Nationalizations Take Off In France

Privatizing state-owned companies has been all the rage in France since the mid-nineties, by socialist and conservative governments alike. But the morass in the private sector has stopped that. Now nationalization is being brandished as a solution—again—though the state still owns a big chunk of the private sector. The dominoes are lined up. Last week it was ArcelorMittal. Today it’s one of the world’s largest shipyards.

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9 comments on “Nationalizations Take Off In France
  1. gordo says:

    Note the culture of entitlement in the following statement.

    “though the state still owns a big chunk of the private sector.”

    Got to hand it to these right wing propagandists …..
    Get this, if the state owns something it is NOT part of the private sector.

    Got it? Carry on.

  2. anon says:

    Gordo, if the state owns 45% of ArcelorMittal then ArcelorMittal is still a part of the private sector.

    Got it? Carry on.

  3. Silver Phoenix says:

    More iron curtain coming down in Europe. Socialist nirvana!

  4. Marc Authier says:

    Nationalization could work. IF ONLY it wasnt done for the wrong reasons.

    Here is the usual pattern. The state ALWAYS nationalize (USA included) only when there is massive losses. In banking as in any business. Recent USA example ? General Motors.

    Socialism is NOT really socialism in the sense that the ONLY thing imbeciles like Obama and Hollande nationalize are the losses ! Never the profits which stay in the hands of the private sector. Its not socialism. Its FACISM. In France and in USA by the way.

    Socialize the losses and the risks, privatize the profits.

  5. Gregers Werle says:

    In France they nationalize since they have still have a state. In the US they bail out since they have no state.

    Exactly right gordo, right wing propagandists…

  6. Marc Authier says:

    @George Werle

    Nationalizing a black hole is not very profitable. In France they also never nationalize for profit reasons. The state in NEVER used to socialize the profits. Even in socialist France. They love nationalizing black holes in France. And when the black hole is filled with taxpayers money, then suddenly the profits are privatized…… Double loss pour le Peuple !

  7. Gregers Werle says:

    Nah, you’re still mostly talking about the US.

  8. Roger Yates says:

    We don’t need ever more successful Capitalist ways to disenfranchise people and wreck the environment. We need to get engaged in intelligent work directed towards human well being and its ultimate survival. Capitalism can’t do that. It is very good at selling junk to idiots to keep them quiet with the crumbs from the table. In these debates “socialism” is used to describe anything outside the Economic Liberal Party Line. You guys sound like a kind of Ayn Randian Polit Bureau always spouting the same sacred truths. America is going the same way as the Soviet Union went because like the USSR it is incapable of changing to meet new circumstances. So, to reiterate, we don’t need competition to foster meaningless “growth”. We need intelligent evolution of human society.

  9. yawp says:

    Private property is a temporary illusion created by the state anyway. But don’t touch the Congo, keep supporting rival factions, we’ll need their resources to be private later on.

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