JP Morgan Community Facebook Bomb!

Today Only!

Are you sick and tired of hearing about big banks in their ivory towers manipulating all the world’s markets? Are you sick of the New World Order Being the Old World Order for silver? Are you sick of the suppression and manipulation and fiat lies?  Well, let’s do something about it then!

 Wells Fargo has already been chastised for their support of the prison-industrial complex. Now? It is time for us to expose JP Morgan and silver manipulation…

As Silver Doctors reports below, silver has been catapulted through $34 today. Let’s make it a red letter day in silver! 


10 comments on “JP Morgan Community Facebook Bomb!
  1. Alex says:

    I am doing my bit and trolling them as I type this.

  2. Me too Alex! Let’s have some fun….

  3. Hooper says:

    Three of us troll their corny Thanksgiving commercial..

  4. Robbie777 says:

    Unfortunately, I can’t take part in this fun, as I have made a point of never having a facebook account. There’s still a few of us luddites left.

  5. Wouter Drucker says:

    Ow man. I am so going to disappear in a secret prison camp. Let’s try to use humor though.

  6. A Gardener says:

    We should also buy even just one more silver coin this weekend.
    If you do not live near a shop then mail order one.
    Iam in the UK and if I mail order one silver coin I have to pay 20% vat tax plus postage, but if you think about it, thats still cheap in the long run (and there is more to this silver thing than just money.) In the UK if you just want one coin Sarnia silver only charge £2 per coin for postage and Chards 24 carat charge just £3, so its not that expensive.
    Keep stacking.

  7. aaron says:

    @ A gardener

    guernsey mint dot com don’t automatically put the VAT on, and they package delivered has the code for legal tender on on (assuming it’s legal tender – i get the guernsey double eights). Been ok for 3 packages of 10 ounces each so far.

  8. A Gardener says:

    @ aaron
    Thanks ,
    I have used guernsey too ( So have two freinds) . I think you can get up to 14 ounces before the delivery goes up. We got these legal tender coins vat free and no problems. They have put the price up recently and maples are now cheaper than the doubles.
    But If someone can only afford one mail order coin, sarnia and chards are good because of the cheap delivery and no minimum order value. If you have plenty of money there are many suppliers , just trying to encourage anyone that just wants their first coin .
    Keep stacking

  9. Wouter Drucker says:

    Already stacked to the brim. Agree tax is huge but doesn’t matter . Ill keep spreading the word. Lots of people from the Zeitgeist films that have to be notified. They are aware of the banking fraud like no other.

  10. Robbie777 says:

    @A Gardener and @ aaron

    Ah, legal tender! Thats the mistake I have been making. I have always ordered either 100g metalor silver bars, or fractional gold Kruggerrands. andevery time, except for once, I have got the royal mail card through the door to pay VAT at the mail office. Wonder if the legal tender applies to Brittannias too?

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