Jim Willie: The Gold War

By Jim Willie

The global financial crisis is better described as a global monetary war to defend the toxic USDollar, whose sunset can be seen.In the last 12 to 18 months, the monetary war has again morphed, this time into a far more serious and financially violent global Gold War. Nations are fast realizing that their only true liquid assets of value are their gold reserves, and even they have been tampered with or stolen in a vast re-hypothecation scheme.

The Gold War is on, having moved to a higher gear, but nowhere near a climax gear. The true value of gold is being realized. The strength of gold during insolvency crisis is being observed. The resistance and rescue from the plague of insolvency is being made clear on a global stage. The new important part of the Gold War comes with the Allocated Gold Account scandal which will dwarf the LIBOR and MFGlobal scandals. The demands for repatriated gold accounts, primarily from the criminal bank sectors in London and New York, have amplified. Germany has finally joined with demands for gold repatriation. The demands will continue to grow even as tampered gold bars add to the motivation to repatriate. If only Chavez of Venezuela knew that he was to start a global trend to call gold home, in a Gran Aletazo de Mariposas. The grand butterfly flapping has caused a whirlwind that will turn into a tornado to wreck the central banks in a final death blow.

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6 comments on “Jim Willie: The Gold War
  1. Dustbowl Daze says:

    He’ll huff and he’ll puff and he’ll write the same essay over and over again.

  2. hidflect says:

    Goldbugs only have one story. That’s why they’re goldbugs. On the day the Earth is finally consumed by the Sun they’ll be posting holo-articles saying.. “Buy GOLD NOW!”

  3. Mike Hunt III says:

    I’d like to see a list of all the major gold/silver bugs and all their past predictions and some kind of accuracy rating.

  4. Kim Briggs says:

    Mike Maloney is an electrical engineer. He has researched the history of money and concluded that gold has been revalued to account for money supply increases for 2000 years. I’d believe an electrical engineer over anybody who studied the “science” of economics.

    What was the cause and what was the effect? Does he pimp gold because he has a gold and silver website? No. Some idiot lost 1/2 of his mother’s savings in the stock market, so he had to drop what he was doing and figure it out for himself. He repeatedly states that after the next great wealth transfer, he will be out of gold and into the next undervalued asset.

  5. SAO says:

    Still waiting for the denutters.

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