be WISE to contact and ask Roger Hayes.
    Since some of you are now in the perfect position of have enough COINAGE, if you don’t at least look into this — YOU ARE USUFRUCTING YOURSELF!!!

  9. OlympiaLogger says:

    Kreglow landing page:

  10. Alf says:

    Regula-haha£hahaha£hahah£ahhah£ha-tors…a good job well done sir.

  11. Lochinvar says:

    Can you tell the difference between England and the UK William Banzai?

  12. williambanzai7 says:

    @Lochinvar Funny, because that is the question I kept asking when I lived in London…every time I heard the words “Me I ‘m an Eng-e-lush-maan!”

  13. The foundations for this were constructed back in June 0f 2010

  14. David says:

    “Rest of England” ?? What happened to the Welsh, Scottish and N Irish?

  15. Paolo says:

    They should replace the national anthem with a recording of a very long and very loud sucking sound.

  16. Marc Authier says:

    England always has been runned by pirates. Nothing new here. I just could spit when I hear these Russians and Eastern Europeans extolling Margaret Thatcher and the British. The UK is a parasite. They have nothing to offer to the world except their mass murdering financial terrorists from the City. That dump called England deserves to go bankrupt. If you liquidated the assets there nothing would be left.

  17. peter hancock says:

    @Marc Authier

    England has always been populated by honest, hard-working, loyal and patriotic people.
    The English population has always demonstrated qualities of reserve, appreciation and modesty. We have always welcomed strangers and refugees. Much like the ordinary population of ALL countries.

    THE CITY OF LONDON has always been populated by grasping, ignorant, greedy, parasitical, evil bastards.

    Learn the difference before you spout your shite like a true keyboard warrior you fucktard. At least tantrum-boy knows the difference.

  18. williambanzai7 says:

    I stand by my original premise, the City is looting everyone else.