Prime minister of Turkey suggests returning to gold standard

14 comments on “Prime minister of Turkey suggests returning to gold standard
  1. Andy says:

    Hi Max,
    Love your work.
    I’ve recorded a song called “Crack Up Boom”.
    Wonder if you’d like to:
    A.Take a listen.
    B. Let me use a short clip of you in full flow at the start of the tune.
    Haven’t researched what particular bit yet.
    Let me know your thoughts.



  2. Gregers Werle says:

    Seeing that the IMF’s only goal is to keep the $ reserve status afloat, I fail to see where they can find the compromise of going on a ‘gold’ reserve AND continue its post BW hegemony.

  3. Ray in Vancouver says:

    Apparently when you raise taxes on the 1% the economy booms. Which makes sense as you unlock locked up cash and what other way will unlock it?

    It will always flow to the top, but now and again you need to flush the toilet.

  4. Goldman Sucks says:

    “but now and again you need to flush the toilet”

    You certainly do, sir, as right now there is a massive dirty great jobbie stuck in ours in the UK.

  5. And Merkel says Germany can go on the Tungsten opp’s I mean Gold standard too once Uncle Ben and Cousin Timmy start shipping Germany’s Tungsten opp’s I mean Gold back to Du Motherland.

  6. BankingThiefs says:

    The IMF is a way to bailout bondholders (read banks) and stick the taxpayer with the debt, while at the same time forcing the breakup of nationalized industries.

  7. Bruce says:

    I suggest (wholemeal) Turkish bread.

  8. JosephConrad says:

    Arrogant, Violent, Gredy U.S. & E.U. would be in a real bind. They’d have to stop stealing from each other so as to fight over what they’ve stolen!

  9. Hegelian Dialectic says:

    Ok. So, when do we attack?

  10. ZORRO - London says:

    Oh dear, history has shown us that any leader that threatens $$ fiat supremacy might as well have placed a target on his back as far as the powers that be are concerned.

    But it demonstrates the growing collapse in confidence in the $$ is spreading faster than an elephants fart!

    Turkey supplies more troops to NATO than any other nation, and has been the secular bulwark against the spread of fundementalist islam.

    Any fool contemplating destabilising Turkey, is truly playing with fire.

    But then, the satanist worshiping loonatics who run the show at the moment, love death and destruction and human misery. Hard for any normal person to conceive, they actually get a hard on for it.

    And as we all know……….its all about confidence.

    Once these Armani suited Technocrat Gauliters are exposed for being the truly sick perverts and child aabusers that the are, they wont last very long at the hands of the 99.9%.


  11. The Dork of Cork says:

    Turkey would run out of Gold within months……………..

    Have you seen how much diesel it burns ?

  12. Febo says:

    We never did find out what happened after that Mexican gentleman and Max went over to Athens to push silver.
    A Greek-Turkish precious metals axis would be interesting.
    If Jim Rickards and others are right about “currency wars” then please explain why none of the little/left-out countries, or even Iran have not gone this way ages ago? If you can’t answer that then what are we to conclude?
    I heard that Gaddaffi was ruminating on an african gold backed currency but no one has really pushed this story – they just keep droning on about Brown’s Bottom. An African gold backed currency seems like a suberb move for rebalancing the globe.
    Just watch this documentary on the role of land reform in keeping Africa poor:

    I mean if we are morally superior to our corrupt elite surely we’d want to do something like give Africa a fair cut first.

  13. ZORRO - London says:

    @ The Dork Of Cork

    Speak to any ordinary Turk, they may well be (per capita) the greatest gold bugs on the planet. Thats if they want to tell you? Who knows if the Turkish PM is trying to access all that gold amongst the population?

  14. Danny Cunnington says:

    Notice where the Turkish PM made these comments. Indonesia. Indonesia is a very large holder of off-market gold. It’s pretty clear to me that an alternative Asian trade settlement system is being built under the radar which will have a strong gold element. The Turkish PM has probably been taken on a tour.

    Of course no one will see this new system until the Dollar system breaks down because no one wants to be blamed for crashing the present system. If they bring it out before the Dollar breakdown they will be seen as saboteurs. However if they bring it out straight after they will be seen as saviours and have the moral high ground of having no alternative. They might even bail out the US military bases with emergency loans making the threat of military attack pretty much impossible. (That would be very smart and even not too expensive as they are just covering running costs.).

    Asia have always been the biggest holders of legacy gold and they are buying every bit of gold on the world market they can get their hands on. At the end of the day the golden rule applies as in whoever has the gold makes the rules.

    When the UST bond bubble blows the gold bubble will begin. Whoever ends up with the biggest real physical holding either as one nation or a block of nations like Asia will run the new system.

    According to every historical example, no unbacked fait currency that suffers a rejection due to lack of confidence has ever had confidence restored with anything other than precious metals at least as the collateral of last resort.

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