1. L T P says:

    ROTFLMAO!! Although I still can’t take the image of that woman who questioned my human persona at London Heathrow back in late March. “You look so lost!” Shit! I may have even posted about that here already.

    She was a quite attractive and flirtatious sort, but the blonde looked an awful lot like Blythe and I almost had to pull a Stacy-esque move and fish out a Royal Silver 99.999% Ag silver round from my pocket for protection. Her perfect Queen’s English and the fact she remained around until I was out of sight does make this swine wonder otherwise if… MI-5? MI-6?? MI-1,000,000,000???

    Meh.. Back to the pig pen. Maybe she’ll see me again at Terminal 1 in an afterlife. OINK!!

    L T P -aka- Major Bacon – Silver Liberation Army
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  2. swell says:

    A quick inspection of williambanzai7’s ersatz seal:

    Ah, the dragons rampant support the shield, their tails always barbed, as are the tongues, (going as far back as to the emblazons of the Tudor period, where dragons’ tails were long but ended quite bluntly.) All four legs are scaled, each with claws, always the wings are like those of bats with ribs joining them to the base. The single helmet is standard, consistent with English officialism, (although Henry VII’s chapel in Westminster Abbey, is an example of the contrary, it emblazons two helmets. By way of comparison, the German model of using two, turns them to face one another. When three helmets are used the outside helmets face center, the center helmet is in profile.)

    The shield is the most important element as it contains the signs and emblems of achievement, augmentations and honors conferred upon the great city. The flip-of-the-bird in the shield designates F.U., the charge it carries. The method of marshaling, is by quartering of the shield, (as opposed to dimidiation, impalement and superimposition.) The symbols for world’s major currencies denote the great city’s territorial connections. The language on the shield, which forms the quarter, is “LOW COMMON DEMONIATOR” LCD. (That argot itself doubtless connotes use in the more common colloquial form as a figure of speech meaning “the most basic, least sophisticated level of taste, sensibility, or opinion among a group of people”. The Oxford English Dictionary cites “H. G. Wells’ 1910 serialisation of The New Machiavelli: Most clubs have a common link, a lowest common denominator in the Club Bore, who spares no one.”)

    The words of the banner, “DOMINE PONZI NOS”, (Lord Ponzi Us), ensconce the dollar symbol, which levitates prominently over the symbol representing the value of infinity.

    Interesting satirization, hey, but, ouch.

  3. williambanzai7 says:

    @Swell Thank you for that. Now we have something frameable over a Banksters mantle. 😉

  4. hugh varted says:

    The official emblem of the ancestors of the English was the white dragon,not the red cross of St George introduced by the Normans. The symbol/emblem of the British, in other words, the Welsh as they are now known, was the red dragon.

  5. James Brown says:

    I still think Tony Blair’s head would have looked good being impaled on the sword…

  6. thinker says:

    Forgot to put the number 666 somewhere on the crest.
    Carbon Atoms have;
    6 Protons
    6 Neutrons
    6 Electrons

    A 666 Trinity for the element of all LIFE on planet Earth…”The Number Of A Man” ie, life.

    You know where world Carbon Trading is being promoted from don’t y’all? “The City”

    You will not be able to Trade (Buy or Sell) in the new post-financial-apocalyptic system that will arise next year unless you agree to be part of the new NUMBERED system where ALL your purchases will be tracked…under the guise of your consumption being a curse to the environment (your Carbon (666) footprint), so if you want to be part of the new world system you will need to agree to be assessed like a commodity…if you don’t agree then the choice is easy…..starve and die! no buying or selling for you!!!

    Carbon Trading is a Bankers Wet Dream. The ultimate non-atainable, un-measurable, completely speculative system…..How hot is the world this year??? Ask East Anglia to write a cooked climate report that matches the required number issued by the UN, they can cook a hockey stick up and claim the price per tonne CO2 needs to go up…up…up……and sell a derivative or two on the carbon trade before the index moves (as is the norm in this City-Of-London-Insider-Trading-World).

    Yep, they can’t control a Currency or regulate the financial industry without it being rife with apocalypse causing fraud, but the bankers will be able to take your money and control the average temperature of the planet for you all!!! Pay Lord Rothschild half your wage and he will phone God and ask him to turn down the Sun a little….only DemiGods can talk to Gods after all….the Rothschilds, Rockerfellas, and Windsors can be the intermediaries between Gods and Goyiim……ahhh…..back to the good old pre-classical days of Sacred Kingship….Everyone pay your 666 and kill yourselves for Bankers…sorry I mean Mother Earth…whilst banks rape her and blame you all for it.

    Good times!!!

  7. Ptah says:

    @hugh varted: Both accurate and welcome….. good comment…

  8. williambanzai7 says:

    In any event, I redid the official seal of the City Of London

  9. Bruce says:

    L T P was nearly porked.
    Emblem info.
    Carbon trading satanz.

    Good bunch of comments.

  10. SAO says:

    Yep. Reptilians run the Financial sector and thus the planet. But not everyone is riding that train. I know I’d like to get off. I think it has something to do with knowing who we really are and what we are capable of doing. But I have lost the energy. Have to reenergize somehow. Oh, yea, that has something to do with knowing who I am.

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