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  1. diane turner says:

    Love the Keiser Report .
    Thanks for all that you do. Just one thing. After 4 years you would think that you could pronounce our President’s first name…it sounds like “rock” Barock

  2. The Dork of Cork says:

    The interviewer was a bit……………

    Why did yee come to Ireland for that stuff anyway…..sweet Jesus.

    I think people born after 1980 ~ have been exposed to the full market state propaganda , the previous nation state propaganda did at least give some sort of cohesion to society but the irish state did act to wipe out the last islands of tribalism in the blaskets during the 40s.

    It follows the kids are a bit zombified by it all , first with MTV in the mid 80s and later the full blast of credit slurry from all angles.

    However the Bono heal the world meme is shot to hell – at least we have that.

  3. nama rama says:

    Good stuff!

  4. Capt. Ray says:

    tone it down?!


    Seriouse; when that article came by where the Arche Bishop interviews a banker; you didn’t think of a joke that begins with “A pedophile and a thief walk into a pub…”.