David McWilliams weighs in on U.S. gun control debate

After English presenter (on CNN) Piers Morgan stirred the pot with his views on gun control, another (English speaking) prominent economist and European David McWilliams weighs in presenting what appears to be a logical argument for gun control.

Can you imagine if all the casual sociopaths that you knew in school, the sort of lads that you’d generally give a wide berth, could buy guns with the same ease as they buy Mars bars or laptops? Imagine if all the small time psychopathic drug dealers, not the big ones, but the two-bit lads starting out in their ascent of the criminal ladder, had assault rifles in the back of their pimped Honda Civics? Can you imagine how terrifying that Ireland on a Friday night would be?

Now consider that large sections of this imaginary Irish population thought that the best way to combat this gun epidemic was to provide more guns to more people so that we could all be ready for a gunfight at the drop of a Stetson?

Compare his comments with these from American (and fake Austrian economist) Lew Rockwell:

No sane person could possibly believe that that drugged-out little punk who murdered all those children in Connecticut would have even contemplated, let alone succeded, in doing what he did if there were two armed security guards at the entrance of that elementary school. All of the “mainstream media,” from Joe Scarborough and his fellow liberal cackling hens and crowing roosters on MSNBC, to the neocons at the New York Post, are either crazy or insidious liars and propagandists whose objective is to disarm the law-abiding civilian population. Totalitarian control is only possible in a disarmed society, as the Nazis and communists demonstrated in the twentieth century.

Global opinion sides with David McWilliams and this is important because the U.S. is the world’s biggest debtor-nation and relies on outsiders to finance its economy. The gun control issue alone is not going to sway foreign creditors to stop financing America, but it will add to the collective justification – along with the drones, the spying, the prison industrial complex, GMO, etc. etc. that eventually tips the balance of support away from buying U.S. treasuries by the world community. A growing consensus is emerging that the world has a moral responsibility to effect financial euthanasia of America and the day they pull the plug will happen in 2013.

Some more on Lew Rockwell

The Lew Rockwell gang, including Gary North and Tom Woods are worthless when it comes to engaging in intelligent debate. They will always be in the minority – and they express opinions that guarantee that they will always stay in the minority – knowing that they will never, ever have to accept responsibility for their words. They can make any senseless ‘Anarcho-capitalist’ argument they want to make – because they will never be in power. They will never be anything more than a few zipheads on the periphery pushing absurd ‘solutions’ without any chance of success. They are, by definition, a cult. They pull weak minded people into their circle but they will never achieve critical mass. Some ideas they push – borrowed from successful business people and entrepreneurs like myself – confuse some into thinking Lew’s gang is legitimate. Be warned that they are not and don’t waste too much time with them except for entertainment purposes (if you’re desperate).

48 comments on “David McWilliams weighs in on U.S. gun control debate
  1. daddy warbucks says:

    halligator wrote:
    Blew my smoke on a sunny day
    when the first black powder came my way.
    Hot lead ball from a muzzle cold —
    to win fair lady and take your gold.
    I know it hardly seems the time —
    (I am your gun)
    to talk of blue steel so sublime.
    I can understand your point of view.
    To tell the truth I’d scare me too.
    Match, wheel and flintlock, they all caught your eye.
    Pearl-handled ladies’ models, scaled down to size.
    I am the peacemaker, so the theory goes.
    But I don’t choose the company I keep —
    and it shows.
    I am your gun.
    Love me, I’m your gun.
    Maxim and Browning, they helped me along.
    Stoner, Kalashnikov — thrilled to my song.
    Now one of me exists, for each one of you,
    So how can you blame me for the things that I do?
    Now I take second place to the motor car
    in the score of killing kept thus far.
    And just remember, if you don’t mind —
    it’s not the gun that kills
    but the man behind.
    I am your gun.

    Dec 24, 2012 6:18pm EST

  2. O says:

    Global opinion sides with McWilliams because most people on the globe don’t read books. It is also the opinion of people who read books that hard core drugs be legalized. You would have to read books to understand this though. A good one to explain this would be Cyrus education. Cyropaedia. What Cyrus did about these gun toting idiots is quite enlightening. All of the early Americans and French Revolutionary THKNKERS read these books. Don’t you think reading books might be consistent with your agenda. Gold.

  3. daddy warbucks says:

    “…along with the drones, the spying, the prison industrial complex, GMO, etc. etc”
    So dis-arm the citizens?
    And then the current anti-constitutional, anti America administration will stop being the puppets of the NWO bankers and stop forcing their police state on to the same citizens?

    no wonder the world ‘collective’ is so fucked up, you can not talk common sense to a left liberal progressive

  4. O says:

    First aljazeera flip flop now they work for the American gov. Now RT is flip flopping. Max is really paid by the NGO Lucis Trust David Rockefeller. And his satanic Talasman coin (which was a big flop. Thank god) proves this. Max works for David Rockefeller. Mr Promethius himself.
    You don’t fool us max. RIZE UP. Kony 2012. We know who you work for. We have seen this before.
    Now get some free books from the library of economics and liberty and have your computer read them to you. One a day. It will do you good.
    You monkey

  5. Jack says:

    And the casual sociopaths of your youth are the criminal gangsters of today. Gun control has always been championed by gangsters. It was gangsters who introduced the first gun control laws in the USA in an attempt to disarm rival gangs. Shortly thereafter every gangster in New York had a legal firearm but no private citizen was allowed to own one. I have always said that the gun control crowd was either ignorant or evil and probably both. So Max, are you a freedom lover or a fascist gangster? You seem to want to be on both sides of the fence.

  6. TJ says:

    It’s a hoax, there’s no gun problem in the US, it’s a Government psyops drills psychmania with fraud as the sting in the tail.

    No guns were used in a Newtown school.
    No kids died, stop spreading fiction.

  7. O says:

    David McWilliams is a gogo dancer in the swingers club. He isn’t a peer reviewed economist. I guess you aren’t familiar with the idea of peer review so you would naturally make this mistake. Max.

  8. maxkeiser says:

    As the world’s biggest debtor, the U.S. has no recourse of the globe goes on a U.S. debt strike. This point is not being communicated to the U.S. population so they will not know what hit them when this hits; probably in the first quarter of 2013. America’s own opinions about itself are as relevant as any slaves opinion about their enslavement. America is the world’s debt slave and these powerful creditors, using the moral argument, may pull the plug on the U.S. economy… Don’t get caught out. Buy Gold and Silver.

  9. BobDR says:

    The US will slap together some half-baked gun control legislation and Obama or Bloomberg or one of those nut-jobs will announce with Bush-like enthusiasm, ‘Mission accomplished’! Of course the psychos will still walk among us and we will be very PC with them and blame their future atrocities on everything but the real issue, ‘They will still walk among us…’

  10. Steven says:

    The real question is not can we imagine the real bad guys and their henchmen buying guns as if they were mars bars and being armed any time and any where doing as they please. But can they imagine their potential victims doing like wise and executing justice and defending themselves against all enemies foriegn and domestic?
    I think it is obvious why the real bad guys and their fellow travellers want gun control for every body but themselves. They want to commit crimes with out risk to themselves. Criminals, financial and political gangsters/ governments are the bad guys.
    If the bad guys have a monopoly on military power there will be no freedom, peace or safety or even justice for anyone.
    To see what happens when the bad guys have a monopoly on military power watch the following video. In the Shadow of Hermes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcAPJ-kn8Vs

  11. Lumber Jack says:

    I don’t own a gun and am rather ambiguous on the issue of gun control, but I am a market speculator and am most concerned with WHAT WILL HAPPEN and not what I want to happen and I bring this eye to political events as well. I’m pretty sure that the authoritarian trend in the US points to the inevitability of a disarmed public. The US government has an interest in disarming the public as the economy slowly declining and the dollar declining over the next 20 years could lead to civil unrest. The seeds for this long term plan to criminalize guns begins now and Obama is the President to do it because he still has strong left support even though the Bush Administration might as well be in office.

  12. witz end says:

    its not a gun problem, its a bullet problem.
    start registering bullet purchases and figure out a way to micro-DNA the casings.

  13. evolutis says:

    Ridiculous theories. Crazy ideas .. It is all good!

    I surmise, in that accepting the moment, is all any of us can really do. LOL … Just how monetarily, crafty can we get?? Such a judicious study. Buy the highs/ is that it?! Buying commodities like bullets and guns … Forget the dips! No need to gain knowledge of the “us and them” divisiveness the “empire” matrix employs. [has anyone calculated the lottery odds, of you actually making use of your varied, commodity stash’s?] … Talk about highs, LOL – we seem to emulate the up-coming US football playoffs …team Dr. Bliss, gives us harmful, monetary steroids so we can get off the bench and end the season. It’s the hair of the dog, luvy …The more irrational the better.

    When the smoke clears those that remain may just get back to the true value of a knowledge base, or perish as well.

  14. Pete says:

    It really makes me wonder how so prescient a set of personalities as Stacey and Max are so blind to the compelling arguments against the natural right to arm oneself. They want to give the power of their own personal defense over to government authorities who they know are committing illegal acts, at least in finance, without consequence. They speak of the fascist model of government, and yet want to cement that power by disarming the populace. I thought they had looked into the abyss, but apparently the abyss did not look back.

    I don’t advocate violence, except as a last resort in defense of person, property, or rights. Pity that “RISE UP!!!” is just a cute phrase to use in trendy cafes as Stacey and Max entertain and shrink from the ultimate meaning of their own words. This will lead to just more of the very things they oppose.

  15. Mep says:

    The 19-year-old who was killed here duing the Xmas Eve ambush was one of my husband’s former students. A sweet, sweet kid. The cop was a former students’ dad… all that his son wanted to do was graduate & become a cop/firefighter just like his beloved dad. The news was very, very sad. As it always is when this sort of controllable thing happens. Yes, we have a gun control problem when even convicted murderers can get guns and murder again.

    Happy Christmas to all. Xoxoxo

  16. Ilia says:

    The drug dealers and sociopaths are already armed. If they are already breaking laws or planning on suicide, what’s another broken law going to do for them? Even now you can go ahead and buy a minigun in the US if you just have the cash.

    The problem is that these antisocial people exist and live un-treated and abandoned by their family and community. So your solution is to put everyone in a room with padded walls? Then we’ll all play nice while armed police and government keep order? That’s a great vision for society.

    How about anyone who wants one gets to have a gun, but mentally unstable, desperate people are given the attention they deserve. Then guns won’t even be an issue. By confiscating guns you are only treating the symptoms of an already deeply troubled society.

  17. Jack says:

    The only world view in which a gun ban makes any sense is one where EVERYONE is a potential mass murdering psychopath when they represent about 5% of the population. If peaceful people are armed the psychopaths will be more reticent in committing their crimes and if they do precede there is a better chance that they will be stopped before doing as much harm as they want.

  18. swell says:

    When we read that the DoJ was monitoring Occupy Wall Street, it is perhaps useful to remember that since 9/11, Intelligence has been merged with Operations.

    The similar responses against OWS, by seemingly disparate PD’s, led us to suspect early on, that the recurring heavy-handed responses to OWS, were being centrally coordinated by the Feds, possibly through fusion centers.

    But again, more importantly, Intelligence is no longer simply Intelligence, it has been merged with Operations.

  19. dlweld says:

    Man, where do you begin with Lew Rockwell’s nonsense.

    “….even contemplated, let alone succeded, in doing what he did if there were two armed security guards at the entrance of that elementary school.” Well, which entrance? All of them? So at least 4 heavily armed guards at each of the USA’s 150,000 schools. Where do you find, much less pay for, 600,000 guys and trust them with guns around school kids?

    “…even contemplated….”, The guy wasn’t rational – remember?

    “drugged out little punk…” that says a lot right there. Way to go, to demonize a fellow with mental problems – yup, we have shoot him because in the States everybody who has a mental episode, can be deadly because they can all get guns.

    “Totalitarian control is only possible in a disarmed society…” Well, your proposal to get near a million armed Government agents deployed throughout society sounds like a good start towards total control. Try fighting that and you’ll be grouped with “drugged out little punks” I’m afraid.

  20. swell says:

    Vladimir “I Am Not an Autocrat” Putin, already predicted as securing fourth term:


  21. swell says:

    India, now spending heavily in the arms race, finds itself “under cyber attack”. What will be India’s militarized response against the Internet?

    (India has a lot of gold. “He who has the gold…”)

  22. Hegelian Dialectic says:

    Criminals don’t ( and won’t ) abide by the law. Any law. Gun laws included. Like the guy in Conn. who STOLE the guns he used. Or everybody in NYC, Chicago or D.C. who killed someone with or without a gun. So, there’s THAT…

  23. Febo says:

    The one thing yer Austrian school has is coherence.
    What kind of brain posts up a piece in praise of gun control then 5 mins later posts up something agreeing with Alex Jones?

  24. brutlstrudl says:

    Go ahead and ban them, and don’t grandfather in the existing guns. Better yet, lets adopt the UN small arms trafficing agreement. Yeah, Lets piss off the trailer park boys and see what happens.Lets do the election of 1994 all over again’

  25. Drones2TargetBanksters says:

    This latest appalling event in Newtown Connecticut has opened up quite a chasm of opinion about gun control between MK and AJ.

    Apart from the actual measures the US administration proposes to try and deal with the gun control issue. In future weeks and months it’ll be fairly interesting to note how the MK/AJ program invites go. Or don’t if you get my drift … Particularly if Max’s present predictions about the possible serious demise of the US economy actually does occur.

    If nothing else the difference of opinion between MK and AJ over this gun control issue seems to confirm there isn’t some kind and preplanned script at play between these two frontline leading controversial flamboyant characters.

    Unless that is it’s some kind of double bluff difference of opinion MK/AJ are giving out so as to throw we observational outsiders off the scent … Reckon somebody better pass me the meds, me conspiracy theory imagination is beginning to run out of control!

  26. 623-3 says:

    I said it all over many times before: Americans who think that their country’s gun problem can only be solved by more guns show a case of cognitive dissonance.

  27. John says:

    Max is turning into a walking contradiction. Discusses how countries are loosing their sovereignty but then suggests that America give up its’ sovereignty because of global pressures to disarm? Disarm who? The law abiding citizens? It’s kind of sad that someone so seemingly intelligent when it comes to finance can be so incredibly ignorant when it comes to self-protection. Next thing I will hear from Max is that the 2nd amendment is about hunting and sport shooting. Really… Is Max a globalist shill?

  28. maxkeiser says:

    Nobody on any of these boards has accurately quoted my position on the gun debate in the U.S. I would repeat it here now, but am 100% certain that nobody on these boards would accurately quote my position on the gun debate.

  29. Febo says:

    @623-3 Didn’t mutually assured destruction save us from nuclear war? If I’ve got a gun are you more or less likely to attack me?
    Unless you acknowledge that both side of the debate have good points to make, you’ll get knowhere – the current progressive look-down-your-nose attack on the pro gun lobby is sock-puppetry.
    Yes, remove everything but pistols and single shot hunting rifles from sale. But tool-down the police and other feds too.
    In the short term, it might be sensible to put guards in schools.
    Take a hard look at media violence. Good dialogue always beats scripted violence – ah good dialogue, we used to do it so well….

  30. Febo says:

    @maxkeiser – your positions on the gun debate are very clear – you like guns for everyone if they are used to kill bankers, you don’t like guns for everyone because Lew Rockwell does, you like guns for everyone because Piers Morgan doesn’t and you don’t like guns for everyone because you’re anti-american. That’s 4, I count 4.

  31. swell says:

    This day in history: The Soviet Union Officially Dissolves (1991)

  32. kdt says:

    @ David McWilliams did ANY of your bulsht “gun control ” prevent the ira from geting guns into the country and killing people???and in fact they killed MORE people with bombs did they not? and they ONLY stoped when the government included there political wing correct? so STFU we are not ireland you are not us and we like it that way

    @lew rockwell you are totaly correct and there is in FACT an armed cop at EVERY snigle high school in the US (EVEN if they have made NO request for such)the ONLY difrence is that they are there to harass the kids and arest them for drug posession………and THAT is fine? but the idea that MAYBE with society tetering on the brink of collapse we should deploy some cops to PROTECT grade schoolers is bad? this is HYPOCRACY at its PUREST

    @max Global opinion sides with David McWilliams bla blbla bla bla the U.S. is the world’s biggest debtor-nation and relies on outsiders to finance its economy blbla blabla bla bla They can make any senseless ‘Anarcho-capitalist’ argument they want to make – because they will never be in power. blabl blaa bla bla bal…………………………nothing but pure selfagrandizing HORSESIHT!and again we find you claiming that an elite is wrong about EVERYTHNG but an isue on wich you agree with them that my frend s called “graspng at straws” and IF it were ME in that situation I would start looking INTURNALY to find the contradictions in MY OWN thinking that had lead me to agree with some one with no credbility acording to every other subject they had debated.

    to an REAL american “global opnon” = a stinking pile of shit about 6.5 meaters high!
    the people “of the world” are all slaves and have been for ALL of modern history as such they can have no other opinions than those “dictated” to them by the NWO.
    almost to a person all free thnkng people FLED the world distopia in favor of liberty and free enterprise and know for a FACT the ONLY problems in america have come from the left and there need of the “approval’ of “Global opinion” and their aping of european culture, a hollow sham of hypocrisy , wishfull thnking , self delusion , PURE evil and hatred of self and humanity as a whole! the MAJORITY of the amercan people have HAD it up to HERE with it all , and are PUSHING back starting with that propagandest shill piers morgan and based on the reaction from “we the people” it is in fact if not a true majority of the people a majorty of that all important 3% of the populaton who will ACT , they are the wolves among the sheep and the rattlesnakes under the feet of tyrants, also what makes you think that “we the people” WANT them taking that money AT ALL? the polling on the subject CERTAINLY does not support such a conclusion. the fact is that they USE that money the same way as the dictators they turn around and finance use it , to disenfranchise the people ………….. so ‘We The People” would be better off if the global bankng cartell would QUIT and the sooner the better!

    PS “real amercan” is as defined by george washington , go look it up , and NO! it is not open for debate! the father of the country got it EXACTLY correct!

  33. Terry says:

    David McWilliams is a flacid penis.

  34. swell says:


    What is your metric for “the vast majority”?

    Tea Party?

    Occupy Wall Street?

    Presidential elections?

    Or how Brownells, the self-described world’s largest firearm accessories supplier, claims it sold more than 3.5 years’ worth of magazines in a 72-hour span?

  35. Evolutis says:

    I know I will never have use for a gun .. . I do enjoy people talking about their interests in guns and the merits of an ak19 over it’s poor cousin A15 (hope i remembered those right)the interesting friendships and adventures they have. In an invironment that promotes the absolute divisiveness of misinformation, money, politics, religious beliefs, and war, people who believe there is a need for guns is a given. Such an invironment hardly lends itself to the real power of looking out for the person standing next to now does it?

  36. European American says:

    And you thought SILVER PHYZZ was where to put the money, Max.

    how about GUNS?
    I purchased this weapon just before you began putting your tainted spin on the Evils” of guns,

    and look where the 17 bids are at this week…

    Thanks Max! Wish I would have “stacked” more. But isn’t that always the case with something precious about to skyrocket?

  37. kdt says:

    maxkeiser | December 26, 2012 at 8:55 pm |

    Nobody on any of these boards has accurately quoted my position on the gun debate in the U.S. I would repeat it here now, but am 100% certain that nobody on these boards would accurately quote my position on the gun debate

    oooh poor poor max he is SO missunderstood

    @max your postion is so inconsistant it is near to impossble to follow BUT you seem to feel that the focous is misplaced as does your lovely bride, that a people who cant even understand the financing of there gubernment do not have any busness being armed and that they have no clue as to there who there ACTUAL enemies are.

    that close enuff, feel all warm and fuzzy now?

    the second amendment and bill of rights could not give a crap about what YOU thnk of it or us. the first is MEANNGLESS with out it as are ALL the rest and “democracy”along with them as a vote unbacked by force of arms is nothng but an empty threat

    for my self im satisfied that the people behind gun control ARE the same people behind the banks , the prussan school system , the “child welfair/pedo playground system , the failure of the french crown and resulting revolouton the formaton of germany , the falure of the russian crown and the resulting revolouton ect ect ect ectectect… ad infinitum .
    further im not allown, there is a solid enuff group that DO fully and completely understand the TOTALTY of the problem so that the remaining denial and misconceptualizations are MOOT. and this number incresingly includes officals on the local level who are finding it impossable to do there jobs under the current regime. when the epa started tellng SHARIFS offices that they had to give up there broadcast peaks ,a danger to publc safty and the forest servce started fencing out the locals from THERE public lands that the forest service had been entrusted with, a very REAL and unignorable “socal contract” was broken so we now have several counties and possably a couple of states who the NWO have spooked in our drecton so this is no longer about “gun nutz” this is VOTERS puting people in LOCAL offiice that are now defying AND threatening to arest federal employees for interferng in the excution of there duties on public safety and they are refusng to enforce any furtherance of agenda 21 and that damn near a quote. in so doing whether THEY understand it as such or not they have started ron pauls “defacto secession’ movement.

    in short if they are facing the corect direction weather they understand the “whys” of it or no that s all that is needed…………all we need is for them to form rank and file and point in the same drecton , that will be “close enuff for gooberment work”

    ps on the piers morgan/howard beale parelle dont you think that AJ is more beale like than morgan???(had ment to comment on this on one of those boards)

  38. European American says:

    @ Pete

    Your comment was exquisitely expressed and clearly spot on, but you need to take into consideration the world of (Maxs) marketing and psychology, style. The bottom line here is that Max has two primary objectives in relation to having his “own” website. He’s got to 1. make money, and 2. keep his ego sufficiently inflated.

    Just remember, when ever he incessantly posts articles that are off subject i.e. out of his realm of comprehension, i.e. subjects with considerable “emotional charge” attached to them, e.g. “global warming”, “gun control” etc., what one needs to understand, he’s under psychological and financial pressure and he’s got to meet a couple of “deadlines”.

    So, what he does, and he’s SO brilliant at it ’cause it’s right up his alley, i.e. bending the truth for his personal gain, is that he creates an actual “false flag” to both drum up more “participation” and exposure because, we all know, bring enough people into the store, they’re going to buy something! Max is no dumbing when it comes to the dollar; he knows how to generate them. He’s also no fucking idiot when it comes to which side to be on when the shit hit’s the fan. You think he’s going to be prancing around
    (after all the elite toes he’s steeped on) without some “heat” concealed on his person? Fuck no, he’s no idiot. You think he’d let some out of control, “hit man” zombie “take advantage” of his lady, in more ways than one, right in front of his eye’s? Fuck no, he’d do what any sane, caring human would do under such catastrophic times, he’d blow the motherfuckers head off! Max is no idiot. I know, at times he may “appear” to be, but it’s all an act. He’s on board, he gets it. He’s no dummy. However, his ego might REALLY get him into trouble someday. “It” has a tendency to distort his reality.

  39. kdt says:

    What is your metric for “the vast majority”?

    >Or how Brownells, the self-described world’s largest firearm accessories supplier, claims it sold more than 3.5 years’ worth of magazines in a 72-hour span?<

    i have been harping on this for days wich is more of a "comtiment" to waste a day at a staged protest where everything including the signs is proivded singing kumbaya or to go out in a bad econimy when every one in the famly is expectng a gift and spending an UNEXPECTED $1500 to $2000 + on a weapon? wich of those two sounds "serious" about what they believe? and wich is just hanging out with friends? the quote "put your money where your mouth is" could not be better aplied.
    the BIGGEST mistake the left and the gun control freaks are making is to think for one second this is a red state blue state isue and i hope they KEEP IT UP the blow back will be …………..BIBLICAL i have said it several times sence the election this is the "be carful what you wish for era.
    it is like dirving a car wth only your mind no hands , it works fine ………as long as the road stays under the car,but the second the road goes the way the road goes you find out real quck it was all a delusion and if you dont let go of it and grab the weel PDQ you are headed for a crash!

  40. dlweld says:

    Pretty spooky to think of old hate-filled KDT with a gun

  41. bootsy says:

    This is another area where Max doesn’t make sense. He continually regales us with stories of financial terrorism, the fact that politicians are corrupt and are in the pockets of Wall St and major multinational companies e.g. his stories r.e. Monsanto.

    And yet he comes up with stuff like this, I just don’t get it. So he says the that USA is corrupt (along with everywhere else), yet at the same time is happy to hand over weapons to the govt. It’s a complicated issue for sure, but I can’t believe he can hold all these views and then in the same breath say “hey you must hand over your guns to the govt-you can’t be trusted with them but they can.”
    I get the human aspect-Sandy Hook is a tragedy.
    But Max constantly pushes that the Govt, both in the USA, and here, does not represent the people, and has been captured by banking/corporate interests. If that is even partly true (and we all know that it is), then taking away the guns of citizens certainly has an extra dimension to it beyond “doing it for the childreeeeen.”

    Which is by no means to be laughed at, I saw a montage of the faces of those children killed-I cried. What an awful situation, with some extremely complicated issues involved, most of which aren’t being mentioned at all….

  42. Silver Phoenix says:

    >The Lew Rockwell gang, including Gary North and Tom Woods are worthless when it comes to engaging in intelligent debate.

    Hollow words when you refuse to debate him Max.

  43. 623-3 says:

    MAD doctrine might apply on a global level where the odds are complete annihilation of the human race. Doubt it’s the same for individuals and their guns. You want them for what? To fend off the police? Is that what you’re talking about what the menace is?

  44. FeralFemale says:


    This disturbing video clearly demonstrates the consequences of centralizing government power and disarming citizens. Genocide always follows, leaving millions of innocent victims dead. 170,000,000 dead because they were disarmed.

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