Jim Willie: Central Bank Gold Rehypothecation Scandal to Take Gold to $5,000/oz

The battle is on for delivery and verification for official gold accounts
-Evidence grows that much of it is gone, and when demanded, replaced with urgency

-It is soon to transform into a global gold war

-The German Govt gold demand to the London and NY City bankers represents a big escalation in the gold war

-The central bank coordinated QE to Infinity has brought questions of gold account location and integrity

-The Allocated Gold Account scandal is a natural event to follow the LIBOR banker scandal

-QE3 will assure a gold rise past the $2000 mark, but the new scandal will take the gold price to $5000
-The powerful gold factors are aligned and in place, led by permanent ZIRP and unlimited QE

17 comments on “Jim Willie: Central Bank Gold Rehypothecation Scandal to Take Gold to $5,000/oz
  1. Noodles123 says:

    If the Vaterland started freezing accounts, acquiring bankers and their families no matter where they ran off to…Possibly putting them and their kids in a room with an Albanian with some pliers and a pruner the gold would mysteriously be found quickly.

  2. hans says:

    Yet another prediction!

  3. Peter Jennings says:

    I wonder when they will throw the new Titan computer at the problem.

    I say bring on the collapse, the quicker it happens the sooner we can start cracking heads and take back our countries.
    We also need to bring back the rule of law and rid ourselves of the false legaleese that is stifling people’s rights whilst providing lawyers and courts with a payday merry-go-round, reducing us all to revenue streams in the process.

    I’m afraid we all have to fight back in whatever way we can. Sit back and do nothing, and see your kids work like you never did and receive nothing in return but contempt, threats and poverty.

    Your kids, your choice.

  4. Rob says:

    NYC Rats run back to Goldman Sachs building during storm surge.


  5. Mark Lytle says:

    Fond this link:


    From which I copy and paste this:

    As ever, Gillian Tett, perhaps the FT’s finest columnist, nailed the problem in her piece from Thursday, ‘Banking may lose its allure for the best and brightest’. Her point, in essence, was that the banking industry is now reverting to the type last seen during the Great Depression. In the years running up to the Great Crash of 1929, finance’s share of (US) GDP rose from 2% to 6%. Banker pay rose from parity with non-banker pay to a 1.7 times multiple. After the Crash, finance
    shrank sharply (as one would expect) and banking jobs disappeared. But there was a lag then, just as there seems to have been one in the aftermath of the Financial Crisis that exploded in 2007 and which is still ongoing because our economies are in thrall to central banking and political idiots. As Ms Tett observes,
    “Back in the 1930s, bankers’ relative wages did not start falling until the mid 1930s and the size of the financial sector, relative to GDP, peaked in 1932, not 1929. That was partly because the entire economy was shrinking after the Wall Street Crash. But another factor was that the Glass Steagall reforms [which separated commercial from investment banking] were not implemented until 1933.
    Arguably, it took even longer until bankers finally realised that the nature of finance had changed: it was no longer purely a profit-seeking, speculative game but was shaped by more of a utility mentality, thanks to government pressure and deleveraging (and, subsequently, the Second World War).”

    Her conclusion is sobering for anyone still toiling in the banking hinterlands:
    “According to recent calculations.. the relative size of finance in the US economy did not even peak until 2010, not 2007; as in the 1930s, the really stark relative shrinkage might lie ahead.”
    “So UBS may be structurally unable to treat its London bond-trading staff with anything approximating to respect, but it is arguably ahead of the curve. The real Stalinist blood-letting purges in the banking sector may be still to come.
    The bigger problems remain – and are nicely discussed in this piece by Ingolf Eide at the Cobden Centre. It is not just investment bankers who are in the process of falling nastily from grace. The central bankers who have overseen this disaster and to whom many look with desperate eagerness to solve it somehow – the central bankers will surely be the next high-profile financiers to be revealed as flying with feathers insufficiently strongly attached.”

  6. Mark Lytle says:

    Also this link inbedded in the above link:


  7. Vonda Bra says:

    new KR is up!

    Keiser Report: Fraud by Day, Fraud by Night (E361)

    In this episode, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss Chinese investors pouring money into silver, while American investors pour money into bonds 33 times faster than into equities. They also look at the latest updates to the mystery of there being no Chinese gold bars in the GLD vaults and on the fly by day operations at the Federal Reserve Bank. In the second half, Max Keiser talks to John Butler, author of The Golden Revolution and chief investment officer of Amphora Capital, about German gold and a German exit from the euro.

    EXCELLENT KReport !!!!

  8. ronron says:

    if the mitt wants too win? all he has to do is point out corzines crime and say he will put him in jail. debt brothers biggest fund raiser. plus no more dogs on the roof of his car. 😉

  9. Tom-Tom says:

    More than HOW HIGH gold will go, I’d like to know what GOLD’S BOTTOM will be — in let’s say 3 years.

  10. ronron says:

    if he fucked with my dog? he’d be eating corn on the cob with no fucking teeth.

  11. Vonda Bra says:

    @ ronron | November 1, 2012 at 11:13 pm |
    I´d say, just let Mitt from now on only fly on planes where a friendly stewardess
    easily can open a big window for him anytime!!! 😉

  12. Bruce says:

    Noodles123 | November 1, 2012 at 5:09 pm |
    If the Vaterland started freezing accounts, acquiring bankers and their families no matter where they ran off to…Possibly putting them and their kids in a room with an Albanian with some pliers and a pruner the gold would mysteriously be found quickly.
    LOL. That was a great post.

  13. death to the NWO says:

    The history of SILVER . A visual , concise effort not to be missed .


  14. Bruce says:

    “Finally, the Germans are taking action. They tried in September to view their gold account in the New York Fed, but were turned away with insults and disdain. Word has come that the shun event in the Big Apple was probably the fifth time in the last few years that a German delegation has been turned away.”
    Do we have red lights flashing yet, ladies and gentlemen?

    “The Bank of England was directed to sell a huge lot of its national gold treasure between 1999 and 2002 to mark the Gold market bottom. It was not sold, but rather handed to D-Bank in order to satisfy a big margin call. They aided both D-Bank and Goldman Sachs, each heavily short and at risk. The Gordon Brown action was done with two unusual signpost markings. The sale was announced in advance, thus permitting front running by London and New York bank buddies. It was done in auction, to assure the lowest possible price. The actions set the low. But the actions bailed out D-Bank secretly. “
    I think I need flow-charts and illustrations to understand how exactly this is performed in the real-world. Jim claims the gold was NOT SOLD then talks about the lowest price. I am confused.

    “The London bankers find their nether onions caught in a powerful vise, and the Easterners are hardly in the mood to relieve the pressure.”
    LOL. Nether Onions. I wonder what JIM could be referring to here? 😉

    “The Mexicans this month performed a formal genuflection before the London Banker Kings, announcing no need to repatriate their gold, as full confidence was expressed. “
    They’d be lucky to get a taco.

    Recall Jim Sinclair and his numerous calls between years 2005 and 2007 for a $1560 Gold price. Many called him crazy, but he was proved correct.
    I’m still amazed the yellow metal can go for this much, let alone more. It’s bordering on insanity to me, and it really hits home when buying some. THIS is all that this money gets you? Crazy times.

    I still have a hard time accepting gold’s worth since we can still buy so many finished goods with heaps more work and fine engineering put in them (not to mention real-world usefulness to the buyer), but oh well; if the bankers love the gold, (some of) the masses buy it. It only starts to make sense when you realise that the paper alternative is built on ze Layered Cake of Fraud.

    That said, I have no doubt it will rise past 2 grand; which is yet more absurd to me. I really hope I get out before it (eventually) dips because despite all the facts, I shake my head at how much this stupid metal can go for. A bit like some must have shaken their heads at Peak Tulips:
    Tulip mania – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    However, the Allocated Gold Account scandal will assure the Gold price reaches $5000 and the Silver price reaches $200.
    At this point, I’ll be able to stalk M&S full-time (and share a good story about the insane gold and silver climb with future generations).

  15. SomeAnon says:

    Is that before or after gold is taken to $20,000 as per your last prediction?

  16. Youri Carma says:

    BigBankX: She’s (Gold’s) gone! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AoDiR5JyCZI

    What went wrong?

    I pay the devil to replace it,

    Better learn how to face it,

  17. mijj says:

    Bruce (above) says ..
    > “I’m still amazed the yellow metal can go for this much, let alone more.”

    no no no no no …

    it may be convention to price gold in terms of some fiat money or another. But, gold is the stable reference and it’s fiat that fluctuates and wanders. The fiat money should be priced in terms of gold. Then the expression of amazement would be “I’m still amazed fiat money can go for this little.” But, by getting our terms of reference the right way round, it doesn’t seem amazing at all that the product of imagination is so worthless.

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