Max & Stacy, zombie-banker busters since 2009

8 comments on “Max & Stacy, zombie-banker busters since 2009
  1. Bruce says:
    Jamie’s not amused. He sez:
    “Tell Max we don’t have to fight about this; America is the greatest country on earth. We should work together, not fight.”

    I must admit that “…banksters are going the way of the Twinkie…” sounds damn phresh.

    Now to look up the definition of a ho-ho and ding-dong.

  2. fred says:

    when will you guys cover the bankruptcy of 1933 ? and start to realize there is no money .

  3. Al Kyder says:

    Hey Check this out Very rare. A real Clinton coat of arms.

    Note the beautiful latin enscription, “Loyalty Before Honesty”

    The Heraldic Dogs / Grey Hounds mean Courage, fidelity, loyalty.

    The Clintons have worked hard to keep this image off the intaweb I can assure you

  4. bbrebozo says:

    Keep the fire to their feet Max and Stacy.

    Finally someone – anyone- telling Stephen Harper to shut up!

  5. Danny Cunnington says:

    Nice threads Max. You seem to be getting into the London bespoke tailors fashion. Good luck in Westminster this evening with gorgeous George. You can be sure Cameron’s spies will be discretely watching. As they will be reporting back you might as well score a big point about his leadership skills or lack of thereof.

  6. bbrebozo says:

    Camp Granada? No folks it’s Gaza. And it ain’t no hello Mother, hello Father, it’s unjustified military aggression and death against Palestinians, mimicking the US government’s murder of American indians, just to steal their land.
    Right now, US supplied bombs are raining down death on Palestinian Mother’s, Father’s and Children. The Likud government believes the only good Palestinian is a dead one. And the resident in the White house is silent; because, the US stands for violence and for weakness. So much for that Nobel Peace Prize crap.
    Who the hell respects the Nobel Peace prize anymore?

  7. Dilberta says:

    Congrats on 3 years of tranche warfare.

  8. Aaron Bosse says:

    Check out my silver position!

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