Harvey Organ: China is the Short Behind Gold & Silver Manipulation

The Doc sat down with Harvey Organ again for the 2nd of several interviews regarding the recent massive cartel intervention in the gold and silver markets post the QE4 announcement, the fiscal cliff, the CFTC’s silver probe, and the unprecedented 20 million oz of silver still standing for December delivery.

Harvey stated that recent evidence seems to validate his long held suspicions that China is behind the big gold & silver shorts, and stated that the nation is draining massive amounts of physical metal East.
Harvey also made the shocking allegation that COMEX is settling allocated delivery & storage requests with paper metal, and stated that he no longer has any faith whatsoever in the numbers reported in the COMEX gold and silver inventories.

Click here for Harvey Organ’s EXPLOSIVE interview with The Doc:

13 comments on “Harvey Organ: China is the Short Behind Gold & Silver Manipulation
  1. Harry says:

    The end is nigh with such a big player?

  2. marcio says:

    I remember very well when Hugo Chavez asked Venezuela’s gold to be delivered. What I suspected at that time came true: a domino effect that was going to lead to the worst currency war in human history. I remember too that the repatriation issue was been talked about in the alternative media, I do not know what unleashed Hugo Chavez ire, but I know for sure the Venezuelan president used to sign Bob Chapman’s newsletter before my friend died.
    The manipulation of gold and silver price has been going on for a long time, If the alternative media talks about the repatriation issue I suppose it’s quite natural the alternative media talks about the manipulation issue alongside. Because this time the peasants are going to lose big time for the “House”.


  3. jarrollin says:

    This article seems to sing a different tune. All this time, I thought the US was manipulating the market, to protect the USD.

  4. Uncle Ben tells me him and Cousin Timmy are selling Tungsten opp’s I mean Gold to the Chinese just as quickly as they can….. Uncle Ben says the Chinese are now mad as hell because they’ve been buying boatloads of Tungsten opp’s I mean Gold – and the Wong’s just can’t get enough of the stuff.

  5. snoop diddy says:

    both things are allowed to happen at the same time.

  6. susan says:

    China, Schmina!

    The Rothschild’s moved East years ago – this is their final move. Look who owns the investment banks there…

  7. Mary Genoud says:

    At least tungsten has important industrial usages for manufacturing and the courts can settle gold price differences and/or fraud. Not so long ago even JPM admitted to suppressing silver prices while accumulating. Harvey Organ’s insights are fascinating, his logic prevailing and I agree the resource war has already begun.

  8. Jeremy says:

    Disinformation. Dont look over here, look over there

  9. Banking Thiefs says:

    The big shorts are miners selling their future production into the market to get a known price above their costs, selling price risk. Do these Dr Bozos not know the purpose of commodities futures markets?

  10. Knox says:

    ok…Chinese bought USD T bills to float the States/USD. Instead of waiting for these to mature, they are using them to buy rare earth & natural resource companies world wide. By not selling the T Bills in the open market, they aren’t causing a panic that would result in a selloff, and to maintain the illusion that they are the US’ biggest creditor, when in fact, they have reduced their risk to little or nothing. …all the while amassing tons of gold prepping for the reset. Leads me to the question: are Chinese sovereign bonds cheap right now?

  11. SAO says:

    So does the little guy trying to live off his short stack bite it while waiting for the dust (ecowar and manipulation) to settle?

  12. Mattdog says:

    @SAO, That’s a noble way to look at it.

  13. Bruce says:

    All I know is I want to learn Chinese and I have some gold to pay for lessons.

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