Bitcoin gets set to take over the world! (you heard it here first)

8 comments on “Bitcoin gets set to take over the world! (you heard it here first)
  1. JonnyJames says:

    No worries, Iran will be bombed into submission. “Accept our paper or get laid to waste” is the motto of the Empire Inc. The Israel/USA and their puppet boot-licker allies have already imposed sanctions on Iran (a de-facto Act of War) and are itching to provoke Iran.

    I agree with alternative currencies and gold as exchange, but look what happened to Ghadaffi and Saddam Hussein when they tried to steer away from the dollar.

    Hugo Chavez is one of the few who has asked for his gold, and flips off the US Empire and has not been murdered (so far).

  2. I don’t believe there will be an overt war with Iran for the simple reason that Iran can defend itself and US has not attacked any country that can defend itself since Vietnam. The US military clearly understand this and will not risk the enduring cost of overt war.

    The reality is that the US continues isolate itself, not Iran, with it’s sanctions and other countries, tired of importing US inflation, are carefully adopting Iran’s lead in dissociating from the USD and some cases directly assisting Iran to circumvent sanctions and putting their own systems in place to trade in a post USD world.

    Put simply if the US attacks Iran, the end game will be civil war in the US fuelled by class war, racial conflict and secession.

  3. 3laz3r says:

    I believe we are at the beginning of the end game. The U.S. continues with is expansionist policy at the expense of the 99%. A state sponsored civil war is being waged against the working and middle class. More Americans are in jail, on the street or the military than ever before. Dependent on government hand outs and turning to crime, both domestic and international. A population doped on anti-depresents and bomnarded by advertisments designed to amplify their irrational fears and desires. They are denied the basic freedom of thought and now their constution lies in tatteres. A causuality of continuous undeclared war and an ever growing police state. Habeas Corpus has be extraordinary rendered whilst hope squats naked in 8′ by 6′ cell in Fort Meade.

  4. JonnyJames says:

    I certainly hope you are right Mr Badakhchani. If China and Russia have indeed “drawn the line in the sand” then there will be no attack. I thought that they would have done so when Libya was destroyed. Iran may well be an entirely different case for a whole host of reasons.

    A desperate and declining hegemonic power might take unprecedented risk. I have no crystal ball, but I do know that there are a significant lobby in Warshington pushing for more war. And of course the weapons and war contractors are drooling at the prospect of even more no-bid contracts.

  5. @JonnyJames Gaddafi’s international relations were weak, and his military purposefully rendered impotent to ensure they never posed a threat to his power. There’s no comparison with Iran. I’d keep an eye on Syria, where we told Assad’s dictatorship should have been toppled six months ago. The fact is the war with Iran is being fought, in Assad’s Syria, Hamas in Gaza, Hezbolla in the Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan and in cyberspace.

    The Persian Gulf littoral states and Saudi Arabia are not far from armed conflict within their own borders, and these desperate tyrannies are approaching their expiry dates.

    I don’t doubt that desperation could lead to irrational behaviour but I’m of the opinion that the US military leadership is looking for long term allies in the region rather than sustaining relations with zombie Persian Gulf states and Apartheid Israel. There are only two options, Turkey and Iran. My two pence is that the region will take a pounding while Iran and the US slowly workout a long overdue settlement which is ultimately at Israel’s expense and will require the civilian leadership in the US to acknowledge an old debt to Iran. In the end this will be a cheaper and more sustainable solution for the American people, who are slowly waking up.

  6. BankingThiefs says:

    I can tell you one thing for sure. I cannot mine Bitcoins for $12.75 (the current price over to the right), since the block reward halved a couple of days ago. Costs me at least $16 of electricity now! If we were truly mining for them why would someone need to be dictating a reward amount? That doesn’t smell right.

    BTW didn’t the economic blockade of Japan cause the Pearl Harbor attack? Maybe the US is waiting for Iran to become so economically desperate they have no choice but to attack or starve.

  7. If bitcoins assist Iranians (or anyone else for that matter) to bypass sanctions then paying over the odds for them is simply the price of doing business, welcome to the free market. I can see the attraction of bitcoin payments infrastructure to Iran for settling international transactions.

    Iran has been a target of US sanctions for over 30 years. Japan may have had to react to the US embargo within a single year in order to secure its access to raw materials and energy. Iran faces no such difficulties.

    The reality is the US sanctions on Iran hurt the poor of all participating nations and ensure Iranian markets remain protected from competition thus allowing some limited growth in indigenous technical advancement especially in the defence industry.

    For the US the sanctions are a complete failure more so now then ever as they punish partner countries for indirectly trading with Iran. The US is fast turning into an international economic leper.

  8. Badsey says:

    Iran is needed for the oil pipeline to the sea +Afghanistan has to many mountains. There are only a few non-globalist independent nations left (Iran, Venezuela). They do not want independent real wealth in the hands of the common people (they want you as debt slaves to them).

    Turkey is globalist but the people have turned their backs on it (fiat) by becoming phyz stackers. If everyone just bought 1 Oz phyz of silver today these wars would be over. Unlimited fiat allows these criminals to play their games and continually destroy society (poisons in food, flouride in water, GMOs, mercury in vaccines and dental amalgam etc). But we can easily break free from the fiat and choose to not buy from globalist sources).

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