Andrew Maguire on Precious Metal Manipulations

Famous market whistle blower Andrew Magurie discusses manipulation in the gold and silver markets and the price divergence between Eastern and Western markets. Listen to the KWN interview here: Part I / Part II

8 comments on “Andrew Maguire on Precious Metal Manipulations
  1. capt ray says:

    I can not listen to anything of KWN b/c I listen via a cell phone…

    What a wase of time to post anytging comming from that site…

  2. David Liberty says:

    THE MATTERHORN INTERVIEW – Review 2012: Alasdair Macleod

    “We are quite likely to have a failure on COMEX in the silver market”

    “You’ve got the banks’ short position on COMEX which cannot be covered. The banks are short of nearly 300 million ounces of silver. I think that the only way in which the banks’ shorts could be closed out is after a price hike which would lead to billions of dollars of losses for these banks”.

    “There will be a market crisis, and I think that they will have to suspend trading in silver and agree a settlement procedure for long and short contracts. And if that happens, it will be well over $50 an ounce. But remember, other exchanges will continue to price silver if Comex suspends, which will not help Comex resolve the problem if the price continues to rise elsewhere.”

  3. Bruce says:

    capt ray,
    Have you tried saving the MP3 file before listening? I always do it this way both on the computer and on the phone. Anyway, try clicking on these links:

    22_Andrew_Maguire_files/Andrew Maguire 12:22:2012.mp3

    23_Andrew_Maguire__Part_II_files/Andrew Maguire 12:23:2012.mp3

    Or simply click the link on the page entitled:
    (the one with the purple coloured ‘man’ icon)

    Does your browser ask you to save the file or…?

  4. capt ray says:

    YTanks Bruce for your reaction!

    Yes I tried it all… even went through the “help w/ download torturial”. The thing is that my phone says that there is not enough space… wich is odd b/c I ofcoirse deleted everything when it old me.

    This is the only site btw that does this… I remember beeing able to listen to kwn about a year or so ago… %)

    Pretty annoiiiing!

  5. capt ray says:

    (I went to my pc)

    On the internet site (via a pc) a player appears under the “main picture”. This dvoes not appear on a android. So… I don’t know what to say…

  6. Bruce says:

    capt ray,
    You could try to use the Opera Mobile web browser on Android.
    Opera Mini & Opera Mobile – Download:
    (Opera Mobile = full browser. Opera Mini = browser that squishes pages down to a smaller size via Opera’s servers; not always desired but sometimes indispensible).

    Anyway, grab Opera Mobile for Android there.
    A long-press on the “purple person” icon on the KWN interview pages should bring up a menu that will allow you to download the mp3 file.

    Doing the same on the links I pasted above should do it too. There should be an option to save the file.

    Re: space. Browse around to see if there’s another location to save it. Android can be confusing in that it calls the internal phone memory an SD card when it isn’t. If it’s anything like the one I have, navigating and saving to ext_card is really how to get the files on the MicroSD card.

    See how you go.

  7. Bruce says:

    PS. the “apk” file must be run to install Opera Mobile.

    Alternatively, download Opera Mobile from the Play Store; it should install simpler.
    Opera Mobile web browser – Android Apps on Google Play

  8. Silver Phoenix says:

    @capt ray
    > I can not listen to anything of KWN b/c I listen via a cell phone…

    I can not listen to anything of KWN b/c he sounds like an utter tool that you want to bash his skull in for thinking the way he’s talking in some kind of repulsive radio voice that people would find appealing. It’s disgusting and insulting.

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