8 comments on “JOHN & JILL & DAVID & PAULA
  1. Tom-Tom says:

    This IS a photo of the oil military homeland security drug intervention money money money and more money “complex” — with all the “money” supplied by the working slobs of America.

  2. kdt says:

    LMAO THIS story just keeps geting better and better!

    obama is on the phone as we speak asking for a recount in the hope the romnie actually won.

  3. S Jordan says:

    Just needs a little shirtless FBI agent trying to dive in under the duvet

  4. Dustbowl Daze says:

    This picture makes me limp and I have a strange desire to wash the sheets.

  5. Mark Lytle says:

    Former CIA & Truth Teller Ray McGovern: Petraeus Resignation Reveals Divisions Over Iran

  6. Dennis Swanson says:

    When the public finds out that Kelley is an Israeli spy, shit will really hit the fan.

  7. JosephConrad says:

    Another disgusting display of US arrogance, stupidity and self-interest. no heads will roll because if so, they’ll start ‘Talking’!

  8. sam says:

    What’s really nice abou this story is that it was the FBI who hacked in to the head of the frickin CIA after someone who was a friend of an FBI agent get some strange messages. They apparently managed to get a court order form a judge allowing them to do this. Then the agent or friend shared the information with a GOP governor before they told the US president that the CIA might have been compromised.

    and they’re locking up Bradley Manning? game over.

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