18 comments on “FREEDOM OF SHEEP
  1. Tom-Tom says:

    EVERY TIME ANYONE has EVER tried to limit the power of corporations in America the gun owners of America have voted in favor of more corporate power. As in less regulation and more free market powers to their masters. This is what THEY’VE wrought.

  2. williambanzai7 says:

    Most, not all gun owners, but most Second Amendment zealots are not interested in the rest of the Bill of Rights except insofar as it impacts gun ownership and the defense of said right.

  3. curlymoses says:


  4. jarrollin says:

    Everybody knew what this outfit was about. This is being caught off guard that your opponent uses dribbling, passing and shooting in basketball.

  5. SAO says:


  6. :Dman says:

    From what I’ve seen with Maxs’ stand on making excuses to take away people’s right to defend themselves, he’s on with it .. and shameless supporter of ‘climate change’.

    Max, put away you organ grinder monkey uniform you got from your globalist massahs and stick with finance.

  7. williambanzai7 says:

    Just want to clarify for those of you who don’t know. To his credit, Max does not put any editorial conditions or restrictions on the content posted by on this site by others including myself.
    Nor, to my knowledge, does he screen the comments except for obvious cases of spam.
    As a matter of fostering free speech, Max runs his site fairly. More than can be said for so many others.

  8. Hegelian Dialectic says:

    @williambanzai7 Re: ‘most Second Amendment zealots are not interested in the rest of the Bill of Rights’. Painting with a pretty broad brush there, eh, Bill?

  9. David Liberty says:

    “Zealots”? Really? … Seems you are only painting one tree of the forest.
    Zealots , founded by Judas of Galile in the year 6 against Quirinius’ tax reform, shortly after the Roman Empire declared what had most recently been the tetrarchy of Herod Archelaus to be a Roman province, and that they have an inviolable attachment to liberty.

  10. williambanzai7 says:

    On the topic of gun ownership, I make a distinction regarding gun fanaticism.

    As is usually the case, the fanatics speak the loudest, but do not necessarily reflect the views of everyone. I grew up in a fire arm family. I used them before i had kids. I am very familiar with the Second Amendment and I am sympathetic to responsible gun ownership.

    However, I definitely do not like the NRA.

  11. williambanzai7 says:

    @Hegelian Dialect I could go on and on about it. But the simple truth is we have witnessed an episode of massive and brutal denial by our government of the peoples constitutional rights . Ordinary people wanted to peacefully demonstrate their disgust with Wall Street and got the shit kicked out of them by Bloomberg’s army. Neither the NRA or the firearm fanatics I refer to gave a rats ass in bullet heaven when Bloomberg did that did they.

    So, as much as I detest Bloomberg, I really don’t feel like listening to the NRA complain about his latest crusade. I don’t need them to formulate my views on the subject of what reasonable constraints on firearm ownership might look like.

  12. Bruce says:

    Joe Shmoe sez:
    * facebook embedded in my phone: can’t remove it.
    * facebook data being ‘free’ with my phone service: I wonder why.
    * android and iOS and Windows Phone spying on me, I wonder why
    * tight integration with web services allowing just about every single personal item of information on my phone, including my contacts, sim card serial number, phone number, emails, location data, contacts, etc… to be transmitted by the phone or conveniently read and transmitted by an app on the phone.
    * facebooks scripts in countless web pages tracking me on so many other sites, building detailed profiles of my activity
    * countless personal info being given away freely by the populationz to The Man for profile-building and targeting.

    …but someone LIKED me on Facebook. Coooool!

  13. Bruce says:

    CIA Super Spy Centers Near Completion | American Free Press
    Big Brother Is Watching in Multitude of New Ways | American Free Press

    Encrypted email app links:
    Enigmail: A simple interface for OpenPGP email security (needs Thunderbird or Seamonkey email app, both free downloads)
    Android Privacy Guard (Needs K-9 Mail app for android, which is a free download)

    Email encryption involves private and public keys. Your public key is generated for others to use. All private keys are kept private.

    Send your public key to the person you want to correspond with. They add it to their virtual ‘keyring’. When sending mail, the mail is encrypted for that person and nobody else. Only they can decrypt it. Anybody storing your mails as it passes through the many computers over the net can make no sense of it. No private photos or documents or biz info or love letters or whatever can be read by anyone but the intended recipient as long as they have been encrypted.

    Which means no spying on your mails.
    A small bit of privacy in an very invasive world.

    The biggest obstacle is getting people to use encryption.
    Similar encryption tools exist for instant messaging too.

    Off-the-Record Messaging – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  14. williambanzai7 says:

    @Bruce Free cloud computing is a sham. They have no interest other than a fast buck and an IPO.
    Privacy and due process against government incursion are the least of their concerns.

  15. Talcott says:


    Aye, I like how open and relatively free Max’s site is.(could kinda tell he wasn’t a dick tater on the editorial end by the content :D)

  16. Talcott says:

    O and people who are suprised by fascistbook’s behavior lemmie dig this one up 😉

  17. Terry says:

    Ha Ha… this is a joke right?
    Woody Harelson?
    WB7 you kill me…It was alleged by Harrelson’s estranged dad, in a cloud of cocain confusion, confesssed to being a trigger man in the JFK assasination

    This fom Wikipedia,
    Charles Voyde Harrelson (July 23, 1938 – March 15, 2007)[1] was an American organized crime figure who was convicted of assassinating federal judge John H. Wood, Jr., the first federal judge killed in the 20th century. He was the estranged father of actor Woody Harrelson.

    again further down the page….

    Allegations of involvement in the assassination of John F. Kennedy

    In September 1982, Harrelson surrendered to police after a six-hour standoff in which he was reportedly “high on cocaine”.[21][22] During the standoff, he threatened suicide and “confessed” to killing Judge Wood and President John F. Kennedy.[21][23] Joseph Chagra later testified during Harrelson’s trial that Harrelson claimed to have shot Kennedy and drew maps to show where he was hiding during the assassination.[24] Chagra said that he did not believe Harrelson’s claim, and the AP reported that the FBI “apparently discounted any involvement by Harrelson in the Kennedy assassination.”[24] According to Jim Marrs in 1989’s Crossfire, Harrelson is believed to be the youngest and tallest of the “three tramps” by many assassination researchers.[22] Marrs stated that Harrelson was involved “with criminals connected to intelligence agencies and the military”[23] and suggested the he was connected to Jack Ruby through Russell Douglas Matthews, a third party with links to organized crime who was known to both Harrelson and Ruby.[23]

    I have nothing against Woody, actually I love seeing him on screen with his accent and quirky face but the Irony is killing me….

  18. Bruce says:

    you got it.

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