Gold Bullion or Cash

5 comments on “Gold Bullion or Cash
  1. thinker says:

    Very clever and well done video clip…All true unless someone somewhere worked out the Alchemical Philosophers Stone….that would annoy a lot of people and wouldn’t leave many alternatives to the current train wreck of fiat paper!

    Why is Gold referred to as AU on the periodic table? Because it is AUditable!…the only think that seems to retain honesty now that it’s pretty clear honesty is void in human nature! Thanks Jamie Dimon!

    Watch AUrora rise!

  2. MrJones says:

    Twinkies, that’s what I would fill that vault with. I would stuff it with Twinkies.

  3. david o'conlon says:

    Funny how a yellow metal can have so much love.

  4. SLA-mdunk in Oz says:

    I noticed the price of an ounce of gold is about USD 1750.00.
    I also read that the USD is now only worth 2 cents of its former value.
    So I calculated the REAL price of an ounce of gold thus:
    $ 1750.00 x 2 / 100 = $ 35.00
    That’s what it was many years ago ! Nothing has changed !
    IMHO nothing will change until the mania begins.

    Stack silver.

  5. Randyrocker says:

    First line of offence against the paper money interests must be to launch an all out strike to dismantle destroy and take down the FED’s printing presses in the Mints scattered around the country, or anywhere else that they print their money. That must be the first line of attack, followed by the networks that broadcast on behalf of the governments of the world, especially the networks aligned with the New World Order groups like the UN. That way their markets get shut down, and their communication links, from then on even with all of their armaments there should be some balance before the over throw.

    It will be a horrible unHoly war with massive mayhem and maybe millions of lives lost as has happened in our recently past World Wars, but these greedy seedy bastards are leaving humanity very little choice. In the end they’ll wish as so will we all that survive, if we do, that this never happened, yet, the way things are going, and with the vacuous leadership on display these days, in all likelihood it will be happening sooner in time than later.

    So be it!

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