Stimulating The Public Sector, Suffocating the Private Sector: A French Dichotomy

Moody’s, when it stripped France off its AAA rating, had a laundry list of laments that were a reflection of the awful details seeping from every crack of France’s picturesque veneer: relentlessly rising unemployment, decling production and orders, collapsing automobile sales, plunging home sales…. You’d think France is in a depression. Yet, third quarter GDP edged up by 0.2%. What gives?

Read…. Stimulating The Public Sector, Suffocating the Private Sector: A French Dichotomy.

8 comments on “Stimulating The Public Sector, Suffocating the Private Sector: A French Dichotomy
  1. Marc Authier says:

    So does USA by the way. It is not just a french disease today. Check what is happening in Washington. Quite similar. Hollande is bankster puttet scumbag like all these pseudo-socialists in Europe.

  2. Bruce says:

    France will be in a real depression when one or more of its many nuclear plants and waste sites goes south. It will put all these pseudo-depressions into perspective.

    From September.
    Risk of radioactive leak after deadly explosion at French nuclear plant – Telegraph

  3. Bruce says:

    ” France Telecom was privatized in 1998, but the government still owns 27% and gets to appoint the CEO. “
    This might explain tales of why I hear tales of nothing getting done when you contact France Telecom 😉

  4. Spaniard says:

    France, like the UK, has yet to scale down many of its imperial overreaching structures of power, its maniacal nuclear scheme and its welfare suicide. Not only will France not do so, but it is actually trying to strengthen its dimmed influence in the Mediterranean region (Libya, Syria, Tunis, Algeria, Morocco), it is planning new nuclear plants and it is doubling the debt dose of its social security system.

  5. Aaron Bosse says:

    Check out my silver position!

  6. Flopot says:

    I thought Moody’s was a bankster shill operation, i.e. surely there is more to this than a criticism of French competitiveness. Currency wars and all that.

  7. The Dork of Cork says:

    Its the rail and tram fixed capital investment which is keeping it afloat – even in real terms its as big if not bigger then the nuclear investment of the 70s or 80s although less effective then power plant substitution as oil is so very difficult to replace.

    Their will be 3 tram extensions in Paris alone before christmas , 2 are operational already.

    www. youtube .com / watch? v = UeQUOTAU7oI

    Lyon T5 got going the other day…………….

    All these construction projects add up ……………..