Bono: Do they know it’s Christmas (in America)?

7 comments on “Bono: Do they know it’s Christmas (in America)?
  1. Oky1 says:

    Seal Team 666 tours & sandbaged kiddies nook?


    Unbelievable is it, call in the fire dept!

    The bigger ? is which 3 lettered outfit this time???

    Anyone seen that Chaney Dick lately? GW, GW, is that you?

  2. TheGreek says:

    Awesome clip – a great parody of the greatest tragedy!

  3. TheGreek says:

    Merry Xmas Stacy, Max & Y’all from all over Greece!
    Hope all your presents are round, heavy and make precious metal detectors go Beeep!

    On a side note, from a second hand witness, burglars here now sometimes carry metal detectors and use the household hoover to cover the beeping noise…

    Stack e’m smart!

  4. Bruce says:

    Richard Branson is refugee for a day at Davos – By Preeti Aroon | FP Passport
    Richard Branson is my favourite poverty baron.

    Who can forget this classic?

  5. daddy warbucks says:

    The very people in the USA that understand problem (The Tea Party)
    and that, if they had the power and support, could stop the march of the NWO intellectual elites and world bankers, immediately, in their tracks and start dragging the complicit out of their seats of authority, claw back the peoples stolen wealth and again bestow the US Constitution in it’s originally intended place of honor and respect …

    are ridiculed, marginalized and demonized, especially by the OWS useful idiots and their professors and now through world collective ignorance are pressuring the US/UN police state to force them to be dis armed.


  6. stacyherbert says:

    @The Greek – metal detectors!? Clever!

  7. TheGreek says:


    So hiding the trick is to secure the stuff somewhere where the detector will be thrown off (i.e in an old engine block or behind live cables)….

    After a little youtubing & googling, it appears that it is amazingly easy for $200 detector to identify exactly the type of metal, it’s size and depth. Heck, some will tell you what coin it is!

    Detector’s & AK’s – We’re increasingly becoming like the wild west…