28 comments on “MAX DOES WESTMINSTER (Final cut)
  1. Bruce says:

    I was surprised how small the room was. Max don’t do effing intimate gigs, yo. It’s too bad 250-odd people got turned away.

    44:35 – 45:48
    Glad George interrupted here. Heavy points.
    Less than 100 people; 250 turned away. tightness.
    No dirty politicians bothering to come!

    51:50 – 52:36
    Ja Ja.

    58:13 – 58:55

    Editor obviously went through some work to get this out there and various bits edited in, though I still crave a totally unedited version. I noticed with the digital clock up there we’re missing about 25ish minutes.

    I can handle it. Gimme, gimme, gimme.

  2. Craig says:

    BRAVO to Max and George!
    Loved to watch and learn from the video, and hope, pray and wish that MILLIONS of Brits will watch it and RUN to their banks, etc, and withdraw ALL their money and BUY Millions of Kilos of Silver and Gold coins, bars, etc,, and TAKE it home (bury it out back) and save themselves from the crash that is coming.
    Keep STACKIN Bitchez!!! BTFDips.

  3. The Dork of Cork. says:

    I don’t buy the story Max

    Grandpa Volcker was not some kindly but stern father figure who knew what was best when he raised interest rates.
    His actions was integral to the entropy of the 80s.
    The usury laws were destroyed at the time.
    American capital investments were sent abroad so that the banking sector could earn more from a global wage arbitrage.

  4. TheDoor says:

    My question about “What’s do you think will be the final end game be for the UK?” got edited out 🙁

    But thanks for taking my question anyway Max!

  5. The Dork of Cork. says:

    Volcker destroyed the thrifts in the 80s…..

    A must see programme

    People who have parasites in their gut get sick.

    The stuff in your gut is symbiotic bacteria.

    Both maybe bacteria
    But symbiotic bacteria are not parasites.

  6. Flopot says:

    First 15 minutes are brilliant – lovely overview of the UK as a unitary State of Fraud. Max follows this up with a criminal case study of Brown’s Bottom and Cameron’s Charade and then finishes off by asserting the bubble is in bonds not in Gold. Q&A was right on the money because people feel impotent and want answers, e.g. straight forward questions regarding high interest rates and the ordinary person.

    10/10 because you guys had the b*lls to take the message to Westminster and Galloway’s point about the missing MPs was brilliant *applause* thus highlighting the complicity, fear and illiteracy of our political class.

  7. ED says:

    Thanks Dork!

  8. pm says:

    Great speech and description of the global financial debt crisis.

    However, merely raising the interest rate doesn’t solve the problem; it only stabilizes the situation.

    A solution would be to get rid of interest on the currency: End usury and establish a national bank in each country, each issuing their own debt free fiat. The global banking ponzi can only work with interest paid to private financial oligarchs. P + I > P

  9. tsuki says:

    Great show. I wish my neighbors were interested like these people were. Here it is scapegoating 24/7.

  10. Wouter Drucker says:

    So is ZIRP – gamble – bailout a bigger fraud than fractional reserve counterfeit banking, since Max gives it so much more attention?

  11. fukidontknow says:

    Fantastic, I’ll celebrate by buying some kookaburras.

  12. zabbage says:

    Brilliant Max. I was worried how it would turn out with George Galloway, but I was so glad you turned the attention to gold and explained how a dose of free-market capitalism would sort things out – Only a American could do that in Britain. Brits are too ashamed of themselves to speak of it.

    Actually Mr Galloway made a good point a house-prices and sitting on land at the expense of people, especially young people who can’t afford them! Can’t you bring this into your rhetoric and explain how lower house prices and lower prices in general is a good thing? This country has been brain washed into thinking forever increases house prices is good. The asset rich politicians, bankers, and babyboomers vs young people – that’s the revolution!!!!!

    The status quo will protect these assets at all costs.

  13. jeff angel says:

    thanx 4 noticing! Twas truly a monster to edit!

  14. Flopot says:


    I think the editor left out the bit were Osborne enters the room accidentally, he looks around and his face turns even paler. Then he makes a swift exit 😉

  15. jeff angel says:

    @TheDoor; sorry about losing your question (which was great by the way.) There was only one mic! (located on the desk 4 Max & George) so I gad to perform some miracles extracting audio from the audience / you’ll notice only those close to the front were included as there audio was he most usable.

  16. SilverTongueDevil says:

    Bravo Mr. Keiser…Bravo !!!

  17. Cos67 says:

    I wish I’d been there. In the belly of THE beast.
    Just a note: not that this matters in the grand scheme of things but the intro was perhaps cooked up on LSD?

  18. wauhoo says:

    And another…Bravo!

  19. Duncan says:

    Dear Max,
    That was a powerful, persuasive talk you gave to the room. I wish that I was there!
    Thank you so much for putting this onto the website.

  20. Robbie777 says:

    I remember meeting Mr Galloway in the eighties in glasgow, in the days of thatcher, the poll tax and another somewhat smaller housing boom going bust. He gets a lot of criticism from many, but I’ve yet to come across another UK politician with anything like the integrity he has displayed over the years. It’s good to see he is at least aware of the depth of economic catastrophe that very probably awaits us, and is trying to inform the public, rather than the usual head in the sand politics of his peers.

    There’s not many politicians I would trust, George Galloway is certainly one of the few.

    Not much point commenting on Max’s talk, no disrespect intended, but regular visitors to this site already have a reasonable grasp of the issues he covered, the important thing is for these facts and opinions to reach those who have not yet heard them. Maybe Max should book Wembley next time.

  21. MMag says:

    Jeff Angel, *thank you* for this and all your work. Another great contribution to the Keiser pantheon of media/public service efforts.

  22. An American drama queen in London says:

    I’ve only watched 2 minutes of it and already you’ve pissed me off with the bullshit editing and black and white effects. I came to listen to what Max had to say not watch some wannabee editor on an ego trip …

  23. Gourmet Teamster says:

    Go et ’em Max! Let ’em all eat bubble and squeak!!!

  24. jeff angel says:

    @An American drama queen in London.
    We have our first! How’s the view from Thames House this morning … or coz it’s Max … maybe over Grosvenor Sq? Keep trying to stop the momentum … it aint gonna work … this is going viral!

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