‘Nazis out!’ Greek protesters attack conference, throw coffee on German diplomat

Dozens of Greek activists protesting austerity policies broke into a conference and clashed with police in a protest against a German government official.

Law enforcement officers used truncheons and teargas to disperse some 250 activists in the northern city of Thessaloniki, where a meeting of Greek and German mayors was taking place.

10 comments on “‘Nazis out!’ Greek protesters attack conference, throw coffee on German diplomat
  1. Gregers Werle says:

    “3,000 municipality workers are needed in Greece to do the work carried out by 1,000 Germans.” -Fuchtel

    Clumsy, but I’m no diplomat. Nice to see Germans sensitive as ever.

  2. chris m says:

    I think those Greek protesters are being economical with the truth

    a) Greek government (and by implication, the entire Greek political class,
    and hence the Greek electorate) was falling over itself trying to
    join the Euro, even when it was never obvious , ( if every one was being honest
    with themselves) as to what were the advantages/disadvantages
    of adopting the Euro as their currency.

    b) it seems that there are many Greeks out there
    who are only too willing to go along with their own version
    of “neo-Nazi politics”.

  3. What-me-worry? says:

    Greek and German mayors?

  4. What-me-worry? says:

    Smells like Ag21.

  5. Wolferl says:

    Macht und Freiheit, Recht und Sitte,
    Klarer Geist und scharfer Hieb
    Zügeln dann aus starker Mitte
    Jeder Selbstsucht wilden Trieb,
    Und es mag am deutschen Wesen
    Einmal noch die Welt genesen.

  6. What-me-worry? says:

    Fight song of Whymar Nasties………nice.

  7. Steven says:

    What is wrong with these people? Don’t they like national socialism any more?
    Do they want to give it all up and get out of life what they put into it each day plus nothing?

  8. Wolferl says:

    @ What-me-worry?

    The poem is from 1862.

  9. Steven says:

    In the earlier posting I was being sarcastic. In truth national socialism as an approach to running a country has not been tried in a long time and WW2 gave it a public black eye or two. As I understand it the basic concept is the survival and well being of the nation and its people come first. The people of the nation are generally of the same race and all classes are deemed to be equal in terms of their status , rights and freedoms.
    The nation and race are basicly unified when it come to political and racial identification.
    Example one is an Englishman because not only do you live in England and speak english but because your ancesters did also and you have the same biological and genetic make up as they did. Racial nationalism is another way of putting it.
    France for the french, England for english , Israel for the jews, China for the chinese and Russia for the russians would be examples.

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