Tuesday 20th November 7.30pm… Yes, it’s open to the public

a talk presented by
Max Keiser
hosted by George Galloway MP
Grand Committee Room
Westminster Hall, Houses of Parliament
Tuesday 20th November 7.30pm

Are western economies about to be plunged into further financial meltdown through the collapse of key currencies? Will we be facing trade wars and hyper-inflation in the foreseeable future? And what must be done to avert this potential economic and political catastrophe?

Max Keiser is a renowned commentator on the bizarre shape of the world economy and particularly its financial structure and about the politicians who preside over this chaos. Described as “America’s most outrageous political pundit”…whose broadcasts, according to the Independent newspaper; “no channel in the United States will carry, which go well beyond the benign impudence of The Daily Show” .

Come and hear his challenging views at this meeting hosted by the MP for Bradford West, George Galloway.

62 comments on “Tuesday 20th November 7.30pm… Yes, it’s open to the public
  1. davem says:

    Definitely will try to make that – sounds great!

  2. Crumpet_Muncher says:

    Does one need an invitation to enter that place?

  3. Crumpet_Muncher says:

    Oh, I’ve just read the title!

  4. Ted says:

    Well yeah Crumpet but I assume you don’t just turn up to try to get in?

  5. Crumpet_Muncher says:

    @Ted – I hear that a few fifties stuffed in a brown envelope should do the trick.

  6. A Gardener says:

    Go Max go.
    A silver coin in your pocket might be usefull at some point in your talk.
    I hope Stacy can tape it for us all here.

  7. Ted says:

    @ Crumpet

  8. Ted says:

    @ Crumpet
    Sounds like they work in the council dealing with planning applications….

  9. w1111am says:

    So can you just turn up at the door or is there a guest list you have to be on?

  10. yawp says:

    Holy crap guys, great job!

  11. jischinger says:

    live stream?

  12. The Beat says:

    I promise to be virtually there.

  13. Harry says:

    20 more Philharmonics on the way…

  14. Dj Rhitz says:

    Any clarification on details in order to attend would be welcome.

  15. Bruce says:

    If I don’t get to see this…

    …well you really don’t want to see me my crazy-Barclays-forex-trader routine, do you? I’ll chuck stuff. I’ll make a scene. I’ll diss you. I’ll say you haz no respect.

    I will.

  16. Flopot says:

    Fantastic. Right in the heart of darkness, Max will light up his Lantern of Reason. Well done George – he has his flaws but you cannot accuse him of lacking courage and panache.

  17. Jim says:

    If our choice in this world is between corrupt bankers or George Galloway we are already fucked beyond repair

  18. cynicalHighlander says:

    It might be broadcast here but you’ll need a UK IP address.

  19. Bandwagon says:

    Wow, make way for me – where’s the Celente geezer, that would make my day!! Oh well, just have to put up with Stacy!! hahahahahah!!

  20. jarrollin says:

    Is this in Minneapolis?

  21. eileen dublin says:

    HA HA! They gonna recruit you now? Wotcher step!

  22. Spaniard says:

    Congratulations, KeiserHerbert team. Please, carry plenty of silver with you- you shall need its bactericide properties entering such a putrid den. It is being an amazing trip watching your evolution.

  23. TheDoor says:

    Stand Up Rage in Westminster? Wouldn’t miss it for all the Ag in the world – I’ll be there!

  24. Jim says:

    Good old rapey George Galloway

  25. Peter Jennings says:

    Could have had it in the restau-rant…at the edge of the universe.

  26. Drones2TargetBanksters says:

    Telling it as it is MK at the location of the main fraud facilitating centres here in the UK should help stir the Honourable members things up even more , such a damn good idea GG and MK . No longer can the Banksters puppets claim ignorance …

    Actually I was wondering, after Max and Stacy’s move to London, how long it would be before they joined forces, albeit possible and temporarily, with top cat GG .

    I only hope there isn’t a ego clash between two of the most controversial hardest hitting broadcasting personalities in town .

    Having two of the strongest charismatic personalities sharing stage, should attract a good turnout , hopefully our honourable Westminster members will be out in force too.

    Methinks it would be more than interesting to be a fly on the wall during and after Mr Kaisers Westminster Chambers City of London educating address …

    Hopefully for all of the worldwide supporters of M&S there will be recording of this important if not momentous Westminster address.

  27. Nathan el Corochio says:

    You had me at bening Impudence!

  28. Danny Cunnington says:

    The alternative media are inside the gates! Go Max. You definitely need all this on video. It will go mega-viral. Alternative media is surging right now. Poor Teri Bhul had her site down due to hit overload as she appeared on a recent Keiser report. The same thing happens with guests on Infowars. The David Icke site has done a major upgrade because traffic is massively up.

    George Galloway has a huge following who scares the crap out of establishment parties. Now Max & Stacy stroll right into the belly of the beast at Westminster as guests of GG!

  29. Will Mossop says:

    And you associate with this moslem crank?
    Shame on you.
    Listen to his comment on this clip.
    Who are the 60,000 others? Oh they’d be the British in Britain. The REAL British not the allsorts and definitely not the moslem invader.

  30. Nat says:

    @Will Mossop

    You must be from the US? We’re not so white supremacist over here and we also know how to spell.

  31. Sweetpee says:

    I’ll definitely travel the 100 miles or so but DO WE NEED A TICKET/INVITE or do we just turn up to the filthy den of iniquity? Oh! BTW do we need any special personal protection: garlic, silver bullet, holy cross soaked in holy water or simply a gas mask?

  32. Sweetpee says:

    Oops! Silly me, of course we need the silver bullet!

  33. SandVelder says:

    Will RT view it?

  34. I_Cant_Believe_Its_Just_a_Dip says:

    Make sure someone guards the rear door at the end so they can’t make a hasty exit afterwoods, Stacy just loves to be mobbed by her biggest fans 😉

  35. Nick in Germany says:

    Only two days ago I was showing my kids George Galloway’s address to the Oxford Union ( http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOAFgXcJkZ2wH3d8BMsubZVTo2hfueP9-&feature=plcp ) and was wondering how he would get on with Max. Anyways, I was absolutely stunned at some of the ignorant questions that these supposed elite students were asking.
    Please make sure this event is recorded!

  36. Will Mossop says:

    No Nat.
    An Englishman in England.
    And if you were half as smart as you think you are you would know that is the appropriate spelling of moslem. I don’t spell it the way they want it spelt but the way the English always used to spell it you ignorant tosser.
    As for “white supremacist” by your logic anybody not a moslem like the odious traitor Galloway or opposed to the replacement of the British in Britain is a “white supremacist”. So that makes you a racist – an anti white racist since you clearly do.

  37. Harry says:

    @Max: will you explain the Keiser coin situation at this date?

  38. Toadsmoker says:

    @ Will Mossop
    Just who are these ‘REAL’ British of yours – what heritage do they need to possess to pass the test – Norman? Celt? Anglo Saxon? Norse?

  39. Harry says:

    Will there be a live stream?
    Or could someone organise one quickly? (laptop, webcam and WiFi could be enough)

  40. microhousehold says:

    An old one of the Register:

    Fukushima: Situation improving all the time


    Maybe I should compare them with The Onion

  41. Alf says:

    Ha!… finally your in max, make sure you invite Cameron/Osborne and ram
    some fuck’n economic reality down their throats….seriously, send them a
    personal invitation.
    btw…make sure you record it.

  42. Tom-Tom says:

    Mind the gap, Max.

  43. Bruce says:

    I say a prayer for:
    * quality recording devices to be present at this event
    * quality mic placement using quality mics
    * quality people in charge of said quality recording devices
    * quality uploader to upload it somewhere so that quality people may watch this quality presentation


  44. Poote says:

    In nomine patri et fili spiritu sancte.

  45. John says:

    @ M&S – Can’tg you start touring in other UK cities other than the cess pit that is London? Afterall, the majority of the UK don’t live there and are the real people that have been affected more so by the city’s sleazy practices. Your speeches are bound to rasonate more with people who don’t live in that disingenious bubble.

  46. Proxy says:


  47. swell says:

    P.M. David Cameron’s nanny state is gung-ho on stratification of society but yet he won’t deal with the financial predations within the City of London? Divide-and-conquer moral panic is going to fill the bill? Ostensibly to make it easier for parents to out-of-the-box opt in on web filters, plans show that his “voluntary” measures are almost certainly headed for “compulsory” not far down the road and coarse content is not the only target. A virtual Berlin Wall or Great firewall of China-style crucible looms to eventually lock British subjects in.

    Age apartheid, age stratification, already in the movies and elsewhere, ultimately migrates content from sexuality to violence. (In fact, let’s leave the psychological devastation that sexual repression brings, things like hate, suicide, etc., to another day) Oh, wait, violence is to be filtered out too. And hey, oh my, that pesky, pedagogic and worldly Wikipedia contains just so many open, frank, direct and straightforward matters. Why, there’s even diagrammed pictures on such articles as the one entitled, “clitoris”.

    Stratification is showing that people become obsolete. coders are sought in their twenties and by age 35 have probably learned enough about the world to prudently exclude from the job.

    Stratification. Doonesbury nails it.

  48. Harry says:

    @Bruce: Amen for quality!

  49. Bandwagon says:

    Any idea of what time it due to kick out – train up and staying hotel just up the road, not sure to take late lunch and a few sherberts or late dinner? Me and the little lady making a couple of days of it – my kids are absolutely ripping me, saying I’ve been brainwashed!! Hahahahahah, can’t wait!!

  50. Dj Rhitz says:

    I asked George Galloway’s team who said ‘turn up and tell them what your there for and they’ll let you in’ Im bringing my old man, should be fun [:

  51. Proxy says:

    @commenters: perhaps a good way to show your interest or support is to reserve some shares on piratemyfilm, I do believe someone is filming it for a production.

  52. Proxy says:

    Interesting to me that Cameron recently said, from his CBI speech, that the UK “is in the economic equivalent of war today” – and therefore the spirit of the World War II must be recreated in Whitehall. “We need to forget about crossing every ‘t’ and dotting every ‘i’ – and we need to throw everything we’ve got at winning in this global race.”

    What race would that be then? Currency by any chance? Race to the bottom..

  53. Silver Arrow says:

    I know that one or two others have asked, but will this event be webcast either live or will it be recorded for later viewing by way of a link, for those who can’t make it?

  54. Proxy says:

    @Silver Arrow
    I do know that a Pirate My Film member is due to film and produce it, subject to regulations I expect. You should check it out on piratemyfilm.com, you can also still queue for standby shares even though it is 100% funded.

  55. Harry says:

    Any updates on a livestream?

  56. Madd says:

    What a disapointment – after waiting in the rain for 40 minutes I was turned away tonight. Max’s talk over subscribed!!!!!

    George , do yourself a favour – get a better event planner!!!!!!!

    Seriously pissed.

  57. Flopot says:


    Sorry you missed it. Wish I was back in London – would have tried to attend myself. Anyhow, cheer up for I am sure a vid will be posted 😀

  58. Michael says:

    Yeah, you, me and a whole ramp full of people. Wasn’t raining that hard though, come on.

  59. mORGANICo says:

    Great talk Max and Gorgeous George- i put a photo of you mid speech at the tail end of my street art/graff blog from today http://morganico.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/more-freestyling-at-stockwell-paint-pit.html

  60. Bandwagon says:

    Got in last night, good to see the 3 in the flesh – not to sure about some questioning, bit tame,,

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