Max Keiser on Today with Pat Kenny

Also featuring Bill Black.

18 comments on “Max Keiser on Today with Pat Kenny
  1. Bruce says:

    dunno who Pat Kenny is, but I know those other two trouble-makers.

  2. The Dork of Cork says:

    Again – this is the Irish version of monkey grooming & nit picking , it encourages group bonding and removes a few fleas from the hair but for guys waiting for the monolith to arrive from abroad they will be sadly disappointed.
    Or maybe it has arrived and yet they cannot make that leap of understanding.

    The Dawn of Irishman…………….not.

  3. The Dork of Cork says:

    David Mcwilliams is wrong………..
    He thinks Central Banks print money – they produce credit , they can lower yields but don’t print.
    Rabbit thinks he knows as much as anyone but he is a typical leftist – willing to give our last bit of independence to Draghi and the rest of the ECB mob.
    For example Spain was far better off pre 1986 then it is now – but he thinks just because you get rid of Franco that is progress………..
    This deep sickness resides withen Dublin Castle – the external actors work that ancient & sick cromwellian control system.
    They run away from what Sovereignty truely means.

    Steve from Virgina says it best.

    Credit money expansion (Banks) replaces a great debt with another, greater debt. There is never a net reduction in the debt, only a perpetual increase.
    (we are reducing our debt by exporting our debt / symbolic wealth via goods export elsewhere destroying internal commerce)

    Treasury money expansion is repudiation of debts => repudiation of (pre-existing) money, institutionalized default (expansion includes purposeful inflation).

    Finance offers fiat debt then demands repayment in circulating currency (gold clause effect). Fiat currency offered by the government to retire fiat debt: both the debt and the currency are extinguished at once.

    The creditor says, “You owe us, you must pay with circulating money!”

    The debtor says, “There is no circulating money, the creditors refuse to lend …”

    The creditor says, “We will seize your property instead and destroy your economy!”

    The government (which is also a debtor) says:

    – “We will create money without borrowing and repay the loans as they come due. We can do this because we are the government, our money is paid to our army.”

    – “The loans are fiat — they were created by the lender with the stroke on a keyboard, they were not made from circulating currency. To act as if they were is a crime, a false claim. The lenders will be repaid by a stroke of the keyboard, in the same form as the debts were issued. If you or other lenders touch our property or our citizens we will throw you into prison and decide later whether to feed you or not.”

    – “Because lenders have impoverished our country with endless false claims we will punish you severely whenever we can get our hands on you. You are our enemy and we will destroy you if we can, because you have sought to destroy us!”

  4. The Dork of Cork says:

    Quinn is not a central character in this………………..

    He did not guarantee his bets – the state did.

    It follows the state itself is guilty of treason – which is very hard to prosecute.

    When states were truely sovergin pre 1648 you could always remove a kings head and replace him – but the banking hydra and police state afterwards makes this impossible.

    Quinn is a dumb hick – the guys in London were laughing at him back in 2007.

  5. The Dork of Cork says:

    The Quinn case is a classic show trial to distract attention from the real central characters in all of this.

  6. The Dork of Cork says:

    The real Irish modern oligarchy resides much deeper withen the Dublin castle matrix.

    There is a certain very quiet former Guinness Peat Aviation crowd that developed during the euro inflation of the 70s
    This morphed into the Ryanair model of wage arbitrage post the 1986 credit inflation.

  7. Wolferl says:

    @ Irish cowards

    I bet you don´t dare to do your ” the Germans are to blame” stupidity if a real German like me is around to tell you what´s really going on.

  8. As a Consecrated Roman Catholic Priest, I could have done the Nuptials for Max & Skeiser… Option A, Option B, or Option C.
    My Bishop, Bishop Brain of Salford, would probably have insisted you were baptized first!….Shucks!
    Never mind, please accept our blessings from the Closet of The Royal Household Scotland. (The ‘Closet’ is where the Chaplains hang out)
    Fancy a Hindu Wedding?… I can sort that out as well.

    “Austerity is the wealth of the Brahmin” a Hindu Poverb. It looks like Eire is about to become very Brahminical. … That Sincere Blessing has a magical Silver Lining! Eire will become wealthy in those things that last for eternity!… Love, Friendship, Wisdom, Laughter, Bliss, Compassion, Truth, Honesty, Graceousness, Hospitalty, Health, Children…etc.

  9. Blake says:

    I want this audio, but theres no download button. Anyone know how i can get at it?

  10. It is also delared in the Manusmriti (The Universal Lawbook For All Humanity) that “Knowledge is the wealth of the Brahmin” but Knowledge is only granted to those who practice ‘Austerity’
    The Brahmin is declared to be “The Protector of Wealth”
    Manu was the progenitor of all Humanoid Species within this tiny insignificant Universe! Read on:-

  11. Silver Phoenix says:

    More than usual thought out analysis in the comments, which is in contrast to me, all I could think about is how I can’t stand the Irish accent.

  12. larrier says:

    wolfman 1 @ irish cowards. great name. very tough behind a keyboard. we are paying back german bondholders.

  13. larrier says:

    kiss me im irish.

  14. gussy says:

    What a tosser Pat “uuh we don’t draw analogies to rape” Kenny is, no we don’t do fuck all Kenny. McWilliams useless. Blacks anti-German stance unhelpful. And poor oul Rabbitte caught in the fuckin’ headlights, clueless, talk about some mother’s ‘aving ’em. Thankfully Keiser talked about the FRAUD, the thievin’, the looting, the plunder, for all the fucking good it’ll do.

  15. Sirius Black says:

    I think Max spoke for all of 20 seconds in this two hour show. Did they keep him cooling his heels for the whole time? I noticed a terse reference to “sexual metaphors have no place on this broadcast” and then no more from Max. Oh well, it was good to hear from Bill Black.

  16. John Robb says:

    I just looked up the word “rape” in my dictionary for the hundredth time since I’ve been listening to Max Keiser interviews. I’m reassured once again. No analogical or metaphorical mind is necessary to grasp the accuracy of Max’s sentiment.

  17. Judith Robinson says:

    I could scarcelu believe what I was hearing as I was driving to Taghmon last Friday. Such a breath of much needed fresh air, in the form (voice) of Max Kaiser. I had not heard of him, I confess, but from now on will make it my business to follow and listen to what he has to say. Why does he not appear on Vincent Browne – he would give him a run for his money I think.

  18. maggie dunne says:

    Max Keiser was brilliant on the Pat Kenny show. Poor old Pat didn’t know how to respond to him. But Max only tells the truth. As for Rabitte? What an absolute plonker. He didn’t have an answer at all. I never thought I’d hear Max Keiser on Irish radio. What a pleasure to hear him tell it like it is!

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