Owen Jones BBC Question Time (Gaza)

When I pointed out that it was Israel that had broken the ceasefire, and asked which people would tolerate decades of occupation, siege and illegal settlements, it was hugely appreciated by the audience – simply because it was a widespread view that no mainstream politician had attempted to articulate. In a frustratingly curtailed debate on welfare with Duncan-Smith, I found myself despairing that I was being forced to do what the Labour leadership was still failing to do. Opposition, I think they call it.

Indeed, on the key questions of our time, many senior politicians are at one. They are committed to devastating cuts, differing only on degree and timing. They believe in the supremacy of market economics, including allowing private profiteers to make a fast buck out of our public services. They oppose challenging the supremacy of the City, or making Britain’s booming wealthy pay a significantly higher share of tax. Mission, belief and passion have been stripped from politics so that – even at a time of crisis – it risks becoming a bland managerial contest. Instead we have politicians with “values” such as “fairness”. Who ever campaigned for unfairness?

24 comments on “Owen Jones BBC Question Time (Gaza)
  1. Jayme says:

    Strong, well articulated statement. It is good to see young people with well considered and effective reasoning.

  2. lukeboshier says:

    “there’s no country on earth that would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside it’s borders.” Obama Nov 18 2012
    i have one word- Libya!

  3. Alf says:

    Fantastic Owen Jones…finally, we have someone speaking-out and representing
    a genuine view of ordinary British working people. I agree with every word of
    that article, ordinary working people feel they have no real political representation
    anymore, the same can be said for most other EU countries and as we see the gap
    between rich and poor grow Euro-wide we also see the growing disillusionment
    with our so-called leaders.
    btw… @Max try and get Owen on the show, he’ll be fantastic.

  4. Flopot says:


    Yes, he would make a brilliant guest.

  5. Flopot says:

    PS the stony-faced response from the other members of the panel is frightening. Reptiles as metaphor is not so far off the mark.

  6. Zoltan Rostas says:

    Why don’t more people come out and point out these obvious facts about Gaza?
    Well done!

  7. john in cheshire says:

    Typical Israelophobia. Why are people like Mr Jones allowed out unsupervised.

  8. nama rama says:

    Good stuff!

  9. Peter Hill says:

    Bravo for the BBC! If only such views could be spoken–even whispered–in the American mass media we might have different policies coming out of Washington.

  10. Mark Frost says:

    Excellent debate and delivery by Owen Jones. The awkward-passive faces of the others were both bizarre but expected. People need to be informed about Israeli terrorism in the form of the Irgun, Stern Gang and so on. People need educating about the King David Hotel bombing, for instance… and then some enlightenment about the reality of Gaza. When people start to recognise Israel as the aggressor that it is, then we will see more willingness to realise the truth maybe.

  11. swell says:

    Excerpted from Cryptome [an extrapolated mission statement?]:

    [MIT QUESTION]: What is the ideal outcome of the release of a set of documents for Cryptome?

    [CRYPTOME ANSWER]: That many other persons will disclose sensitive and informative documents and other forms of publicly accessible, non-secret information: video, recordings, images, talks, conversations, whisperings, singing, yodeling, drum beating, sign language, body gestures, dance, paintings, drawings, sculpture, graffiti, samizdats, leaflets, protests, insults, fist fights, traffic blockage, defiance of all open and secret forms of authority in unexpected and unprecedented ways, again and again, neverending, alone and in cooperation with another, with groups, with crowds, with mobs, with militants and angry suburbanites and workers, with anybody with a grief unanswered, avoiding leaders of all stripes, and bosses and organizers and funders and leeches and exploiters and ideologues of self-serving deviousness, in particular those with with socio-economo-political agendas concealed by lying promises, secrecy and backed by backroom out-of-sight shenanigans and the deadly force always required by authority to screw the public. And a lot more coming and growing and getting wilder along those lines which have been around since humans rose from the slime to brain-wave means and methods to dominate and cheat kept in check only by those willing to reduce the dominators to pulp manure.

  12. swell says:

    12-year-old Israeli dancer Gaya Bommer‘s interpretation:


  13. Wolferl says:

    That Jones guy is an child abusing moron. If you have no real argument you use a dead child. Disgusting. But it seems you get a lot of “friends” that way.

  14. Sir Halibut says:

    he will never be seen on the BBC ever, ever, ever again!

  15. Håvard says:

    Aaaaah, it is so satisfying to hear the truth be told (even if it is a mistake) in the mainstream BBC media bubble. We need people like him that get up to the level of corrupt mainstream media of hoes so that the message will be spread. Obviously he can get in a lot of trouble because he criticises the Israeli Mafia in this program, but then we should support him and give him the possibility to continue his work. And we should also throw him of the wagon when he get so annoying to the Israeli Mafia that his life is in danger.

  16. trooper dave says:

    The blank faces of the other panelist show you that they are scripted robot actors. The information that OJ spoke did not comply with the instructions that the other guests had programmed into them so they sat there blank unable to digest this.
    I wouldn’t be surprized if this wasn’t a shot by the bbc at the establishment as the kiddie porn rings have been exposed. Probably a message to TPTB to sweep the savil thing away or the “mouth piece” bbc will start to inform the public of the truth. It could well have been a small visual show of a power struggle between different factions in the groups that have and manipulate power.

  17. That’s the first time I’ve seen an audience applaud like that with numbers in the majority. Usually, Israel is supported.

  18. They should be called the MMC not the BBC,
    “Meme Management Corporation”
    Look elsewhere for actual news!

  19. @CasperJames says:

    Owen needs more air-time.. Max you have to get this guy on the show!

    Unified as a single force, we can slaughter this apocalyptic horse in a world that’s yours. We are reminders of respect that expression can mean honesty when honesty’s expressed. If instead of injustice we remain unflustered and say that just is the way creatures draw breath. I can only suggest we all escape, open the cage as a phoenix of change, modern day arcane saints that tear through webs of rape spun by spiders of legislation. Updates become decorations of deceit while crippling regulations are passed secretly in seats, the vail has been dropped, low and behold behind its screen is a pig with a trough feeding on gold. Daily tabloid sheets print dross yesterday’s inbox forgot, tomorrow is the same but dressed differently to shock. Clandestine agendas are doomed to fail, the revolution shall prevail!

  20. Febo says:

    In the latest TAM Stacy and Max ask what to do next after the houses of Parilament thing.
    The answer is obvious – a live 1 hour chatshow with strong audience participation. We need to break the awful stanglehold of Question Time.
    With comedians and sketches – its a wide open field to satirise the financial news.
    The time for “guests” is over. We need to see audiences participating in these debates. Max says Rise Up – well, you have to get people physically together for that.

  21. Flopot says:


    MMC. Indeed!

  22. Goldman Sucks says:

    “That Jones guy is an child abusing moron. If you have no real argument you use a dead child. Disgusting. But it seems you get a lot of “friends” that way.”

    Actually I would say that ad hominem is what most people resort to when they don’t have any reasonable counterarguments to make. Child abusing moron? Really?

    I see you have selective hearing. What I heard was a number of facts presented, one of which contained a reference to a dead child. Most people would except this as a real argument.

  23. marshall says:

    @ john in cheshire……. And I’m sure you, “Wolferl” and your like are just the type of individuals who would quickly impose such supervising !

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