Barclays Libor Advert (Modified)

hat tip Barry Ritholtz via hat tip Walter Palmetshofer

10 comments on “Barclays Libor Advert (Modified)
  1. mike smith says:

    brilliant……if only we could get this on the telly!!!
    All hail max keiser

  2. Alf says:

    wonderful… the truth is much more refreshing than the bullshit served up
    by Barclays.

  3. evolutis says:

    @Alf … yep! … BTW …. thanks for /

    Immortal Technique … had never heard before

  4. Alf says:

    @evolutis…my pleasure
    btw, do you need a cheap calendar for 2013?


    When my cousin Alexander Carnegie, Lord Rosehill started to learn about The British Linen Bank founded by his ancestor William Carnegie Earl of Northesk, who served under Nelson at Trafalgar, and upon the death of Nelson, assumed Second in Command after Collingwood. he was a very proud lad, but after the bank was absorbed into Barclays, poor Alexander became depressed. Lord & Lady Goodenough were close familly friends and neighbours.
    Bhagavad Gita Chapter 10, Text 23. Describes the purpose of money, it is a tool of Lord Shiva the Destroyer of Worlds. and is controlled by The Lord of Wealth, Shri Shri Kuvera, Lord of The Yaysa and Raksasas. who assist Lord Shiva with the task of destroyng worlds with the fire of Lord Agni (There are far more devastating ‘fires’ than nuclear!)

    We live in a computer simulation, Gentle Jesus meek and mild, objects to Banksters doing business in His Father’s Temple, and turns over their Banks (Tables) The Banksters retaliate by orchestrating the execution of the offending Holy Man. …who is not bothered, and to remind onlookers that He is not mortal flesh & blood starts singing Psalms from the Execution Stake. Psalm 22 is His finale, sung to the tune of “Deer at Sunrise”

    The task is complete! and as Gentle Jesus reminded everybody, the offenders would be exciled from their lands, and forced to wander the planet as a displaced people. AND, as Revelations Chapter 21 points out The Offending Planet would be destroyed! (Replaced with a New Earth in a New Universe devoid of fuckwits!)

    It’s all part of the prearranged “Script” folks, all that’s left to do is ‘ad lib’ the bit parts.
    This is the bit where Alexander is so depressed, and tanked up on Big Pharma’s suicide and school shooting pills (Suicide by proxy, it’s a way to get shot by Police Marksmen) borrows Dad’s shotgun, and blows off his head. Dad then develops terminal cancer and dies!… Now that is just what to expect from those naughty Yaksas and Raksasas. Tut! Tut! Demons do love a bit of gruesome drama, to spice up the action.

  6. Alf says:

    @A.C…who are the fuckwits?…and who creates them?

  7. evolutis says:

    @ Alf … away/delay/ Damn / i know, i paid full price on the 18th … one my longer term investments with usual results … such market, prowess ; i should have shown up as armed and dangerous, years ago. lol

  8. Banking Thiefs says:

    Barclays did not suck the taxpayers bailout tit, they saved their bank using capitaism.

    I’d save you anger for those banks (RBS, Lloyds) that did, because you’re being taxed every f-ing day to pay for them!

  9. OlympiaLogger says:

    Very nice Match Moves.

    Even though the audio nicely showcased Gordon Ramsay’s vocabulary skills, it was a bit TOO casual. It sounds like it was recorded in a booth, but the booth was very small and the acoustic foam, I’m pretty sure, was only crappy 2″ markerfoam… because I have the crappy 4″ markerfoam and it sounds somewhat identical.

    Er…sorry, “…fucking identical.”

  10. L T P says:

    This piggy ponders why this hasn’t occured with the occasional Goldman Sachs ads being aired? There should also be one with JPM/Chase with fire, fire baby!! Got to pay homage to Chase Burning. Just keep me away from the flames, please.

    Keep Stackin’ y’all!
    L T P -aka- Major Bacon – Silver Liberation Army
    This fire-shy swine can be followed on Twitter: @lickthepig