Why are we not surprised

DALLAS (CN) – A JPMorgan Chase employee says in court that she was raped by a vice president whom the bank allowed “to prey on defenseless women.”
Kimberly Schultz sued the bank and Derrick Gilliam, its vice president and senior project manager, in Dallas County Court on Tuesday. Schultz says the Flower Mound-based Gilliam hired her to a $75,000-per-year job after a brief meeting, and that showed an inappropriate interest in her from the start.

4 comments on “Why are we not surprised
  1. Oh Please says:

    Throw the BOOK at him! “When you’re a legitimate asshole, women have a way of shutting the whole thing down”. So true is that, as I’m sure the authorities could find human trafficking of underage kids ready to jump out of the various pedophile rings at the so-called “upper-level”.

  2. Tom-Tom says:

    So it’s a civil case. For money. Can’t throw the book ‘years in jail’ wise. So it’ll be “an out of court settlement” for a miniscule amount of JPMC’s money.

  3. Bruce says:

    Kimberly Kuschewski Schultz | Facebook
    This Kimberly? I offer her $1,000 a year (a generous offer).
    There should be a law that all sexual harrassment lawsuits show a pic of the lady in question. Don’t keep us hanging.

  4. Nat says:

    I think Bruce that you can remain hanging with the rest of the bankers.

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