On the Edge with Rick Ackerman

Our best interview yet with Rick Ackerman.

13 comments on “On the Edge with Rick Ackerman
  1. trooper dave says:

    Links for the latest few editions of On the edge should be kept……on the edge. Like the listing for the Keiser Report, down the right hand edge of this site.

  2. r says:

    China and Taiwan knew that the risk of regional war( between China and Japan etc) is high probability should China challenges the $ world default currency status. To look at the U.S military worldwide arrangement and rearrangement one can see China and S. Asia pacific region are becoming more and more of the priority. Lots of crazy stuffs will happen in that region during this century. U.S military’s presence over there is a must. Why? The China’s neighboring countries all asking for the U.S involvement and protection, especially Japan and S. Korea. Now adding Vietnam, Singapore, The Philippines. etc etc because no one trusts China beside fearful of China. That’s why the $ is back by the U.S military and all other good things the U.S have. The U.S.A is still the leader of the world wether Americans want it or not. If the world can vote to select a world leader, the U.S.A for sure will get more than 50% of the world’s votes.

    So never underestimate the strength of the U.S.A. Yes there are lots of problems. But who doesn’t have lots of problems? China certainly just have as much if not more. Europe is having more problems now because their civilization and their civilized good societies which built over hundreds of years are being breaking down one by one, while China and many of the developing nations are trying to build their own society like those of the the Europeans or the American’s ironically.

  3. Bruce says:

    good interview.
    Gotta love the 23+ minute interviews on On The Edge.

    jobs coming back to the US due to it being competitive with labour just blows my mind, but it’s possible. I don’t think the “designed in California. Made In China” thing is sustainable. Not for any country really. We can’t just export labour like that long-term. If nothing else, the huge environmental and human costs can’t go on forever.

    I’ve already noticed this being the case with prices on several items I normally look at; they have gone up from US-based stores.

    Central banks being net buyers of gold: some people even question this; when it comes to banking, who knows what’s going on. I don’t trust them when they publically announce gold going higher.

    Mitt Romney charging China as a currency manipulator. We should charge all politicians with being public manipulators.

    17:28 – 17:57
    “…if you priced oil in gold, the market for oil would disappear”
    Very interesting point.

    Swiss franc talk was interesting, though I understand very little about additional costs involved in devaluing it (92%)?

    22:33 – 22:46
    🙁 yep, and that is the major problem

  4. Bruce says:

    ” If the world can vote to select a world leader, the U.S.A for sure will get more than 50% of the world’s votes.”
    I’d be putting my hand up for no world leader. A leader today means nothing more than being the biggest bully on the block; there are no leadership qualities here. The only leading I see is debt and death and maybe ‘leading’ the masses over the proverbial cliff.

    Of course the USA is not the only country doing it, but when you spend more on the military than the rest of the world combined, you know something’s not right.

    Killing Hope – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Killing Hope: US Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II

  5. r says:


    The U.S military is not supported by GDP or such. It’s supported by the ability to print money which the world accept. As long as the world want the U.S to be the world’s police Man, the condition for them to be protected is that they must accept the U.S Dollar. So there isn’t problem for the Dollar’s world default currency status any time soon. Of course the party will end. The question is WHEN. And the “WHEN” can well be 10, 20, 50, 100 years and so on. Most likely many of us won’t be able to the see the EngGame.

    Bob Champman for example, was gone for a while without seeing the end. And so won’t Mar Fabre and the like mostly likely.

  6. r says:


    The Swiss and the Norwegians are rich but so what? They can’t even protect their wealth should dispute or war erupt because they don’t have the military power. If you can’t protect what you the trillions you got it’s not yours. China learned the lesson so China now are building up their military power to match with their wealth for Chinese wealth protection.

  7. Bruce says:

    what is the point of protecting what you have when the masses are being bled dry by their very own govs in broad daylight?

    Theft is theft is theft.
    (and that includes massive environmental damage/poisonings)

  8. Vonda Bra says:

    @ Bruce | November 17, 2012 at 10:45 pm |
    @ r | November 17, 2012 at 10:07 pm |

    I agree, Bruce!

    btw, every swiss household is fully armed! … but the swiss people have been just as blinded and fooled by their submissive govt., thats right! (pegging their CHF to the Euro ??? – we will have to see, how long thats even possible to be upheld? …..)
    They have been destroying completely any trust of investors as the so called “safe haven of centuries” for years now … (?) … and given in to EUDSSR completely …
    given up on their long standing autonomy .. very hard to comprehend .. a transfer picture of what they once stood for, for so long …..
    in case the Euro could survive somehow (?) .. a traceable move, but how could this ever happen, with the Euro being 60% Dollar based ????
    well, I certainly dunno! OTOH I cannot believe, the swiss, would totally surrender .. if there would not be something behind this, but that at least I, simply cannot look through yet. 😉

    BUT the people, at least, ….every household, are fully armed!!!! … and capable to withstand any eruptions if necessary … if they even get it! 🙂

    and btw, the Norwegians will, one fine day, also have a “wake up-moment” too, with their oil-based pension funds (!) … this will be an issue at one time too!
    don´t know about their self-defense abilities though ? ….

    well, anyways …

  9. John Robb says:

    Ackerman’s analytical skill is in the same league as Kirby’s. Highlights for me here are Ackerman’s interpretation of Chinese perspective and his simple take and description of what defines the dollar…

  10. jarrollin says:

    This guy is really a Summa Cum Laude guest. He has an interesting personality; unlike some of your more cerebral, I dare say nerdy, guests — this fella seems like a broken down alpha male. Yet he’s one who had a lot of intelligence to fall back on. This intelligence is near sage when combined with his firsthand experience.

    Most intriguing statement, I say, was where he said China doesn’t care about being a financial power. They want to be an economic power. I take that to mean, they don’t care about smoke and mirrors. They want the real substance. America and the Europe will continue to play these ridiculous smoke and mirrors games, until there are no more alternatives.

  11. r says:

    Ackerman mistaken that China don’t care about being a financial superpower only a economic superpower. I listen to Chinese talk show all the time talking about internationalization of RMB all day all night almost to the point of obsession. . They do really really care very very much about being a financial superpower. They want RMB to be a world currency and want it to be at the same level at least as the U.S $. You can’t do that without being a financial super power. And they understand in order to make a powerful military China must be able to print RMB which will be accepted worldwide.

    However China want to be both economic and financial superpower. China has great ambition that’w why small countries around China are very afraid.

  12. Ken Barrows says:

    Did I hear 125 million “skilled” jobs needed over the past 10 years? For the USA or the world? I don’t know what “skilled” is, but it seems Milken got this number from Candyland.

  13. snoop diddy says:

    if only there was some way to put this great interview at the top of the page and keep it there for a while… oh well.

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