French Artists Strike Out Against Evil American Empire

Théâtre Royal de Luxe, a street-theater company in France, decided to sue an evil American multinational giant, or so it seems. But there are complications: Royal de Luxe is at the confluence of political connections, government subsidies, Coca-Cola commercialism, perhaps even world domination—and certainly, awesome art.

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3 comments on “French Artists Strike Out Against Evil American Empire
  1. This Arty-Farty Story has a counterpart.
    I think by now everybody knows I serve as Military Oversight and Company Secretary with a small Military Exempt Certificated firm , Red Scar Industrial Coatings Ltd. Our top ‘Glowboy’ Peter Hernon (formerly from Balfour Beaty) was very proud of his Nuclear Certificate No 007. Among other things we applied and stripped supersonic coatings to aircraft. and also to kit that fly attacted to warplanes. A highly specialist topic.

    Pepsi Cola were rebranding their product, and we received a message that they were going to hire Concorde for the event. We had the contract to strip Concorde of it’s paint as scheduled intervals. A scecialist liquid paint stripper allowed all the paint to be removed as a single unbroken film of paint. Quite an impressive sight!

    Concorde would be flying into Manchester Airport, and we were to be there to strip off the Pepsi-Cola paint job… blah.

    We needed to know the formulation of the paint that Pepsi-Cola intended to use. Supersonic Paints come in a variety of formulations. We even offered to advise them on the formulation. If they wanted to, we intended to formulate with genuine Lapis Lazuli Ultramarine Blue. In Saudi Arabia it’s worth Gold Parity. We would provide the pigment free of charge, because Mr. Khokha the owner of the Lapis Lazuli Mine in Afghanistan is a dear personal friend. Pigment to illuminate Holy Koran comes from a unique very dark lapis lazuli, that has little value as a gemstone. When Mr. Khoka makes his delivery to C.J.C. Birhouse in Huddersfield, he was happy to throw in a sack or two of this dark lapis for processing into Royal Blue for illuminating Holy Scripture. Rich Arab Sheiks will sponsor the illumination, and the Mosques handle all the finance. This Pepsi Contract might provide a significant amount of money for charitable works? Our Chairman’s Brother converted to Islam.

    Naturally as all the paint would be removed in one fail swoop, onto a very clean floor, we could recover all the pigment, and give it back to Mr. Khokha, who knew that we made the finest blue Lapis Lazuli Pigment since The Kings Book of Kings was illuminated.

    We did not bother to inform Pepsi Cola of all these irellevant details, as far as they would be concerned, it would be tins of Supersonic Paint, delivered by a recognised supersonic paint manufacturer to the exact shade of colour stipulated. to their painting contractors.

    Pepsi Cola may have been worried that prying eyes might see their art, who knows, they did not respond to our communications. The Press were all waiting on the runway at Manchester Airport. PepsiCola Dolly Birds, dressed in Pepsi Colours with Pepsi warpaint on. The Grand Launch of The PepsiCola Rebranding Had Arrived…. “Fanfare from the Trumpets Please… We can see Concorde coming into land now. … Dolly Birds start waving please!”

    WHAT A BEDRAGGLED SIGHT!…. The stupid fuckwits had NOT USED SUPERSONIC PAINT!…. Well that’s Art for you!

  2. Bruce says:

    Alcoa RPD: About Alcoa Rigid Packaging: How aluminum cans are made

    Do Aluminum Cans Cause Alzheimer’s? – The People’s Pharmacy®

    Why does my tin can have a plastic liner and is it bad for me? « Plastic Is Rubbish or the problems with man-made polymers

    People buying carbonated beverages regularly are clearly rich (and probably unhealthy); it requires a tonne of money to maintain the habit and a tonne of energy to can cans.

    One of the mysteries of the world is how these shit-for-products companies can become so big. Probably something about to say about Edward Bernays here.

    This cost is not small, over the course of the year.
    I am tight. Carbonated beverages are irresponsible spending.

    As you can tell, I’m a bunch of fun at parties.

  3. OlympiaLogger says:

    Quite correct.
    They struck out.

    Hey batta’, batta’… hey batta’, batta’…SWING batta’, batta’ !!!

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