Sacrificing The Will Of The People On The Altar of The Euro

The Eurozone debt crisis is exacting its toll. Convoluted undemocratic taxpayer-funded bailouts of bondholders and banks designed to keep the Eurozone together can’t kick the can down the road far enough. But the price has been huge, and people have expressed their anger in massive protests. Now, these efforts are also tearing up the fabric of the 27-member European Union: the first one out may be the UK.

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10 comments on “Sacrificing The Will Of The People On The Altar of The Euro
  1. The Dork of Cork says:

    In Cork city tonight drinking a few pints……………

    I must say I have never seen it so quiet – there is simply almost no medium of exchange now.

    Very weird stuff.

  2. Not very vigilant says:

    If the Greeks had a referendum tomorrow on the Euro. They would still vote to stay in it.

    That’s the level of delusion they are under.

  3. trooper dave says:

    The people in power and their puppet minions the politicians DO NOT CARE about people. They look on the masses as their property to do with as they will. Relocate, bend, abandon, sacrifice. These are all action done by the controllers to a commodity, the people. Does a fire tender care about the poker as they stoke a fire, no.
    To the elite you are at best a slave, and at worst an inconvenience.

  4. eileen dublin says:

    Social democrats setto be next german govt especially in concert with bundesbank.
    German people waking up . I believe they may tell the banks to take a hike.
    ‘But Mr Weidmann indicated the lesson learned was not one of solidarity with Ireland, but how unstable financial feedback in one “non panic-proof” national banking sector had the potential to burden taxpayers in all euro countries.

    For Mr Weidmann, keeping alive expectations of pooled legacy debt was detrimental to essential bank restructuring as interested parties would hold out for a better deal in the banking union.

    In his address yesterday, Mr Weidmann also backed the proposal by Germany’s opposition Social Democrat to set up a bank-financed rescue fund.

    “This could cover in large part the cost of a wind-up or restructuring,” he said.

    “The taxpayers would only be drawn on if the fund risks being overwhelmed.”

  5. H DALRYMPLE says:

    HMRC covering up massive mortgage fraud to save UK banks from exploding and infecting euro all this with State approval ! Revenue for over 20yrs have NOT required individuals to declare borrowring on annual tax return as it would expose repayment source. ASK HMRC why they don’t want to know !

  6. trooper dave says:

    @What me worry? Point out to people that the debt based money system essentially makes them slaves and they put their fingers in their ears and start la la-ing, Show them the big picture that in the world system they are simply livestock then they run away screaming “not listening, not listening” As freedomainradio states that fear is used as a control, the confrontation of such a concept is SO SCARY to people that they will turn away and refuse to even acknowledge such information.
    I notice many comments on youtube simply dismiss the concept with “you don’t tell us what to do instead”. Are there so many people out there that simply can not make decisions on their own.

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