Lehman Brothers Rears Its Ugly Head In Germany

A Lehman Brothers kerfuffle erupted, this time in Germany, in broad daylight. With a stunning amount: up to €800 million ($1.04 billion) in fees for the insolvency administrator. It blows away the German record of €70 million. Hedge funds are raising a ruckus, on the surface to shame the insolvency administrator into backing off. It worked. Almost. But suddenly, there are new allegations—against the hedge funds.

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3 comments on “Lehman Brothers Rears Its Ugly Head In Germany
  1. Bruce says:

    Kolster said. But the 100 lawyers and experts that CMS had assigned to the case already billed over €200 million.
    That’s 2 million euros per lawyer.
    Or USD $2,594,000 dollars per lawyer/expert. How long have they worked for this so far?

    I’m guessing these people don’t fight with patrons to snag bargains at the sales at this time of year.

  2. Wolferl says:

    I work as an insolvency administrator myself from time to time here in Germany. It´s nothing but legal looting of a dead body in most cases. Most likely they could have done this with 10 laywers but they hired 100 and more just to “produce” more fees. It´s a disgusting business, even though you can earn a fortune.

  3. Trevor Morgan says:

    Just finished reading: “A colossal Failure of common sense” by Larry McDonald an ex employee of Lehman Brothers.
    Max, do you know this book and how accurate is it acan you give me any other titles worth reading.
    I am expecting more Lehmans, especially in London. What fascinates me is how do idiots get to the top in the first place?

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