[KR369] Keiser Report Three Year Anniversary Special: Twinkies, Finance, Scandal

We present a success story for the three year anniversary of the Keiser Report and that is that the banksters are going the way of Twinkies, Ho Ho’s and Ding Dongs – OUT OF BUSINESS! And just as the junk food and fake bread of the Hostess products caused obesity and diabetes in Americans, so too did the junk bonds and toxic derivatives of the bankers and central bankers cause a flabby, obese and diabetic finance sector in London and New York. In the second half, Max Keiser talks to Ross Ashcroft, writer and director of FOUR HORSEMEN, about why many people didn’t see the financial crisis and what can be done to regain control of the financial system.

136 comments on “[KR369] Keiser Report Three Year Anniversary Special: Twinkies, Finance, Scandal
  1. Al Kyder says:

    I really enjoyed that show maxkeiser and stacyherbert. Congrats on show number 369. Its been a long and productive road these last three years. We are winning or at the very least way ahead of the curve.

    What !! there is a nutrient in twinkies. No way.

    I liked Ross Ashcrofts book and take on these problems. He used the word silo’s as in Vertical Siloization the modern term for fascism.

    The cognitive map!! brilliant. The co-operative!!, Thank you so much for this comment Ross Ashcroft, The syndicates are the way to short circuit these vulture capitalists. This is our future. P2P call it what you like. Syndicalism is the only way.

    I have started reading Oswald Spencer’s the decline of the west today. 🙂

    Thanks you for this brilliant episode rating; ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  2. Vonda Bra says:

    Silver Doctors + Andy Hoffman + Turd Ferguson- Silver Holding Strong

    We discuss ….
    (1) The gold + silver market.
    (2) How there is money printing madness EVERYWHERE!
    (3) Who really is buying U.S. bonds

    http://youtu.be/1jcWtXHOFgk (22:07)

  3. Vonda Bra says:

    Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on Media, 9/11 and the Police State – Dissident Thinker
    Nov. 19th

    http://youtu.be/aDt44UjlKlA (36:32)

  4. Vonda Bra says:

    Guest Post: Price Suppression Mechanics of GLD and SLV, by Andrew Maguire


  5. Vonda Bra says:

    A Thanksgiving Message To Lovers Of Freedom. – by AJ

    http://youtu.be/i4fBP1b9SR4 (3:32)

  6. Wolferl says:

    @ Al Kyder

    Oswald SPENGLER. If you really read it you´ll find it´s actually about a rebirth of the occident. Which is not the same as the west necessarily.

  7. Al Kyder says:

    @ Wolferl~ By Occident do you mean Fascism? I know my Latin Occident means west. I would expect these writing to be about the various cycles of expansion and decline. Power always goes back to the East, because, that is and always has been where the real wealth is.

  8. Al Kyder says:

    BEIJING – Royal Dutch Shell PLC will invest around $1 billion annually in its upstream business in China to tap into the country’s surging natural gas demand, state-run newspaper China Daily reported Wednesday, citing the oil and gas giant’s chief executive officer. Annual natural gas consumption in China is expected to rise to 230 billion cubic meters by 2015, while supply will likely be above 260 billion cubic meters, said Liu Tienan, the head of National Energy Administration, in late October.
    Earlier this month, as part of its annual energy outlook, the International Energy Agency (IEA) published a study suggesting that by 2015 the United States will become the world’s largest gas producer and by 2017 the largest oil producer if one includes crude oil, natural gas liquids and biofuels.

    I can not even begin to understand how they came to this conclusion. In the United States, we are watching a 45% decline in new wells.

    If the current administration and banksta fools continue to believe this nonsense the USA is going to be in very very serious trouble in 2017. The USA has not just peaked, but is now in a steep and terminal decline.

  9. evolutis says:

    @ Al Kyder … “Blankfein told CBS News if it weren’t for uncertainty in Washington, there would be lot of strength in the economy. He said U.S. will soon be the world’s largest oil producer, American universities draw the brightest around the world, and American companies have more than one trillion dollars on hand to invest.” ???

    Who do you assume is the “good guy ” if someone is doing something judged to be wrong?

  10. evolutis says:

    Looking for the context for the above statement … this was the preamble / “PELLEY: Is Washington playing with fire?”

    “BLANKFEIN: Yes. Yes, Washington is playing with fire. And you don’t get — it’s not like a football game where you get the two minute warning. They don’t tell you when you have — you know, you only get one more chance. And in some ways the fact that we’re able to fund ourselves, finance ourselves, people willing to lend to us so cheaply lulls people into a false sense of security.” /// lots of stuff layed between the lines or … straight goods ??

  11. Ilia says:

    Then pensions that can’t be paid won’t be paid either.

    Lots of good humour in this episode 😀

  12. swell says:

    “…and you don’t get [it]…”

    Well if the US national security strategy is really about saving its own oil deposits until the very last then it may entirely be a feign by suggesting that the US is soon to be the largest exporter of oil in order to drive lower and keep those foreign oil prices down. (so that “you” don’t get [it] {oil}).

  13. swell says:

    Anthony Comstock was a rabid Puritan who destroyed countless lives, 13,000 pounds of books, 200,000 “bad pictures,” and 14,000 pounds of stereotype plates for printing books and led a 19th Century moral panic across America. His draconian career culminated in court in San Francisco in 1915, where he was about the prosecution of department store window display workers whose dressing of mannequins was visible to the public. The judge effectively ended Comstock’s moral-crusading career, widely exposed him to well deserved public ridicule, by scolding him, saying, “Mr. Comstock, I think you’re nuts.”

    And how Comstock got played, here:


  14. swell says:

    Pierre Bourdieu’s The Field of Cultural Production, discussed here:


  15. swell says:

    Pierre Bourdieu’s The Field of Cultural Production , Chapter 2: “The Production of Belief”:


  16. snoop diddy says:

    Third World America – Chris Hedges

  17. swell says:

    My guess is that the reason that Chris Hedges lost his high visibility court case against NDAA, is because of his rabid anti-porn screeds. When a less-skewed figure brings such a suit, perhaps the court won’t be as hesitant in attaching an historical High Court ruling to that person’s identity, forever enshrined (ostensibly anyway, ie., stare decisis), in federal law .

  18. swell says:

    Give me the liberty to know, to utter, and to argue freely according to conscience, above all liberties.

    ~~John Milton

  19. fionnsdragon says:

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  20. fionnsdragon says:

    BP Official Site

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    so wrong to allow google or whoever to stick this shit on your site!

  21. fionnsdragon says:

    “How Doctors Lose Weight”

    “How Doctors Lose Weight”

    “How Doctors Lose Weight”

    “How Doctors Lose Weight”

    seriously yez need to question yourselves

  22. Wolferl says:

    @ Al Kyder

    Oswald uses the German word “Abendland”. But this is not so much a place but an idea or a culture. And “decline” doesn´t mean the “west” loses in the power game, but in the events of the global power game loses much of the advanced and sophisticated culture. Most people just know the rather stupid english translation of the title of the book.

  23. Al Kyder says:

    @ Wolferl~ Thanks.

    @ Evolutis, Thanks for the links and the summary. So they know that this is B/S pulp fiction for the election campaign.

  24. SiriusBlack says:

    Two points. First, the e coli in our guts are not parasites, they are symbiotes. We support them, they support us.
    Second, on the zombie companies that can’t retire debt and are only paying interest: Are you sure? Can’t pay down debt or won’t pay down debt?
    If I were the manager of a company with debt, in an artificial low interest environment with quantitative sleazing to infinity running rampant everywhere, why wouldn’t I just keep paying those low, low interest payments and wait for inflation to reduce my debt to near zero? Plenty of time to retire my million-pound debt five years from now, when half a million quid buys a fish and chips.

  25. Youri Carma says:

    Nearly 1,200 coal plants planned — report – Mostly slated to operate in China and India, report says http://www.marketwatch.com/story/nearly-1200-coal-plants-planned-report-2012-11-21

  26. Youri Carma says:

    Is This The Hope You’re Looking For? http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2012-11-21/hope-youre-looking

  27. Mother Earth says:

    Max, your image ‘ve been abused. This is the typical no solutions type of guy..If you’re gonna be ripped of, let us do it 😉

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