It’s on!

9 comments on “It’s on!
  1. Bruce says:

    the best fireworks the overburdened taxpayer can buy

  2. Kevin says:

    that was pretty cool

  3. death to the NWO says:

    Bread and circus for the population most controlled on the face of the Earth . Without weapons thanks to the Port Arthur massacre , and with Zionist / globalist in charge .
    But what happened to the greatest scandal since federation about the family background of a known Chief Justice of the High Court ? Is the judge still in the doghouse ? For who doesn’t know the judge has been found out to be a creature of the Australian Secret Services
    they facilitated his ” brilliant ” career in the legal profession and his background as the son of a known surrealist painter was suppressed …..

  4. Sacramento Joe says:

    Hi Max and Stacy-

    So…..let me get this straight….the country that demands everyone pay the CARBON TAX to stem global warming just lit off enough fireworks to power the city for a month. Bizzaro world we live in…..

    Happy New Year!


  5. snoop diddy says:

    @Sacramento Joe,
    lol, they definitely don’t get that less is more.
    I find the Harbour fireworks just a smoke filled mess for the most part.

  6. Sacramento Joe says:

    Happy New Year Snoop

  7. snoop diddy says:

    and straight back at you Sacramento Joe,
    hope the move to Aust has a been going well 🙂

  8. Sacramento Joe says:

    @ Snoop-
    I am sorry to say that I moved back to the states a year ago. I gave it(Melbourne) a shot but just got homesick for my native California. Living up in the north coast now. Simply heaven.


  9. snoop diddy says:

    @Sacramento Joe,
    Ahh, i didnt realise… homesickness sure is a powerful thing.
    Glad you’re happy back in Cali 🙂