NY Fed Mortgage Debt Data Says No US Recovery

I just meant to say that I think this drive towards promoting the idea of recovery is way premature. All Optimism Bias all the way. People like Bill McBride may claim they simply follow the data, but I think they simply pick the data they follow.

That said, if anyone has a better, re: more positive but still credible, interpretation of the NY Fed data – and graph – , I’m all game. I can do with some good news. It’s been a while. But that by itself doesn’t make me a doomer. I’m just not as desparate for good news as some people seem to be. I still prefer reality. For now.


3 comments on “NY Fed Mortgage Debt Data Says No US Recovery
  1. marcio says:

    Nice shows!
    @Max is really a great show, found some of his talks on a local magazine over here
    “Capitale de la Charte”; the illusion created by the supporters of the neoclassic theory, vis-à-vis economic policies that would make crises obsolete were buried in the likes of “la lumière des flambeaux” in the crises of 2007. People all over the world are reading Maxkeiser.
    Sorry for my poor feedback @Max, I’m a mathematician, so I spent my time doing my snail thing, eating my daily lettuce so I forget the outside world sometimes.

    Keep the nice job!

  2. Bruce says:

    U.S. economy’s third quarter to look rosier – Economic Preview – MarketWatch
    Jeffrey Bartash likes choosing rosy headlines. Perhaps it’s a reflection of himself or perhaps he is just being deceptively rosy.

    Deceptively Rosy.

    United States fiscal cliff – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  3. Bruce says:

    PS. that underwater image is beautiful. I’d love to be a fish, you know. A fishy fish.

    I’d take a break in my fishy home – why that looks like an awesome home for a fish or 3,000.

    No predators to worry about. Except da gubbermen. I expect it won’t be free.