Source: Deutsche Bank Fulfilled Recent Gold Repatriation Request With Tungsten Salted Gold

An Austrian banking source has reportedly claimed that Deutsche Bank ‘fulfilled’ one gold repatriation in recent years with the help of Tungsten and further claims that the tungsten salted gold bars have turned up in Asia.

In 2009, Rob Kirby first uncovered detailed information regarding a massive plot to replace 400 oz good delivery gold bars with highly sophisticated tungsten filled fakes– and even provided evidence that the bars had been swapped with the gold held at Fort Knox.

Widely scoffed at by the financial media in 2009, Kirby appears to have released a Pulitzer worthy story nearly half a decade ahead of its time, as if the Austrian source’s claims are true and Deutsche Bank has in fact fulfilled a recent gold repatriation request with gold plated tungsten, the ramifications are that not only is every single claim made by GATA regarding gold and silver manipulation are 100% accurate, but that real, physical metal is now in desperately short supply and the jig is nearly up for the bullion bank cartel.

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16 comments on “Source: Deutsche Bank Fulfilled Recent Gold Repatriation Request With Tungsten Salted Gold
  1. Gold-dang !!!
    Max Keiser, this is gotta be just scratching the surface- I bet you a kilo of gold that this is not the only major bank to deal out welding gold…and in the future we’ll find out a lot more tungsten-filled gold is out there, being used to collatorize loans etc.

    Think silver is safest- at least that hasn’t been contaminated yet, and with the potential for more gold to be found contaminated, silver prices could climb very suddenly if the real gold supply currently available is found to be a lot less than the books show…

  2. ronron says:


  3. Uncle Ben and Cousin Timmy say Du German Tungsten oop’s I mean Gold an the NY FED meets “Good Delivery” status in every way …. no need to audit Du German Tungsten opp’s I mean Gold at the NY FED, as Uncle Ben’s word is better than Gold!.

  4. fukidontknow says:

    silver flash crash and recovery happened today caught here

  5. Steven says:

    Since silver is rarer than gold when it comes to the above ground bullion supply I think the flight to safty from gold to silver ought to make the silver price go thermonuclear.
    The reason being that it is rare and real where as gold is more abundant relative to silver. The good stuff is likely to be in strong hands and any thing offered for sale might be expensive tungsten in a gold wrapper. The take over price of silver ought to be extreme either in fiat or buying power.

  6. harry says:

    Bullish! (for gold, lead and tungsten)

  7. Put Your Hands Up says:

    Yup, it’s all gone, it got stolen. Probably by the same mysterious unknown characters you made off with all that MF Global cash.
    But you know what that means don’t you? All the gold and silver you own is stolen property and you’ll have to give it back. It’s no different than if you inadvertently buy a stolen bike, you’d have to give that back too, right? Or go to jail is you don’t.
    I know that it ain’t right but might does make it so. Now start empting your pockets.

  8. Danny Cunnington says:

    @Fuckidontknow, It’s a bankster shake down. They crash the price to trigger what are known as automatic stop loss mechanisms for a few minutes. Then the banksters computer buys them all up and then they cover it all up.

    Why? Because at this time of year a lot of people want to hold contract to collect metal in the next delivery month. The banksters just perpetuate the paper for paper scam or another option is to dump all the contracts onto the market at the same time causing the price to correct sharply downward.

  9. Flopot says:

    To quote a comment from the linked site…

    “phony gold, phony loans, phony documents, phony derivatives, phony accounting. The whole thing is built on a web of lies.”

    Fascinating article. Thx for linking.

  10. Flopot says:

    You guys probably know this already but I’m a newcomer so…

    Ultra-sonic testing…

    And here is a link to an older ZH article, worth relinking because of this quote…

    “So two documented incidents in two years: isolated? Or indication of the same phenomonenon of precious metal debasement that marked the declining phase of the Roman empire.

    Paranoid question – is there a way of literally “salting” gold bars – i.e. mixing the gold with a fine grain powder of tungsten. Something that even ultra-sonic testing will not detect?

  11. Nak says:

    3D printers! Maybe the next big gadget is a smelting machine. You insert your gold into the machine and when the gold is in its liquid form the machine and you can verify its purity and then you can mint them into a denomination of your choice.

  12. ronron says:

    gordon brown got a lot of cash for that tungsten. oh fuck.

  13. Bill says:

    Maybe the spot price of gold is for a tungsten bar plated with gold.

  14. Bruce says:

    Tungsten really needs some love

    Tungsten – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    I’m still amazed they can isolate elements, and Tungsten was isolated in 1873. How do they do it? What makes an element an element and provable as being an element?

    If it were up to me, I’d call WOOD an element. SKY an element.
    etc, etc.

    Tungsten is quite an amazing metal; nobody should feel shortchanged. Except of course if you were expecting gold 🙂

    In a perfect world, tungsten would hire a good PR firm to make the price go higher and to make its paper price go higher 🙂

  15. Bruce says:

    no, typo there. Tungsten was isolated in 1783.

    Get that around your heads.
    In 1783, my ancestors must have been on the land, calling SUN an element.

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