Judge rules man can stay in NAMA ghost estate home he has been squatting in.

William Tuohy from Co.Laois in the midlands,  after finding himself homeless, has been squatting in a house in one of the many NAMA ed , crumbling ghost estates littering Ireland. In Tullamore district court, after viewing photographs of how Mr. Tuohy had made improvements to the mould ridden house (out of his own pocket), Judge Catherine Staines, threw out the police charge of trespass and ruled that he could stay in the home he has made for himself.

This week  Ireland is officially celebrating random acts of kindness with over 70% of people surveyed saying that they have experienced such an act, though they preferred experiencing a kindness that doesn’t involve any money being spent, eg given a seat on public transport. Was this the Judge’s random act of kindness or a pragmatic precedent in hard times? Lets hope the government will keep in the spirit of things in the upcoming budget after the major anti-austerity protest planned for tomorrow Saturday 1pm Parnell Square, Dublin.

Psychologist Dr Maureen Gaffney said kindness had a significant impact on people’s happiness and mood. “Kindness not only affects the person who receives the act of kindness, but has an even greater impact on the person performing the act of kindness. “Kindness is not just a nice feeling, it is one of the 10 major positive emotions that thrive an individual’s thinking and behaviour — character strength and a cardinal civic virtue — one of the invisible ties that binds us together.” Dr Gaffney said people felt better after an act of kindness, more effective, competent, and in control. “The added benefit is that being kind temporarily distracts you from your own worried and concerns and when you do return to thinking about them, your more positive mood will mean you will deal with them better.”

Squatter staying in ghost estate home

Communities against cuts march

Random acts of kindness




One comment on “Judge rules man can stay in NAMA ghost estate home he has been squatting in.
  1. microhousehold says:

    Nice one!

    Squat the lot!


    Squatting got a major boost in the UK after WW2 when lots of soldiers returning ‘home’
    needed a place to stay.

    History of Squatting in the UK

    Ireland is certainly helped with some solutions for the current situation.

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