CNN host and Brit Piers Morgan stirs up quite a kerfuffle! Infowars and Dr. Paul Craig Roberts jump in…

Dr. Roberts refers to his recent RT interview here:

Some background: CNN let go of Larry King – and replaced him with Piers – who has been, up until now, a ratings disaster. My guess is that Piers’ head has been removed from the media chopping block because his ratings are probably much higher. Get ratings first, ask questions later has been the mantra for MSM since the news department at CBS was killed to make room for game shows (watch “Quiz Show” by Robert Redford). This fight to displace Piers will suddenly make Piers part of the national and global debate and CNN loves that.

The Special Relationship

The UK and US have a ‘special relationship.’ Watch Oliver Stone’s recent film of his take on post WWII history for details. Churchill effectively threw the keys of Britain’s empire to the US in exchange for the US entering the war locking the destiny of these two. Together, Britain and America have ruled for centuries – some families on both sides of the Atlantic have enjoyed hundreds of years of benefits – and they have no intention of letting go of any power now (and they both like to mock France, the empire before Britain/America). When America invades a country it’s a given that Britain will join the fight: no questions asked. When Wall St. needs to launder a few trillion in toxic derivatives: the City obliges without hesitation. And unlike America’s ersatz wannabe heroes like Indian Jones and Luke Skywalker; Britain has a real flesh and blood hero – who just pulled in the biggest global box office in franchise history to lift the patriotic, my-government-come-what-may-spirits to new highs… Bond, James Bond.

Going Forward

The big story going forward will not be guns, Piers Morgan or a Constitutional crisis. The big story will be the next leg down of the global financial crisis: the bond bubble burst (and spiking interest rates).

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  1. stacyherbert says:

    The problem with Dr. Roberts’ argument is that “you can’t have a police state and an armed population,” and yet America is the number one most armed population in the world in both absolute numbers and relative numbers. There are at least 270 million guns and yet he says in the same interview that it is also a police state already . . . so how did that happen? Also, number 13 most armed population of 178 measured is Iraq. And they too had a police state and yet their dictator never disarmed them, or at least not successfully that they could have so many weapons (about 10 million guns for a population of 25 million). Also interesting to note that only in 2004 during the early days of the US sponsored bloody civil war in Iraq was there a higher murder rate in Iraq than in the US – and then it only matched that of US murder rate of 1996. The homicide rate in Iraq has now returned to less than half that in the US.



  2. stacyherbert says:

    Furthermore, Alex Jones is wrong that First Amendment rights do not apply to non-citizens. The only rights assigned by the Constitution reserved exclusively for citizens are the right to vote and the right to hold federal office, all other rights are assigned to all persons. He is right, however, that Alex would not have the same rights in UK because the UK citizens do not have rights to free speech.

  3. Jack says:

    I found it interesting how the interviewer completely ignored what he was saying and pushed her agenda on the discussion. When he refuted her position she did the usual leftist tactic of ignoring the real issue and pushing the emotional response.
    From what Mr. Roberts was saying it sounds like the mass murder was a false flag attack in order to force the issue of gun bans. The NWO has been forcing evil onto the American people for a long time in the form of evil laws and regulations, political correctness and defaming religion. The people have been continuing to reject the evil and thus are called crazy wing nuts and other derogatory labels.

  4. JonnyJames says:

    The population of the US are armed and yes we already live in a Police State. In the past Dr. Roberts’ assertion would be correct. However, what we have in the US is a population that owns guns, however most have been “disarmed” already. Their minds have been “disarmed” with the most sophisticated and pervasive system of disinformation and propaganda in the history of the world.

    I attended one of the largest gun shows in the US last month in Reno, Nevada. Every gun nut comes out of the woodwork there. The bumper stickers in the parking lot were very telling. Pro Romney, racist slogans abotu Obama, most utter nonsense. A few Ron Paul stickers. I spoke to many in the show about gun laws and the election. I would estimate that 95% of the people there were mentally disarmed.

    They don’t know who their enemy really is. That is the result of the most powerful and pervasive system of misinformation and propaganda in history.

  5. JonnyJames says:

    So I would say the US people have already been disarmed. They can have all the guns in the world, but if folks fail to recognize their enemy, they have already lost.

    Oh Merry Crisis and Happy New Fear!
    ( I copied that from LazaluL)

  6. stacyherbert says:

    @JonnyJames – Yes, they are completely disarmed and, therefore, all the more dangerous to all.

  7. stacyherbert says:

    And by the way, the 21st Amendment to the Constitution establishes the precedence to repeal any of the amendments to the Constitution. Just sayin’ . . . it’s not like any of our amendments are secure.

  8. stacyherbert says:

    @Jack – can you watch this video from 00.40 seconds through to the end and tell me whether or not this man has a right to defend himself from the rogue helicopter in Charlotte?

  9. Gregers Werle says:

    America is the extension of the old British Empire, only Americans don’t know that. The Brits have always had at least a couple of their agents, usually masked as ‘commentators’ or some such benign label to influence US public opinion: think Ferguson, Chris Hitchens, now Farage. It’s pervasive and unstoppable. Chomsky: “Major industries are devoted to the task: public relations, advertising, marketing generally, all of which add up to a very large component of the gross domestic product. They are dedicated to what the great American political economist Thorstein Veblen called “fabricating wants”.

    In the words of business leaders themselves, the task is to direct people to “the superficial things” of life, like “fashionable consumption”. That way people can be atomized, separated from one another, seeking personal gain alone, diverted from dangerous efforts to think for themselves and challenge authority. ”

    Nobody with half a brain thinks America is sovereign.

  10. JonnyJames says:

    And the Germans have such a stellar history, those bad ol’ Anglo-Saxons are the problem.

  11. JonnyJames says:

    We don’t need no Gerries to tell us Anglo-Saxons that we are f-ed. There are plenty of Anglo-Saxons that can do that. Not to say you don’t have the right, but it is better form to criticize your own govt and culture. Last I checked, Germany was not a utopia and there is plenty of room for criticism. Even Deutsche Welle does that.

  12. Gregers Werle says:

    PCR didn’t exactly answer the questions in a timely fashion, no offense. I guess you could say RT has an agenda: common sense.

  13. kdt says:

    @sherbert the stats cant be avraged the way you the control freaks NEED to , ND and SD or CO are not NJ or NY or MA and you cant lump them together and get a usefull number , each must be considered AS it EXISTS in REALITY , an “indvdual jurisdiction” when you do that you relize that the us STATES are comparable to any other jurisdiction on the planet as long as it is an apples to apples comparson (ie gun controled areas to gun controled areas and rural to rural and demographically similar) ………. the latest stats show that england is in fact the most volent place on the planet WORSE than SA even , so be carefull over there…….no the stats i read are not from the nra THAT study on just “violence “came out of some forigen univercity in the EU so get over it , but it does back up EVERY word lary prat said to that putz morgan! who has every right to his opinions and should not be deported, the bill of rights prohibits such punshments…….(of corse back in the day when they passed it larry could have chalenged him to a duel to redress the insults……..this tended to keep thinigs …..’polite” to say the least).
    on PCR im kinda suprised he did not cach the “correction” on the gun used ,(although i can relate to not believing anythng they say at this point) i thought the same thing he did untill they clarified that the gun in the trunk was a combat shotgun not the ar 15 (at minium they have there “story” straight , no point in beatng a dead horse) that said , he is spot on in questioning the motives of RUSSIA today and others carrying water for the white house on this when it is in realty NO ONES business out side the states, to “report” is one thing ,what has been going on with FORIGN “news” people is quite another! if i did not already believe in the NWO the uniform and OBVIOUSLY coordinated MSM (and YES you sell outs this includes YOU)atack on the US constution would have conivnced me as nothng elese could have.

  14. JonnyJames says:

    Sig-Sauer, Glock, Heckler and Koch.

  15. Gregers Werle says:


    LOL, I’m not German, just a plain continental. So I guess Anglos are better suited to critique the Anglo Empire? Of Course, I should have known. Yes, typical: remind Germans of Hitler when you realize your representatives are genocidal maniacs: Classic.

    Newsflash JJ: your overlords had only one problem with Hitler: he was on the wrong team.

  16. JonnyJames says:

    George Carlin had that covered years ago, get with the program. Please read my earlier post again it was a bit more nuanced than you think.

  17. JonnyJames says:

    It seems some holier than thou continentals forget quickly

  18. JonnyJames says:

    Speaking of overlords, instead of criticizing us why don’t you kick out the Imperial Legions from Euorope. Newsflash: the Soviet Union is gone.

  19. Kevin Eshbach says:

    Dr. Roberts said they found a man in the woods who said he did not do it but how do we know the guy didn’t hear gun shots and just hid in the woods for cover until the police found him? If I heard gunshots nearby I would be looking for safety too. Though I do agree with him on how did the suspect gain access when supposedly a person had to be explicitly let in from what I have heard.

  20. evolutis says:

    For any given situation, a simple observation tells you that a transfer of information[not misinformation] is of first order; required, to gain knowledge to base your next specific, action on. Without information transfer, fear of loss set’s in. With fear of loss, we continue propping up this divisive, matrix with the requirement for the illogical myth of “leadership”. Is putting the 2nd amendment on the triage bench information we can look at somewhat differently?

    If you where a Cree or Algonquin placed off in the margins since you are nothing more than a savage / Here it is … “Having been oppressed by a professional army[assembled by a group rich guys], the founding fathers of the United States[another group of rich guys] … had no use for establishing one of their own. Instead, they decided that an armed citizenry makes the best army of all. … //so what we have here seems a rich man’s dilemma … you have / one group of rich have put just enough window dressing to appease the sheep, in a document they called “LAW” to put another group of rich, at a temporal disadvantage. ” General George Washington created regulation for the aforementioned “well-regulated militia,” which would consist of every able-bodied man in the country.”

    Check out the Magna Carta … and all broad strokes of “Law” for that matter.

    Buying arms to protect against system designated government is a concept of one rich faction placing another rich faction at temporal disadvantage is checking but one box; other boxes could be part of the consideration, with issues outside the monetary, matrix.

    Any one here think the tasks of unravelling this degreed, monetary paradigm will become any easier for the us, as we move into the future? Regulating what you do not understand ?? … This I think, they let slip and it went mostly unnoticed / “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. / citigroup manifesto – 2005 “We’re history’s actors . . . and you, … all of you, … will be left to just study what we do.” and so believer’s react to that with fear.

    Those within the 1% seem not dwell within the monetary religion

  21. JonnyJames says:

    FN (Fabrique National), makers of Browning and other firearm brands, located in Herstal, Belgium. I used to live less than 30 km away from the factory. They are selling huge numbers of guns to the US market.
    Same with Sig Sauer, Heckler and Koch, Glock to name a few more very popular brands.

    I don’t see anyone on “the continent” calling for these gun manufacturs to cease making huge profit from the US gravy train market, or am I missing something?

  22. stacyherbert says:

    @Kevin Eshbach – in their press conference, the police said he shot through the glass barrier; re: the man in the woods, I would like to see a follow up on that; but do note that the reports at the time said a man wearing camouflage came forth from woods saying he didn’t do it . . . at the same time, the doctor that lived across the street from school and who took in some of the kids who had fled the school said that he had heard the gun shots but had assumed it was a hunter; having grown up not too far from there, it is hunting season and there are plenty of hunters that you see in the woods this time of year, but would be nice if even the local media can speak to the person who did speak to police after all (at least according to initial reports)

  23. No Entry ! says:

    If the Americans can petition to get Morgan thrown out, I’m sure we can petition parliament to not let him back in.
    Would we get 100,000 votes for that ?
    I don’t want him back, send him to Mali or Afghanistan.

  24. YoLithos says:

    History is a resilient beast.

    Developed from the Mkb 42(H) “machine carbine”, the ‘StG44’ combined traits of carbines, submachine guns and automatic rifles. StG is an abbreviation of Sturmgewehr. The name was chosen for propaganda reasons and literally means “storm rifle” as in “to storm a bunker” (Sturm also refers to the weather phenomenon, adding a second meaning). After the adoption of the StG44, the English translation “assault rifle” became a common class description of this type of infantry small arm. –

    The term assault rifle is a translation of the German word Sturmgewehr (literally “storm rifle”, as in “to storm a position”). The name was coined by Adolf Hitler[3] as a new name for the Maschinenpistole 43,[nb 1] subsequently known as the Sturmgewehr 44, the firearm generally considered the first assault rifle that served to popularise the concept and form the basis for today’s modern assault rifles. –

    … In United States politics and law, an assault weapon is a variety of semi-automatic firearms that have certain features generally associated with military firearms, including assault rifles. The 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban, which expired on September 13, 2004, codified the definition of an assault weapon. It defined the rifle type of assault weapon as a semiautomatic firearm with the ability to accept a detachable magazine and two or more of the following:

    a folding or telescoping stock
    a pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action of the weapon
    a bayonet mount
    a flash suppressor or threaded barrel designed to accommodate a flash suppressor
    a grenade launcher

    Hunting x Self-Defense x Military Action. Any limit at all?

    YoHoHo. Peace and Goodwill to All.
    Have a Merry One.

  25. Gregers Werle says:


    I find it, errr, say… interesting that you feel the need to point out an event that( at least in your mind) corresponds to the one that just took place in what is probably YOUR country. Furthermore, it’s interesting that you seem almost as if you are being personally attacked when certain ugly truths about the society you live come to light. I suppose there’s two avenues( probably more) one could go here: the first is a path of introspection and some genuine reflection about possible ways to amend within the societal structure OR you could search out for ways to make yourself feel as though you are doing the first option but without the actual process taking place. If it makes you feel better, post all the things that happened outside of US borders that you think are horribly criminal but don’t pretend that you or anyone is going to do anything about the very REAL problems in US society. It’s not happening, so don’t be surprised the when the world rejects Empire and sends it home where there are many, many very real conflicts.

    The Imperial legions are leaving soon enough for greener pastures in the Pacific unless Hitlery keeps with the ‘Re-sovietization’ propaganda which I’m sure she will.


    $ is an illusion as BHO said, the Inner circle indeed does not dwell in the monetary religion.

  26. kdt says:

    stacyherbert | December 23, 2012 at 6:25 pm |

    And by the way, the 21st Amendment to the Constitution establishes the precedence to repeal any of the amendments to the Constitution. Just sayin’ . . . it’s not like any of our amendments are secure.

    LMAO I made this point yesterday and asked: WHY this, the ONLY leagle way to do what you people want is NOT beng used?

    the FACT is that we all know the ‘why” of it and that is that the LIVES of these kids dont actually mean SQUAT to YOU control freaks! only that there asses are in seats at a STATE run school , no matter how unsafe it is for them to be there.
    a constutonal amendment would be subject to the will of “we the people ” DIRECTLY and to even atempt to gain enuff suport(wich you all know going in you will NEVER get) would require REAL effort on the part of all you control freaks , cost you real money and force you to answer real questons in an ACTUAL debate settting (unlike that BULLSIHT morgan pulled on larry prat.*)in wich the actual facts would come out ….. a lose lose lose lose LOSE situation for the control freak loby wich you all hate , as all abusive people do.

    now the claim is that the NRA is “nuts” to say an armed cop needs to be at EACH school ALL damn day…..”it will cost too much” or ‘it will add to the “risk”….meanwhile in HIGH school where the pigs can harass and arrest the kids for pot this is not an isue? ……………..GVE ME A BREAK does the hypocrisy EVER get bad enuff for you people to STOP and ask WTF? how can you STAND it? or resolve it? OH wait i forgot you “rationalize” it so you can sleep soundly at night……..have you NO shame what so ever?

    and sitll no one asks the obvious, WHY do “schools” get shot up by there former victims so often? and why is it a global problem that crosses EVERY border on the planet but for one? i assume here that you have made no effort on JTG’s”ultimate history lesson” from tragity and hope. too bad it is your loss…..

    * that CUNT morgan did an interview with ted nugent the next night , and with his subject smirking at him from ACROSS the table the whole time , did NOT pull the same crap …..geee wonder why?

  27. YoLithos says:

    There is a variety of audio software that can pinpoint and identify gunfire. The soviets had versions of that at least since the 50’s. The latest modern versions use background AC mains hum (and the like) to help pinpoint location.

    Given the amount of surveillance, recording, etc. going on 24/7, there ought to be more than ample data, resources, equipment, and know-how available to determine, with great precision, what went on when and where.

    Any “blackouts” or obvious procrastination … well I’ve been through a dictatorship or three. Other folk’s estimates may vary.

  28. Wolferl says:

    @ JonnyJames

    One of my Grandpas was Saxon, does that qualify me for a discussion of US gun laws? 😉

    There are about 30 million privat owned guns in Germany and just about 150 people get killed by them. We have a rather strict gun law, but in the end everybody who wants or needs a gun for hunting, sports or self protection gets one in legal way. As I see it the difference is that in Germany the government still has control and the right to ban everyone from owning guns when he/she turns violent, criminal, obtains a mental disease or proves that he/she is not able to deal with arms in a responsible way.

  29. Spaniard says:

    @Max and Stacy. Spot on. And thanks.

    @JonnyJames. You are right, some of these weird things occurred elsewhere. Now, compare your country with the rest of the world (and tell us it has nothing to do with the U.S. of A. having as many guns).

    Americans could maybe learn from a similar country in history. Castile was the main power of the late Middle Ages and it grew its status to first global superpower, all the way into the Baroque, until France displaced it for European domination and England, later on, on the global stage. Castile’s millennial history of defense from tyrants, religious sprees and fellow steel lovers gave castilians an edge at war, in which they excelled. When the Empire reached its ultimate height, there were so many soldiers and weapons in Castile that steel killed more than the plague itself.

    Some veterans made Castile richer and more entrepreneurial but, in perspective, veterans as a demographic became a colossal burden to society- impoverished jobless killers in abundance do not make a safe environment for them or the rest of the population either. In the XVIII century the duel ban ended a three thousand years tradition and the hat and cape ban ended a world famous identity. Two centuries later, I can only say it was for the good of us.

    Most individuals should be able to restrain themselves from putting others in harms ways for all of us to not consider a social restriction, but they just will not. However, regulating is not prohibiting. That is the way for counties and states to follow.

    P.S.: One of these centuries bullfighting (euphemism for animal massacre) will go to the anachronic trash can too. That I can only hope.

  30. YoLithos says:

    Aditionally, these school massacres of late have usually been by university or college studentes on prescription psychopacifiers, doing psychology. High stress.
    They should have to forgo gun ownership and use for the duration + say, 5 years? Let them just have video games with all those fine subliminals.
    Like Max said, student debt + mouthwash + salts + betafiddlers + ….
    Are we all Mandchurian, now?

  31. kdt says:

    @Kevin Eshbach …………………I do agree with him on how did the suspect gain access when supposedly a person had to be explicitly let in from what I have heard

    agin im suprised at PCR (he is usualy much better than this) have you ever installed a “dead bolt” lock? if you have you may have read the part of the instructions regarding “door lights”, ‘side lights” and “adjacent windows” and how they must ALL be secured for the lock to have ANY value what so ever…………..short story he broke out the wndow NEXT to the door reached through and twsted the knob……….it’s that eazy …………if your up aganst MORONS who dont even bother to LISTEN to what ANY lock smith (or person wth a BRIAN) HAD to have told them about how they went about securing the schools in that district.

  32. JonnyJames says:

    In that case, yes!
    (believe it or not, some of my best friends are Germans, lol, and don’t tell anyone but some of my ancestors were, gulp,…. Germans)

  33. JonnyJames says:

    I never said otherwise

  34. kdt says:

    @Wolferl germany is a homogeneous society in a small country BUT that said germany’s .8 avg. is comprable to any RED state as long as none of the gun controled BLUE states with there ultra high crime rates are lumped in to intentionally SCEW the numbers , SD ,ND ,CO ,MT ,and WM ALL have a .8 to 1.2 per 100,000. avrage that is consistant over time and THEY and do it WITHOUT a threat to disarm there LAW abiding resdents ………YOU do not even have to BE american to “OWN” a gun here! …….if the first aplies to that putz morgan so does the second. ( you do need “id” to buy one “retail” NOW) so we are even that much more open as a society than germany is and still the stat is the same ……….as long as one rembers HOW BIG amerca is geographcly and that it is ALL under LOCAL control on this isue , there are states that have gun control and states that do not so in fact the BEST comps. are to OTHER states in the US NOT foreign populations indoctrinated to a different society , laws and sets of circumstances.

  35. Wolferl says:

    @ JonnyJames

    I know, you told me once. And I agree with you, those Americans believing they are free(er) when they own guns are in delusion. You are really free if you don´t need a gun. And repression and control by a government is done in a much more sophisticated way today. In fact the US right to bear arms today is just a way to keep the sheeples calm by giving them a toy to play with.

  36. kdt says:

    @ spanard because the “difrence” could not be the “schools” in amerca and there on going quest to instill “american exceptionalism” and the hard core work ethic that is the halmark of american society ……. what MADE(past tence )amrika what it WAS, that indoctrination of that nature has TWISTED the american people in to unstable impulse control deficent psycos , who in the midst of the curent betrail of that socal contract are LOSING there sanity fighting a fight that they DO NOT even know there fighting. and THAT describes the “avrage americans curent situation ……THINK for a moment how ALL this looks to a marginal person like these shooters have ALL been. and THEN look at who they took it all out on, and ask why? at that pont ANY body SHOULD be able to see the truth………. submission to years of systematic abuse all the while being told it is all for your own good with the PROMISE that hard work and self sacrfice WILL pay off down the road……….only to end up in your moms basement playng a FPS vido game (first person shooter) and havng her “ground” you from it * , your only functioning social contact , for not performing to a standard that you have no hope of reaching!! all these school’shooters have one and ONLY one thing that matters incommon they were ALL one way or another dealing with unrealstic expectations from society and there famlies , and cracked under the load.

    * guessing here BUT, he smashed the console and screen he used to bits befor killing her in her bed , so if im wrong it aint by much

  37. Brady says:

    Many years ago when I was in school being poisoned with pcbs in the lights and corrupt thoughts from teachers, a story came to me of a man who was shot by several civilians in Switzerland with automatic weapons when he tried to rob their bank. People are governed by social acceptability and a sence of conscience; this is why we are easily able to police ourselves. It is armed gangs of hiped up overactive sports fans in police uniforms with a few months training and little knowledge of the law that stiffle the efforts of individuals to protect each other. I think that pudgy Morgan character should lay off the wheat glutten before it clogs him up completely and we hear more of his bowel movements protruding from his mouth.

  38. johnny hamstead says:

    Alex Jones, for all his huffing and puffing, ranting and finding a conspiracy behind every nook and cranny, is a bit of twat, probably more so than Piers O’Meara –sorry, Morgan.

  39. Brady says:

    Dont forget about 20 million russians who were disarmed and killed not all that long ago historicaly speaking.

  40. Wolferl says:

    @ kdt

    It´s pretty obvious, the more dense populated an area the more crimes are comitted per capita. This true for the US an this is true for Germany. If you take the “red state like” areas in German you get a gun related crime rate of almost zero. So this still doesn´t explain why in German with 80 million people you have about 150 deaths by gun related crimes and in the US you have almost 100 times as much with an population just 4 times as large.

    I don´t want to teach you guys what to do, but don´t you see that all that gun violence takes away a lot of living quality away from you? What´s so bad about the idea banning socalled assault weapons as a start to reduce all those useless armament of the population? You´ll have left enough firepower with our handguns and rifles to protect you if you think that´s necessary.

  41. kdt says:

    lol so it has been in the back of my mind that some of this BS has been about ………….clicks and adds so when read this over at market ticker i found it intresting to say the least.

    Maybe The Problem Is Liberal Hate-Mongering

  42. JonnyJames says:

    Yes, it gives the illusion of freedom to the ignorant sheeple. Just as ‘elections’ give the illusion of choice and democracy to them.
    That’s one reason why I don’t agree with Dr. Roberts’ assertion ( although I do tend to agree with many others). The status quo serves powerful interests. The new legislation will likely only limit how many rounds per magazine and ban semi-auto “asssault rifles”.

    The NRA is basically a corporate lobbyist for the weapons mfg. corps, they don’t give a toss about the average hunter. Many european weapons mfg. corps. do huge business in the US market and their brands are hugely popular amongs the public as well as so-called law enforcement.

    The power of this lobby will prevent any further gun control as well. Repealing the 2nd amendment is indeed possible, however there is little political will to do so, given the constitutional hurdles required.

    Also: obviously, the US is the largest weapons purveyor and exporter in the world by a large margin; the US refuses to ban land mines, cluster bombs, DIME bombs, white phosphorous bombs etc. etc.; the US is the largest perpetrator of violence, mass slaughter and terror around the world; the US openly supports other rogue nations like Israel, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain…; the US media makes a lot of money from sensationlist coverage of these and the gun issue

    The US President commits high treason and war crimes regularly, he has a “kill list” where he orders murders on a weekly basis. Hundreds of thousands of innocent people, a majority of them women and children, have been killed by the US in the last 10 years alone; The US govt. was caught running guns to the Mexican drugs cartels (operation Fast and Furious) and it goes on….

    The Hollywood Copyright Cartel produces violent films that glorify guns and violence, as does many TV shows and video games. US culture is among the most violent in the world.

    Most people either are totally unaware of much of the above, or refuse to admit it because it is too uncomfortable or difficult for them to deal with.

    The examples being set for the young people are the worst we can imagine. It is difficult to be optimistic about things in general around here.

  43. Brady says:

    wolferl, The obvious danger of downgrading the weapens of the general population while a bunch of young propagandized pukes in armies all around the world are getting upgrades shouldnt need to be pointed out. In a country full of people who are skilled at turning populations against each other there is no choice but to be armed. With crazy mormons, government run drug trade, Jesuit taught groups like the kkk and the Black Panthers, and the theft of everyones labor through bank bailouts, we all need beter guns until the last soldier, cop, gang member, and private prison owner is exterminated.

  44. Oky1 says:

    How do you convene a legal grand jury in every county in the US against DC Polecats?

    Grand jury – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Currently, only the United States retains grand juries, although some other common law jurisdictions formerly employed them, and most other jurisdictions …

  45. Oky1 says:

    Infowars/Prison Planet.Com Scores Major Coup d’état against the Globalist, Fascist Wallst/London Banking/Insurance gun grabin/murderin Trash.

    Their remove Pez-head Morgan petition is now over 25,000.

    By starting this petition the name Infowars/Prisonplanet/AlexJones has went viral across the scope of the news media & also on Google search thus drawing more eyeballs to who the Real Enemies of the US are, the Wallst/London banks/Insurance co’s & the globalist anti-American trash.

  46. PS
    Ms. Herbert doesn’t seem to understand (as well as most gullible humans) how a “Police State” is first established, i.e. the foundation is poured, until, of course, it’s too late. Especially give notice to the last few paragraphs in the above article to see how “death squads” play an important role in the infrastructure of a police state.

  47. kdt says:

    Wolferl dude what part of “apples to apples do you not get?

    “………. If you take the “red state like” areas in Germany…………………….”

    give me a BREAK you could drop germany in to the middle of the us and it would vanish with out even makng a splash (no offence but that is why we beat your asses from a standing start in not one but TWO wars) are you sayng denver co. is not a “big city” , not the = of any metro area on the planet? EVERY red state has its “problem area” to contend with even the dakotas ………….the west is not the “wide open” “wild west” you all seem to picture over there in OH so “civilized europ. it is ALL settled these days with large cities in EVERY state, even if it is only the capital and there are enuff of these to add up to make a fair comp. to germany or any other country on the ‘contenent” with out mixng the apples with the oranges, so get over your selves you aint all that even with a bag of cihps.
    the main people in danger of geting shot in the states are criminals! in the eu you have removed that deterrent and as a result have seen a spike in just plain “crime” and generic violence, i fail to see how that is an improvement for the law abiding general populaton to ME it looks lke there LESS safe not more at least from all the rest of the ‘assult weapons” on the planet you know the ones that dont go BANG and “scare people”. it is at best “difrent” at worst you all are talking disarmerment in THE country who provided the latest and WORST example (under hitler) of why it is IRRESPONSIBLE for a populaton to “trust” “LEADERS” to the point to disarming!! to do so is to become a follower (weather you want to or not) and just how did THAT stupidty play out for you all under the NATZIs? how did that just followng orders “plan” hold up? good? ……NOT! you all FALED you failed to protect your neighbors you failed to stand up for your selves and what about sophie scholl and her brother you failed to even protect your children!!

    Ask if on that day in that place if THAT HORROR could have happened if there famly had been armed , if there friends had had the means to act? could the judges have side steped the 1 year repreve for a summary execution of the order?or even if they would have had the BALLS to pass that sentence at all………….save your sheeple hood for the union meetings.

    to sumerize: in amerca we HAVE!!!! gun control in MOST STATES and it does NOT work PERIOD, and the crime rates are higher than they SHOULD be in those places AND!!!! we have states that do not waste time on a failed idea (gun control)and they have LOW crime rates . so what ever drives such stats. it is CONCLUSIVELY not guns in fact the rate of gun ownershp FOLLOWS the crime rate it does NOT lead it and THAT is simple cause and effect and VERY understandable

  48. Paul says:

    I would love to live in a world where guns did not exist. But that would require all Governments to cease and desist. Not going to happen. In the last 100 years Governments around the world have murdered over 250 million of it’s own citizens. Do you really want to live in a world where only the Government and it’s agencies are packing guns ? It’s like nuclear deterrence. Completely and utterly insane. But the thought of mutual mass destruction worked. As ridiculous as that may sound.

    I don’t trust the Government to do the right thing. I don’t trust the Military to do the right thing. I don’t trust the media to do the right thing. I would argue that the present day society is weaker than it’s been since I was born 52 years ago. Our Churches, Schooling, Politics, Monetary System, Health Care, Military, are all- IMHO – a shadow of what is required to live in a free society.

    We are rapidly moving to a Police State and WWIII. I want more ammo. Not less.


  49. Fred Hayek says:

    EA is correct. Stacy and others are missing the point. An armed citizenry is inconsistent with a police state. As the police state is first established you can have these two things at the same time.

    And as for murder rates, what if there were no asinine “drug war”, no asinine, unconstitutional prohibition about what substances a person puts into his or her own body? Take away the drug prohibition caused violence and what do U.S. murder rates look like?

  50. kdt says:

    @Fred Hayek
    Take away the drug prohibition caused violence and what do U.S. murder rates look like?

    30% to 40 % lower based on what i have read of the stats. of corse if you want to see a real number you will need to addd it up your selves for some reason the msm does not break it out that way.

  51. Tom-Tom says:

    Though I’m not a gun owner and though I like living in Japan without guns I admit that an armed populace would help prevent a police state. Though, too, the argument that the “corporate controlled government” (NOT the “of for and BY the people” government) is way better armed than the citizens and WAY better equipped with amazing new technology DOES mean that it would be hopeless to win any war against the corporate controlled government.

    And I still say that gun owners HAVE CONSISTENTLY SUPPORTED THE CORPORATE CONTROLLED GOVERNMENT while at the same time they were consistently bashing their 100% non enemy, “the liberals.”

    Pretty stupid.

  52. Flopot says:

    I thought Bush and Obama had already virtually torn up the US Constitution via “directives” or some such device?

    But Stacy makes the killer point – you already have an armed but strangely quiescent populace living in a police state. I blame a corporate media brainf**king the US citizens.

  53. Tom-Tom says:

    When I say “non enemy liberals” I mean non enemy in terms of a “Police State.” (It was not meant to mean that Liberals don’t want to make guns more difficult for crazy people to own guns.)

    My point is just that since the 1960’s (I was there!) the left has CONSISTENTLY been fighting against the “police state” endeavors of elite. And the “right” had NO PROBLEM AT ALL with the F.B.I. photographing and bugging and keeping secret files on war protesters.

  54. Sir David Rottentrousers says:

    I’m actually a gun advocate, but, I’m also a realist. The reality is, many Americans are cowards and aren’t going to use their guns as for the right was granted to them. Your typical American gun owner is Adam Lanza’s mother and look where her guns got her.

    The US govt is tyrannical. Most State govts, like Texas, are already tyrannical. The US is a police state already. But most American gun owners could careless. They talk a big game, but they walk in fear.

    Iceland has made everyone look silly. Of course the govt there is harmless, humane, and was easily controlled in the end, but the fact remains–civil societies handle issues in a civil manner. The US govt on the other hand is probably the most uncivil there is, but who is to blame for this? Your govt is just a mirror image of your culture, religion and/or beliefs.

    Americans need to do some soul searching and they need to do it fast. But I don’t see this happening. We are too far down the spiral….

    Anyway, good luck Americans. I for I ain’t coming back, not even for a visit. I’d rather take my chances in other countries with other problems than deal with the shitstorm that our insane ancestors have created.

  55. Kevin Eshbach says:

    @Stacy Herbert

    Interesting about how he shot the glass. Sounds like a classic case of security theater where somebody with a hammer or baseball could have gained access just as easily though with more physical work required. I did not listen to the press conference or watch much of the news anymore because I am just getting tired of all the sensationalism.

  56. El_Puerco says:

    Time index 4:23 to 4:46…Some one explain!, if you have commons sense!..


  57. Bruce says:

    Back in my day, if your Bonds burst, you just bought new ones.
    New BONDS TV commercial 2012 – YouTube
    The new MADE IN CHINA Bonds may not be as durable though.

  58. @ Tom Tom

    “equipped with amazing new technology DOES mean that it would be hopeless to win any war against the corporate controlled government.”

    I’ve heard that argument before. If that was the case, why would they be so intent on banning guns?

    @ Sir David
    “Your typical American gun owner is Adam Lanza’s mother and look where her guns got her.”

    Purely conjecture, on your part.

    Granted, the vast majority of Americans are mostly strung out on Nascar, couches, gmo junk food, obesity, prescription drugs, entitlements, texting and veritable kaleidoscope of insatiable desires they’ll never satisfy, but attempt to take away their guns, their direct historical connection to the Constitution, and you’re fucking with the sleeping giant that has inherent in it’s blood the potential to crush the so called “technology” that Tom Tom thinks is invincible. It will be a civil war that will dwarf the one of the 1860’s. This move to abolish the Second Amendment, by those who are attempting to rule the globe, is truly the decisive confrontation/battle to determine who rules this universe, and America will be the battlefield where this final drama will unfold.

    Sir D.R. you stay put, we wouldn’t want to see your fluffy attire get soiled. I for one wouldn’t miss this one for the world. In fact, it will be those who take the so called “evil” guns and perform the same karmic duty as their forefathers did, when, in the late 1700’s, they finally cut the chains that had kept them under the control of the same Zionist Bankers.
    Anyway, our countries rampant, imperialist, blatant disregard for human life, on a global, scale, kind’a fucked things up catastrophically, so it’s America’s responsibility to right this wrong on her home soil. What goes around, comes around.

  59. kdt says:

    WOW just WACHED the clip ……….how stupid do these people thnik we are?……she was nicer about it than morgan the putz was but WOW……… you non americans realy BELEIVE your shit don’t stink?………i mean REALY!!!………….@sherbert and you and max with all your self hate and need to be in the cool clique you BUY that drive dont you? how warm and safe it must feel to have the masters hand patting you on the head ” good servent’ , you have done well the masters are pleased, gagpuke …… COWARDS!
    some of us understant that life is risk , that time is “money’ becaus life is short , and you only get one creating”the ultimate scarcity” , that death surounds us at all times and manifests in all things, in every meetng a partng , love ALWAYS ballenced by loss , satisfaction with need and execept life as it is , people as they are, and trust that left to them selves they will leave us to tend our own gardens in peace, as we respect there right to do the same.

    beond that is somthing that has goten lost in the translation from free enterprise to capitalisim and that is “comunity” and this is NOT some wishy washy BS it is the very real NEED of one neighbor for the “good will” of another it is “buisness”……if i see some one in my comunty needs “help” say building a barn and i know that i will some day need help (always a given) then my SELF intrest is to help them as much as i possably can not only that BUT being surounded by sucessfull neighbors whose “good will” i ‘hold’ makes ME safer . THAT is the american way, “free enterprise’, NOT this “capitalisim”BULLSHT” you have been fed, that europ bought hook line and sinker and the “elites’ imported and used to buy up …………every thing ! THAT is a poniz scheme . and it is about to go pop!
    so good luck with that in a place that cant tell a privilege from a right and belive an unbacked vote is any thing more than a populist poll. may your chains lay softly and your burdens be light, SLAVES……… backed by what you ask? ……….no? didn’t thnk so

    ps NOTHNG is gong to change in the states * THE only gun loby that matters spoke when on the DAY of the shootng in CT wth out even waitng for this circus to start they went out en mass and started buyng guns till the stores ran out ……… every one of those people “voted” in a VERY real way on this isue and any body that ignors THOSE votes does so at there own risk!!! politions need votes to make there living and they SAW what happened and know “voters” and how to pander to them ,so long story short get over it it was NEVER any of your business to start with over THERE

    [email protected] LMAO @the “corprate shill nra gun loby” dude does it look like arms manufacturing NEEDS a loby OUTSDE the MIC ……………give me a break the feds would simply compensate them for ANY losses to sales from a “gun ban”and they know it the feds NEED arms makers so colt and the rest have NO REASON to suport the nra no matter what it looks like in fact government can manipulate them using there purchasing power wich FAR exceeds the public , bush master is civillian and as far as i know has no federal contracts but one company does not a loby make .and while they MAY be in trouble , if so the feds are blockng people from buyng it up it aint like there not profitable…………….hmmmm and ‘in crowd’ could lean ON the feds to put the squeese on a weak competiter that has been taking there sales…………….nice

  60. kdt says:

    @sherbert LOL aperently we were BOTH wrong on the first amendment protections for limey bastards NOT that obama WOULD do it but he can’t hide from it behind the first amendment either.
    LOOK the isue is not what HE said at all but that he was not allowing his guest to answer and THAT was not cool that may be all fine and dandy over there but here HE was the one interfering with the frst amendment by stomping all over larry prats first amendment rights. WACH the clip lary is POLTE at all times EVEN with that schmuk walking all over his responces …..ones “rghts’ only extend so far my right to swing my arm ends well away from your nose the same aplies here.

    “Ironic U.S. gun rights campaign to deport me for ‘attacking 2nd Amendment rights’ – is my opinion not protected under 1st Amendment rights?,” Morgan tweeted.

    “Your opinion is protected, your presence in the U.S. is not. See Kleindienst v. Mandel (1972),” Taranto replied to Morgan.

    Taranto linked to transcripts from a 1972 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that the U.S. Attorney General’s refusal to allow a foreign journalist into the United States did not violate the First Amendment.

    Read more:

  61. kdt says:

    @Oky1TY exelent read

    In a United Nations study of crime in 18 developed nations published in July, England and Wales led the Western world’s crime league, with nearly 55 crimes per 100 people.

    This sea change in English crime followed a sea change in government policies. Gun regulations have been part of a more general disarmament based on the proposition that people don’t need to protect themselves because society will protect them. It also will protect their neighbors: Police advise those who witness a crime to “walk on by” and let the professionals handle it.

    55 out 0f 100 now what would that be as a % hmmm…………LMAO sorry but god does have a sense of humor it is just VERY dry and he saves it for those who display THIS level of hubris!
    i have read this section like 5 tmes now and still it makes me laugh ………HOW did people ACTUALLY believe ANY of this CRAP? and to hear some of you people talk WE are the backwards ones …………… got to tell you UMMMM welll IF you bought the line: people don’t need to protect themselves because society will protect them…………… STFU and get lost grown ups are talking. and if you EVER did THIS: “walk on by” and let the professionals handle it. ……your a despicable moron…..just who the hell do you think composes this “society” you assume will protect you if it is not your selves?* talk about “cognitive dissonance” WOW! where to even start … not even shure people who will believe that …….BS are salvagable……..and WTF is this: “part of a more general disarmament” crap! , SO LOL you DID go after ALL “assult” weapons,(WELL at least your consistent..i guess) tell me, and be honest you all are redused to using safety shears now aren’t you? it was all that runnng around with them wasn’t it? NANY warned you and warned you and WARNED you and now look , no sharps for the plebes!! LMAO, OH well it is all for your own good .

    REALY they fed you THIS load of BULLSHIT and you BOUGHT IT? I’M STILL just ………….ASTOUNDED at the level of ……….what is even the word for this? OH WELL it does make me feel just a little bit better about the level of common sence that americans still posess inspite of every thing that has been done to beat it out of us.

    * NO “cops don’t count they are the top laier of the criminal ellement like surface tension on a cesspool

  62. kdt says:

    and it goes on and on. REALY , you people took away an old ladies kniting needle defence that is LOW very LOW as gomer said SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!

    During the debate over the Prevention of Crime Act in the House of Commons, a member from Northern Ireland told his colleagues of a woman employed by Parliament who had to cross a lonely heath on her route home and had armed herself with a knitting needle. A month earlier, she had driven off a youth who tried to snatch her handbag by jabbing him “on a tender part of his body.” Was it to be an offense to carry a knitting needle? The attorney general assured the M.P. that the woman might be found to have a reasonable excuse but added that the public should be discouraged “from going about with offensive weapons in their pockets; it is the duty of society to protect them.”

  63. Youri Carma says:

    “Does anyone care what Americans think? They’re the worst-educated people in the First World. They don’t have any thoughts, they have emotional responses, which good advertisers know how to provoke.”

    Gore Vidal: ‘We’ll have a dictatorship soon in the US’

    From The Times September 30, 2009

    Gore Vidal’s United States of fury 7 October 2009 (The Independant)

  64. kdt says:

    @okey 1 you know what? i thnik gun owners need to adress this more directly! it is our right being “debated” after all(if you can call it that) and the mention of a constitutional amendment got me thinking, …….. the second amendments protecton of “self defence” is pure hapenstance the founders simlpy never saw ‘self defence” as even a queston so the language is directed at the state and national defence with self defence as an asumption of over all defence and the courts have even some what stated this as a result there is this constant mention of the “well regulated milita” (do you see where im headed?) WE have a motivated voting base THEY do not……if they did they would have passed an amendment by now. WE NEED TO PASS A “SELF DEFENCE” AMENDMENT the bullshit in the artical you posted makes this cristal clear once these clowns get the guns they go after the VERY WILL to defend your self (takng an old ladies kniting needles WTF is that?) it NEEDS to be codified at ths point no matter that it is common sence (SOME people dont HAVE any)and doing so would make it twice as hard to disarm us AND it would be a show of political force, an in there face reminder that we are here and will not be cowed like the gun owners in briton were and shamed through false guilt in to silence! what is needed here is a stop punch that will drop these clowns on there asses , not only will we defend but push us agian and we will pass ANOTHER gun rights amendment, push agian after that and we stack another one on top of that one! based on what is very aperent in the undercurents on ths isue we could keep dong that untill hell freezes over , maby the setbacks will eventualy shut them the hell up!

  65. kdt says:

    Youri Carma | December 24, 2012 at 8:12 am |

    “Does anyone care what Americans think?

    lets see you poped in to a thread about the american constution as it relates to an incedent that happened in america………………… evedently YOU care and inspite of the condescension all you can come up with is an ad hominem atack? sad.

  66. kdt says:

    @your if gore vidal is in london he should go for an unescorted roll around the block there to see how safe it is now with there total abdication of personal defence ………..odds are 55% that sombody will beat the shit out of him and steal his weel chair MABY even shoot hs ass! the place is WORSE than south africa these days acordng to the stats. but he needs to wach out un like in SA if he harms the mugger HE will be judged as to his ‘use of force’ and could face charges……………………………you people are idiots for voting bullshit like that in to law . what were you people THINKING??………you weren’t that is QUITE plain! well now YOU people have made that bed so enjoy ! WE will NOT be joining you , sorry WE fought a war a whlie back so that we would NOT be expected to join you in your walk off a clif for these clowns TY and are FULLY capable as we always have been of taking care of our selves and our stuff good luck and wach that first step , we wll be laughing a……..oops i mean rootng for you all the way……….

  67. Sir David Rottentrousers says:

    European American – You are smoking the Alex Jones’ whacky weed! Your average American male aged 17 – 32 would rather shoot up a school than to do something righteous! The clear exception to this is Anonymous, but they are doing it without violence which is to be highly commendable.

    The people with guns, the so called “patriots,” are too fat, too stupid, and too cowardess to stand up for what’s right! They will drink the Koolaid for as long as it takes along as Walmart keeps selling them cheap processed crap and Big Pharm keeps them hopped up on pills!

    America’s only hope is Anonymous, but without the proper support from the public, this could be a withering trend already….

  68. Wouter Drucker says:

    ^^ All lobbyists. As if they don’t know hand arm bullets can’t penetrate tank armor.

    Their tactic apparently: sowing fear.

    There is not going to come a tyranny, where there is an elite versus an enslaved population. It makes no sense. The elite wouldn’t need that many people working for them. They have their pool and their car collection, and that’s it, no need to enslave everyone.

    The only ‘tyrannical’ forces you have are market forces. The corporate government is not going to take your guns away, because it wants to keep selling you guns.

    The whole market system is based around sowing distrust, to have a low opinion about the nature of your fellow man. People are just monkeys that need incentives to be productive, the market ensures none of these monkeys is going to rise to power and show its true self as a mass murderer.

    Fear each other! Buy guns, because your neighbor is dangerous, because your government is dangerous! Don’t organize, you might follow a tyrant mass murderer!

  69. kdt says:

    @Sir David Rottentrousers yea just keep tellng your self that crap and it will all be just fine! mean while your nany state has turned in to a running riot and the populaton of inda that you all TOTALY disarmed in the late 1800s has goten SO bad that orginized groups of thugs with police protection have been runng around GANG RAPNG so many young women that the entire country has gone up in flames but YOU control freaks cant admit that the REASON for it ALL is GUN CONTROL wich in the case of inda was NOT EVER about crime but was ALWAYS to supress the populaton and hold them under colonial rule from the get go, so fuck off you lieng cunts!! we tossed your asses out of the states for EVEN atemptng to pull that CRAP on us. Gandi the saint of nonviolence called it the worst act inflcted on the populaton of inda by there colonial masters and LOOK at the mess!! and HOW long have these women put up with this GANG RAPE situation, befor they just up and started a nation wide riot? YEA “gun control works great ………for promoting gang rape! go tell your bullsht to the 23 year old girl who 6 to 10 thugs raped near to death then dumped with her beaten escort at the side of the road ….she is off the ventilator now so she might even be able to thank you for all the help??with violent crme. though from the sound of it if she survives the odds of her having a normal life are GONE and what she lost YOU control freaks TOOK from her ………….there ARE worse thngs than death. another girl this one 16 atempted to press charges ….only to have her father kill him self over the shame HiS blood along with her loss are yours also and now today with the riots stll running……….yet another gang rape ……..enjoy the friuts of your labor im shure all your victims are too.

  70. Sir David Rottentrousers says:

    KDT – You are confused, young man. I’m a yank! Born and raised by a cop and a nurse in Baltimore city! I’m old, jaded, wise, and kicking back observing all the craziness from Asia… and let me tell you something, IT IS CRAZY!

  71. @ Sir Davy Stinkypants

    It would seem that YOU are too “cowardess (fyi- that’s “cowardice” smart man, or woman?) to stand up for what’s “right”.

    Thank you for leaving the USA. We don’t want you here. Please, do not come back. “Kick back” and hide under a rock and keep your “jaded, wise” self to yourself, “unrighteous coward”.

    “It is vain for the coward to flee; death follows close behind; it is only by defying it that the brave escape.’


  72. johnseattle says:

    Russia wants to disarm Americans with Max & Stacy’s help!
    The cold war was never over it was made to look that way. Look at Washington it’s institutions have been infiltrated by communist & socialist from the Tavistock Institute and European Black Nobility.

  73. Sir David Rottentrousers says:

    European American – I’ve been gone since the mid 90’s, when Clinton and Cindy Crawford were the only American names people knew in places like Indonesia. I didn’t leave by choice, but I’m staying gone by choice.

    That said, I owe you nothing, nor do I owe the US anything. I am a freeman. Can you say the same?

  74. Silver Phoenix says:

    > all other rights are assigned to all persons

    False, the Constitution doesn’t work that way. It defines what the federal government can do, not the individual, not defined, authority falls to the states, the state constitutions then define what the states can do, not defined, authority defaults to the individual.

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