Hugo Salinas Price comes out swinging against plagiarist, Keith Weiner

Stacy Summary: We’re having Professor Fekete on in the new year (mid January); and will also interview Hugo, so will have a full update on this for you and a whole lot more about the biggest silver manipulation scandal in history. This will be fun! By the way, Keith Weiner is also the Ayn Rand fan boy that ‘fired’ Sandeep Jaitly from the Gold Standard Institute for having an opinion.

7 comments on “Hugo Salinas Price comes out swinging against plagiarist, Keith Weiner
  1. Ross says:

    I cannot wait until this silver manipulation is brought into the mainstream. We all know it’s going on but how do we stop it. Hope we get some answers soon.

  2. AC says:

    Fekete seems to be getting some credit on his site ?

  3. Vonda Bra says:

    Weiner you “Wiener”!

  4. Palantír says:

    Please @Stacy, ask Marc Faber back on the Keiser Report. I soooo want to know why he do not believe the Silver price would be higher if there were no shorts by JPMorgan.

    He refers to miners and owners of shares in mining companies who as well do not believe that the Silver price is manipulated.
    Saying that banks are shorting future silver production.

    Also he’s saying that clear facts of Silver manipulation do not exist, though people says that there are established facts of manipulation out there but there are no clear facts.

    Referring to an Marc Faber interview with OneRadioNetwork, october 2 2012 (from 29min)

  5. Fred Hayek says:

    He’s not much of an Ayn Rand fan if he’s stealing the original work of someone else. That’s how a Peter Keating rolls.

  6. Luigi says:

    @ Palantir

    Maybe he has his own spoon or many spoons in the SLV fraud and it’s followings. The paradigm change can be a bitch for some, they say..

  7. Palantír says:

    Well if you were to set up Max Keiser vs Marc Faber on this topic, we’d both know that Faber would be the one that could look at it objectively, not Keiser. So in that sense he may be more clear headed than Keiser.
    Keiser clearly has an agenda and even a campaign on the JPMorgan silver which could cloud his objective views.
    We have to listen to both sides and I think Faber says something interesting and it would be great to explore that even further.
    For all we know, he might be correct . . .

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