The Rolling Stones clearly spend a lot of time in hotel rooms watching Keiser Report

Stacy Summary: Watch their latest music video all the way through and you’ll see what I mean . . .

22 comments on “The Rolling Stones clearly spend a lot of time in hotel rooms watching Keiser Report
  1. Crumpet_Muncher says:

    Is that Noomi Rapace in it? She’s a little minx.

  2. Alf says:

    Doom and Gloom…obviously dedicated to this miserable bastard…

  3. David Liberty says:

    The band has been together for 50 years … Got their finger on the pulse for sure.

  4. Crumpet_Muncher says:

    I see silver skulls in it too. Oooooh, must be Illuminati. Who’d have thunk it.

  5. ptah says:

    The Stones have a track record for social commentary – check undercover of the night and its commentry on Pinochets’ Chile. It has skulls too!

  6. PalantĂ­r says:

    Lyric of the song “Doom And Gloom” of Rolling Stones

    I had a dream last night that I was piloting a plane
    And all the passengers were drunk and insane
    I crash landed in a Louisiana swamp
    Shut up a horde of zombies but I come out on top.

    What’s it about?
    I guess it just reflects my mood
    Sitting in the dirt
    Feeling kind of hurt.

    All I hear is doom and gloom
    All is darkness in my room.
    Through the light your face I see
    Baby take a chance
    Baby won’t you dance with me.

    Lost all the treasure in an overseas war
    It just goes to show you don’t get what you paid for
    Care about the rich and worrying about the poor
    Put the feet up on the couch and lock all the doors
    Hear a funky noise tightening of the screens
    Feeling kind of hurt
    Sitting in the dirt.

    All I hear is doom and gloom
    But when those drums go boom boom boom
    Through the night your face I see
    Baby take a chance
    Baby won’t you dance with me
    Baby won’t you dance with me.
    Ah Yeah!

    Fracking deep for oil there’s nothing in the sump
    There’s kids all picking at the garbage dump
    I am running out of water so I better prime the pump
    I am trying to stay sober but I end up drunk.

    We’ll be eating dirt living on the side of the road
    There’s some food for thought kind of makes your head explode
    Felling kind of hurt.

    All I hear is doom and gloom
    All is darkness in my room
    Through the night your face I see
    Baby come on
    Baby won’t you dance with me
    Baby won’t you dance with me
    Feeling kind of hurt
    Baby won’t you dance with me
    Ah Yeah!
    Come on
    Dance with me
    Sitting in the dirt
    Baby won’t you dance with me

  7. Kevin Eshbach says:

    And they did a shout out to Dr Marc Faber.

  8. The Ricard says:

    Forget the stones – the lyrics to this track are fathoms-deep. From the surveillance society, the financial system and all points inbetween – Homeboy Sandman – “Illuminati”
    Not your ignorant mainstream Rap rubbish.

  9. jischinger says:

    truth be told, the stones outlived the twinkie

  10. Randyrocker says:

    Hi Yo Silver Away! When it Rains It Rains Pennies From Heaven. Soup Kitchens a coming.

    Them Dead Presidents by Little Walter written by Willie Dixon

    Them dead presidents
    Well I ain’t broke but I’m badly bent
    Everybody loves them dead presidents

    A little bit of Lincoln can’t park the car
    Washington he can’t go too far
    Jefferson is good, played the track
    If you think you’re gonna bring some big bitch back

    Them dead presidents…

    Hamilton on a ten can get you straight
    But Jackson on a twenty is really great
    And if you’re talkin about a poor man’s friend
    Grant will get you out of whatever you’re in

    Them dead presidents…

    [harp solo]

    A hundred dollar Franklin is really sweet
    A five hundred McKinley is the one for me
    If I get a Cleveland I’m really set
    A thousand dollar Cleveland is hard to get

    Them dead presidents…

    [harp solo to fade]

  11. Talcott says:


    Thx for the link, Homeboy sandmans video has 177 likes and 301 views…google counting…heh.

  12. Jeremy says:

    WTF?. You just put me through 3+ mins of torture, and still- 1) I dont know what your on about. 2) Can’t make out a word he says and I’v O level English .
    Do you have to be on acid to understand it?
    I much prefer foreign metal, like Nonpoint foundation & Sepultura. Also Megadeth.
    Lyrics are so patronising. Ignorance is bliss, just ask david ca moron.
    But, you’ve made me $80 in 10 days, I love you Max

  13. stephen says:

    the rolling stones are around a long time for the same reason the sports agenda has been around…To keep people distracted from the truth…The rolling stones are nothing but an agenda of the globalists….When you find a good musician, or musical group that tells the truth, they are destroyed immediately…How Pink Floyd got more popular than the stones is a bit of a mystery, except that the globalists think most people do not understand how true and deep their lyrics are. As a musician and truth seeker and researcher, this video is a waste of time and I feel bad that I even took the bait. The rolling stones are a globalists, central bankers, best friend.

  14. Sir David Rottentrousers says:

    Not a bad song but aging rock stars repulse me.

    Just as the athlete, rock stars need to know when to call it quits. There’s a shelf-life for everything.

  15. stephen says:

    And to add…take a look at rolling stones “sympathy with the devil”…they admit to be satanists, along with the satan skull rings etc… And even more? I have never took max keisers advice, I did my own homework and have actually done better as I look at Max’s history.. For max to come out and say things that are obvious, with a little research, well, I am not impressed…..Altho, I will not miss a show that he does on tues, thursday, and saturday I think….He surely is a celebrity. And I dont miss a show. I am just saying that my own research, and what I have done with my finances, are better than what max said to do…He is just better at being a celebrity than I am.

  16. Flopot says:

    I enjoyed that.

  17. silvertooth says:

    Stephen, you are a big Jealous Blowhard!

  18. Bruce says:

    If they did watch the Keiser Report, I’d be surprised; nearly all celebrities are as dumb as bricks. Or to be more accurate…uninformed.

    They are mostly unaffected and simply don’t have the desire or the need or want to put the pieces together; unless it comes to declining record sales; then something may be said and they may go into a hissy-fit and talk about world issues.

    I doubt any one of them has put the pieces together (because they don’t have to). “Oh we have another gig with the president? Cool.” “Oh so-and-so wants us to do a video for them? Cool.” “Oh, this would make a good photo-op”, etc.

    All that said, let them rock until they drop. But saying these guys watch KR would be a stretch, I think.

    Rich celebrities are nearly always the last to wake up. Credit to them for still making music and putting something pseudo-confrontational out though.

    I still remember them greeting El Presidente in the Argentinian Collapse video….

  19. Bruce says:

    jischinger | November 26, 2012 at 11:41 pm |
    truth be told, the stones outlived the twinkie

  20. Youri Carma says:

    Wur Doomed, Entombed & Marooned…

  21. Flopot says:


    And it is a damn good opening line for a song!

    “truth be told, the stones outlived the twinkie”