Jim Willie: Immutable Gold Laws

By Jim Willie, GoldenJackass.com

the Gold Standard will return out of the force of value and valid solution
-the Zero Percent Interest Rate Policy assures the continued Gold Bull Market
-the continued Quantitative Easing assures the shrinking profit margins, job cuts, reduced business
-the ZIRP & QE assure eventual USGovt debt default and systemic failure
-criminal activity is rising to keep the fiat paper currency system in place
-with the rise in official govt gold accounts demanded for repatriation,
-the movement of large Gold volume from London to East brings with it a grand shift in geopolitical power
-the advent of Gold Wars comes after sovereign bond busts, allocated gold account demands
-a Wild Card comes with the imminent death of King Abdullah, as the House of Saud will fall
-with it goes the Petro-Dollar, a crippling blow to the USDollar itself
the Gold Price will break out in all major currencies, having been led by the EuroGold price

12 comments on “Jim Willie: Immutable Gold Laws
  1. Mike Hunt III says:

    Isn’t this the same guy who has been ranting in his high pitched voice about how these large asian buyers were going to crush the LBMA…going in like two years now?

  2. ronron says:

    @Mycunt. a good crash takes time. jim makes the hair stand up on my neck. 🙂

  3. Sirial says:

    King Abdullah is about to die for a while now.

  4. Bruce says:

    I could listen to Jim for hours, and occasionally do.
    He d’man.

    Even if You Hate Gold, You Should Buy It – Casey Research
    Hey, I think this article applies to me. Gold would have to be easily the most boring thing I’ve bought in my lifetime.

    Toilet paper and toothbrushes rank far more interesting to me. Now that the article has my interest, I may even read it.

  5. The Dork of Cork. says:

    King Abdullah is a bit like a Dolphin they have got in Dingle harbour since 1983.

    Now that the fishing is a euro thingy it keeps the tourist money coming in……

    When he died back in 2002 they built a little sub with a dolphin fin on the top…….

    This bit of creative thinking has been working to sustain the income stream for 10 years now.

  6. SAO says:

    I love to listen to Jim Willie, but where are the denutters?

  7. Uncle Ben says all Du German Tungsten opp’s I mean Gold at the NY FED meets all “Good Delivery” standards – so there is no need for any audit …. Uncle Ben’s word is better than Tungsten opp’s I mean Gold!.

  8. Vonda Bra says:

    oh yeah!!! Jim !!! 😀

  9. Vonda Bra says:

    btw, here comes Joe … 🙂

    Published on Nov 27, 2012 by silverfuturist

    “..If people don’t know the price they won’t trade it. This includes all financial assets. I think SHTF scenarios will be short term. …”

    No silver price during SHTF


  10. SomeAnon says:

    Every week another apocalypse in red headlines.

  11. Dustbowl Daze says:

    Jim Willie is going to give himself a heart attack before any market actually crashes.