United Stampedes of America

Stacy Summary: A collection of Black Friday stampedes at various Walmarts across America. Use this as a jibber jabber thread!

51 comments on “United Stampedes of America
  1. Yowsa777 says:

    A reflection of the behavior of a society absolutely sick..!!! (Greetings from Spain).

  2. Chundernuts says:

    Feeding frenzy? 🙂

  3. noel says:

    Wait til the food shortage hits

  4. jischinger says:

    a clearer version http://youtu.be/8IecWRJ6ZGY

    still the people shooting this film should have gotten a better camera while they were there.

  5. hoop says:

    Glad I live in Minnesota where people still have some rationality left in them about shopping today. You would never see this kind of madness around here, these people are a sub-species.

  6. jischinger says:

    now what about the responsibility of the store to maintain peace? there are a number of things they could do to curb this bad behavior, why hasn’t the media called them out on this?

    it has crossed my mind that Wal Mart does this on purpose so the US will look like a third world nation.

  7. Palantír says:

    I’ve seen pictures of that before on the television, though under slightly different circumstances.
    The people were grouped around trucks, all with wild eyes, stamping on each other, desperate to reach the person handing out package’s of basic survival food, rice and such. The crowd knew there too, that there were not enough food to go around.
    – vs. getting the latest Apple product . . .

  8. Wouter Drucker says:

    This generation loves their gadgets. And you can’t blame them can you? It’s where the hope is.

    To me it would be worse if they went this mad over soap sets or tea pots.

  9. Wouter Drucker says:

    * its gadgets

  10. SAO says:

    Instead of having jobs, they paid subsidies to corrupt corporations to ship their jobs out of the country so the people in America are paying out the butt for this junk. Every politician was in on the take down of America. Not one sane voice.

    no jobs + subsidies to ship the jobs out = fucked
    And the WTO will make sure you are royally fucked.

    This plastic crap they buy from Wal Mart (China Inc.) is the ghost of their lively hoods and prosperity. This crap will end up in land fills all over America.

  11. Tom-Tom says:

    The PEOPLE have voted. They’ve voted with their feet. The PEOPLE have voted FOR the corporations. They’ve voted for their masters. They WANT to be debt slaves. They WANT this crap.

  12. snoop diddy says:

    Fighting for Freedumb

  13. jischinger says:

    the Documentary Film – Four Horsemen 2012
    is quite good – Max is in it and it’s narrated by Dominic Frisby

  14. jischinger says:

    looking at the jump in sliver – I think people spent way too much this holiday-

  15. jarrollin says:

    I used to work as an usher in a major stadium. The video reminds me of giveaways, like bobble head doll days. Patrons became outraged that certain gates had more bobble heads than others, or they complained that there weren’t as many bobble heads given away as advertised.

    You’d think this cheap piece of plastic was actually of some value. It wasn’t. The kind of bobble heads we gave away were too cheap to sell, even on ebay. It wasn’t just kids who got angry. It was mainly adults. And they weren’t just a little angry. Some were truly enraged, about a little piece of junk.

    Another anecdote, since this is jibber jabber, coming from that same job: One summer we gave away coupons for a free Dilly Bar at Dairy Queen. We did this during the 7th inning stretch of every game. We ushers also helped ourselves to these coupons. Many fans discovered it was easy to take more than one. The upshot was that Dairy Queen eventually stopped accepting the coupons. Overnight, that piece of paper went from being worth a whole Dilly Bar, to being worthless. I’ve often thought, to bad Bernanke doesn’t have the same work experience I do.

  16. Brant Jones says:

    I believe that’s called ” foreshadowing.”

  17. Mini US says:

    Proudly spondored by ‘BuyOnline.com’

  18. Bruce says:

    Good on them. It shows initiative.
    “Can I haz bargain?”
    “I can haz bargain!”

    Police: 2 shot at Fla. Walmart over parking space

  19. zoltanrostas says:

    Give those mfs some weapons and air time, and shazam you got yourself some new juicy reality show. Walmart would make a “killing”.

  20. Bruce says:

    Wouter Drucker | November 24, 2012 at 12:17 am |
    To me it would be worse if they went this mad over soap sets or tea pots.

    I’m never surprised seeing videos like this in populated places and with mass media advertising to big populations. Like we don’t see crowds all around the world when shopping, and like we don’t see the occasional push-and-shove when big sales are on.

    It’s not as if this is isolated to the USA or Walmart either. Why just pick on these stores or one country? This happens around the world, and you can go decades back to see evidence of it.

    Newsflash: people love to shop, and people love a good bargain, especially when they’re being squeezed left and right by everything else (financially-speaking).

    Nobody should be surprised, and I doubt you can draw any meaningful conclusion about the human species for it.

    Good on them, I say. Be safe.

  21. Bnarx says:

    Would have been reassuring to see the same kind of urgency expressed by the avarage voter given the chance to vote anti-establishment.

  22. LinuxLiberal says:

    It reminds me of bankers and corporations when governments are handing out bailouts.

  23. Jayme says:

    Unfortunately, I think Chomsky is right in saying the state offers protection against the corporation. Small states don’t have much chance against a large corporation.

    State power is a good example of a necessary cage. There are sabre-toothed tigers outside; they are called transnational corporations which are among the most tyrannical totalitarian institutions that human society has devised. And there is a cage, namely the state, which to some extent is under popular control. The cage is protecting people from predatory tyrannies so there is a temporary need to maintain the cage, and even to extend the cage.


    Tarpley seems to be pointing out some of the finer mechanics involved in this idea of State as protection against the corporation. I don’t trust all of what Tarpley says and like much of what Ron Paul says but issues like this seem to change the dynamic away from any idea of secession.

    What Ron Paul’s deluded followers do not seem to grasp is that secessionism, Balkanization, and the partition of large nations represent indispensable steps towards what they would call the New World Order. The New World Order aims at the destruction of the modern sovereign nation state and its replacement with a universal empire presided over by the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, World Trade Organization, Bank for International Settlements, and NATO ruling over a fragmented crazy quilt world map of petty, squabbling, impotent little microstates, ministates, rump states, and failed states, none of which would have enough power to oppose Exxon Mobil, J.P. Morgan Chase, Halliburton, or a medium-sized private military firm.

    Secessionism and the New World Order

    If Wal-Mart were a country, its revenues would make it on par with the GDP of the 25th largest economy in the world by, surpassing 157 smaller countries.

    25 US Mega Corporations: Where They Rank If They Were Countries (Jun. 27, 2011)

  24. yawp says:

    Some people trample each other for Surya, and some for good deals. To each their own.

  25. jischinger says:

    “All experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.

    But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

    it’s only a matter of time

  26. Phil says:

    The saddest people alive.

  27. Alf says:

    Greed….its in all of us, the trick is understanding it…


  28. Robbie777 says:

    Americans just assume that their “culture” is international. They talk of black friday and thanksgiving, two events that are not shared by, and mean nothing to, the rest of the world.

  29. What-me-worry? says:

    Pigs without teeth.

  30. Vonda Bra says:


    Tom Woods: Ron Paul and The Non-Aggression Principle, Secession Nullification
    http://youtu.be/YgAbR13iGtc (28:02)

  31. Harry says:

    Isn’t black friday the same each year.
    Masses trampling each other for a ‘good deal’.
    I guess this will gradually change into masses trampling each other for an even better deal: food or other first necessities.

  32. trooper dave says:

    When you tell people that there are elites whom rule over us all and who think they are like gods and that these elites look upon everyday people as useless eaters, a waste of calories and that they elites think nothing of torturing, sacrificing, starving, bombing and burning everyday people. Most people look back with glazed, disbelieving eyes and open mouth. Now look on these hoards of sheeple trampling each other in a frenzy and think what emotion a ruler, a owner, an elite would feel towards these?
    The world we have made for ourselves is truly sickening.

  33. Harry says:

    @Robbie777: the idea of thanksgiving might live elsewhere as well but might not be implemented into activities as the neo-americans do.
    Black friday is weird. Why not have sales after each season for clothes or whatever as we have in europe?
    Because us ‘culture’ is spread widely over the globe, why don’t the us people at least have an interest in the rest of the world? China: because they make all of their stuff. Meopotamia: because their wars are there. Israel: because they’re their proxy. Russia: because the ex-USSR is still a major power.

    Maybe listen to Prince’s ‘Sexuality’.
    One line in there says:
    Don’t let your children watch television until they know how to read

    Or else all they’ll know how to do is cuss, fight and breed
    No child is bad from the beginning… they only imitate their atmosphere
    If they’re in the company of tourists, alcohol and US history
    What’s to be expected is 3 minus 3… absolutely nothing

  34. User2323 says:

    Well when you get them hooked on cheap money they act like that.

  35. Vonda Bra says:

    in german:
    EU: Bargeld soll künftig besteuert werden !!!

  36. Vonda Bra says:

    Published on Nov 22, 2012 by Stefan Molyneux

    The Fascists That Surround You – Part 1
    http://youtu.be/VCIXnn9KVeY (26:52)

    “…Did you know that over 60% of people will kill if ordered?..”

  37. evolutis says:

    They are we … we are us / like what you see?

    A king and his crowd designed and decreed the monetary environment for maintenance of their advantaged position.That was then… Not rocket science …using a bundle aspect of usury money, politics, religion and your surprised that such an environment predicts outcomes? That was then, Now we are so afraid of a future without the “bundle” we seem just make variations on the same dull theme and bitch at the predictable outcomes.

    SECEDE from the monetary environment … You are capable: you have people – design your intensions into an environment, for the maintenance of the person standing next to you[ramp that little kernel up in your infinite mind] … give the mutual benefits of knowledge reciprocity, an environment to flourish within.

    Like it has been said “Complaining is silly either do something or forget about it!” Choose wisely.

  38. evolutis says:

    @Alf … is it safe to go into the bathroom? LOL / thanks for the link.
    @ Vonda Bra … just trying to keep up here! Damnit! can’t seem to harrow what you plough … ! Thank for all your links and insights

  39. sam says:

    What he didn’t film was the amazing super discounts they were doing on megaphones.

  40. alan says:

    Hand out guns at the entrance and lets get serious.
    would make a great sick comedy movie.

    I would hate to see these slobs hungary

  41. Nak says:

    The Stampede Games, the new American pass time.

  42. microhousehold says:

    @ Vonda Bra

    Thanks for the The Fascists That Surround You – Part 1 link.

  43. Vonda Bra says:

    @ evolutis | November 24, 2012 at 5:22 pm |
    @ microhousehold | November 24, 2012 at 10:41 pm |

    oh, my pleasure! 🙂
    thanks for taking notice of the “diverse stuff” that crosses my mind and telling it .. I´m just sharing it, hoping someone might be interested … 🙂

    virtual hugging to you guys! 🙂
    interestingly enough, I do always follow your posts as well !!! 🙂

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