On the Edge with Gregor Macdonald

We interview Gregor Macdonald of Gregor.us

8 comments on “On the Edge with Gregor Macdonald
  1. Mother Earth says:

    Haha 😉 Yes, now that big oil can’t cut it anymore we are at a loss, no future for anyone, no cars OMG..but strangely 5900 times the energy we needed to have all these things drops in our lap on a daily basis. If humanity doesn’t use it, the next evolutionary shift will be wondering what the fuck was wrong with us!

  2. swell says:

    Natural gas is under-priced. Its price might even be thought of as already utilizing newly discovered invisibility cloaking technology, as costs of externalities are largely hidden from view. The word “decimated” is frequently misused, meaning “reduced by ten per cent”. Fracking devastates ground water supplies, as but one of those costs. (That’s “devastates”, not merely “decimates”.) Another enormous cost is the irrecoverable loss of helium, which constitutes an imperative/critical resource in future technology.


  3. The Dork of Cork. says:

    If you remember that Southern French rural , inter village train line that I was talking about earlier in the year (they closed the line in July)
    Well the replacement bus route is now suspended…………..


    I really can’t see much wrong with the domestic French economy other then a very serious lack of Francs.

    As the neo – liberal era polices of the 80s can be still be reversed quite easily (with the will) unlike countries such as the UK which is much further down this road.

    The Euro boys obviously wish to rob all former nation states of domestic currency which made their internal commerce functional and thus more redundant and resilient to outside input shocks.

    Who can not say now the European experiment is the greatest market state conspiracy in the history of mankind ? (only Yanis Imagine)
    French market towns were once the backbone of France.
    Now what the hell are they ?
    More conduits for the now international corporate fascist super state I imagine

  4. The Dork of Cork. says:

    Market towns be it in France or Ireland need a organic domestic (taxable) currency system.
    i.e a viable means of exchange that will not contract (it does not need to be a store of value)


  5. jarrollin says:

    Definitely more nuanced and specific than James Howard Kunstler… Not that I don’t like JHK. I do. But he seems to love to just tee off on stuff. He combines peak oil, architecture, his so-called techno-narcissism, politics, witchcraft and NASCAR in the same pot; mixes it up. Then says what a disgusting pot of stuff it is. Really, he’s the one partly responsible for creating it. You really get no specifics from him, just a cloudy picture. This interview is the antidote for that. Then again, I’ll be reading Kunstler when he comes out with a new blog on Monday. Oh well…

  6. jarrollin says:

    @ swell Thanks for setting people straight on the word decimate. But I somehow think the larger society will still use it to mean devastate. They’ll probably also continue to use “allegedly” to mean supposedly. They’ll also use “surreal” to mean weird stuff that is, well, intense and weird. They’ll almost always precede it with the word almost, to hedge the fact that they don’t really know the definition of surreal. On the same topic, they’ll use “irony” to mean, well, weird. They’ll use metaphor to mean any comment that has the slightest image or piece of an analogy etc. They’ll pat themselves on the back, referring to themselves as “being metaphorical.”
    They have not just decimated the language. They’ve devastated it.

  7. We need to BAN fracking from the face of Earth!
    Frack off freaks, do not we drink the same water?
    Fracking releases a massive and constant amount of methane into the atmosphere causing climate change.
    Poisons all water wells in the process and rendering hardship and disease to all fracked farms and near community.

  8. Youri Carma says:

    The nice thing about Natural Gas is that you can drive cars and trucks on it and electricity producing plants with much less pollution although I am not sure that’s the case with fracking.

    But what about the very rapidly growing Asian desire for energy?