Max Keiser, Horseman of City Apocalypse

9 comments on “Max Keiser, Horseman of City Apocalypse
  1. wait are you saying britain is going the way of the twinkie and the hoho? as an obese consumer i find this alarming!!!

  2. stacyherbert says:

    @Nathan el Corochio – we’re all going the way of the Twinkie and the HoHo . . . soylent green future for us all, being chowed on by some morbidly obese debtor

  3. Bruce says:

    Looking sharp, peoples.
    I have tickets to the KR Deep Trouble Tour of Australia, but it keeps getting cancelled; some bubble-blowers here keep the charade going.

  4. Trevor Morgan says:

    Me thinks I hear the wishful thinking of an anglophobe and not always accurate and indepth economic analysis from the Keiser Report of late.
    So are Max and Stacey are here as guests to witness the demise of the English people or is it just the financial service industry?
    Sometimes it is not too clear.
    It is also a vital distinction.

  5. Oz's says:

    Deep doesn’t describe it by half…my kin in the uk are so oblivious it’s frightening

    On a positive note, down here in South Africa, finally people are becoming aware what is in store for them, proper questions are starting to be asked, but not answered, yet

    My bullion dealer sold 43kg’s short of a ton of silver bullion last month!

    Stacy, you looked particularly ravishing, Max…Saville Rd is just around the corner 🙂

  6. Mother Earth says:

    Max is the hoarse man of the appocalypse for sure 😉 Stop screaming Max!

  7. Mother Earth says:

    I can’t find the make project button on pmf, how can I rip you guys off, so much new ideas!

  8. Bill says:

    Larger context: We’re in the decline phase of Industrial Civilisation, refer R. heinberg’s book “The end of growth”. No growth no ability to pay debt anywhere.We’ve totally maxed out our credit card, so much we’ll never ever have any credit again and the environmental debt collectors are knocking at the door: Climate Change, resource base collapse etc. etc. . The 20c growth fiesta is long gone but we’re staggering on! 🙂

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