Journalists Educate The TSA at Buffalo Airport

12 comments on “Journalists Educate The TSA at Buffalo Airport
  1. Silver Phoenix says:

    Israel did 9/11.

  2. Mike Hunt III says:

    Cops sometimes seem oblivious to the fact that people don’t want to give their personal information. Why so you can put them on the no fly list? Stick their names in a database for future reference. Show me your papers!!!

  3. Robbie777 says:

    It is to the credit of the police present at this airport that the film makers were not arrested wrongly on some spurious charges. So often the real police are not the problem, its these quasi-police, employees of some private security company with a government contract which causes the problems.

    Although some police are better than others, wherever you go, there are always some over zealous nutters,

  4. freeto says:

    Well done! Educate the ‘wanna-be-police’ and exercise your right to inform the traveling public. Unfortunately, they might not want to be informed…
    On my last flight out of LAX in Aug. I opted out and it was quite comical. Their was a chorus of agents signaling down the chain: ‘Opt Out’, ‘Opt Out’ until the it got the guy who actually had to do the pat down. He was a youngish brother and sized me up quite quickly and did a half-assed pat down. If I had worn shorts, he probably would’ve patted me on the back and said get going. Being a white male has it’s advantages.

  5. Paul says:

    As soon as those ‘receptive’ people go to InfoWars they’ll be turned off by the conspiratorial nature of the site and probably not follow through with the research on the scanners. They should have created an independent website to display the info.

  6. Bonn says:

    @ Silver Phoenix
    Nope it was pritty much USA & CIA responsible, I bet Bush did’nt Know. At the same time he could’nt come out on the 12th Sept Soo1 or the 11th itself and Say “There’s a bloody Military Coup Taking place here”

  7. Silver Phoenix says:



  8. Aaron Bosse says:

    Way to go guys! Bufflo Airport is just in my back yard, way to go shake them guys up a bit. You all remained in your boundaries protected by the Constitution.

  9. Bonn says:

    Follow the Money and Benefits ? How Does Israel Benefit ? Iraels Population: 7,765,700 (2011) Slicing and Dicing a population that minimum 3 mill Familys, Afganistan Drug money ~ 600 Billion Dollars a year x 10 years 6 trillion Dollars , 6,000,000,000,000 / 3,000,000 = 2,000,000 $ fer each Family . So Shouldnt they be Driving Ferraris ??

  10. Silver Phoenix says:

    9/11 was pretext to carry out the clean break, a new strategy for securing the realm plan.

  11. Alex says:

    Stupid and Pointless. These are just the workers. You can’t wake up the masses. Just as aristocracy has bred horses, dogs, cows and pigs to get desired characteristics, so have they done with humans over the generations. These people are bred to do these enforcement jobs. Their IQ and EQ fit into a certain range that is mostly determined at birth and then conditioned by environment – middle class eduction system. Blaming these people for doing their job is like blaming a dog for barking or a cow for mooing. You need to address this problem by creating an armed insurrection against the people who made these rules, not tooling around the airport with a video camera and hassling the slaves of the system. The American revolution was won by having leadership of the Aristocrats (founding fathers) and support from upper middle class merchants and professionals as well as backing from France.

    A bunch of uneducated un-bred smelly baboons with piercings, tattoos and video cameras are not going to change anything. The slave class people (those doing menial repetitive jobs )take influence from mass media which is the modern day whip/stick and carrot of the Aristocracy. They do not take matters into their own hands. The instances where you think they do, you will find that they are being led or funded by a rival aristocrat. These people only think about 3 meals per day, an apartment and their iPhone. The really could care less who is giving it to them and they can not comprehend these advanced ideas.