Financial Holocaust in Full Swing

The report highlighted the prospect of an increase of between 200,000 and 400,000 in infant mortality and that child malnutrition, already rising, will be one of the main drivers of higher child death rates.

One comment on “Financial Holocaust in Full Swing
  1. William of the North says:

    Those numbers are dwarfed by the number of aborted fetus’ each year. I suppose they will propose the solution to abort those children; so they won’t have the chance to starve. ( Do it for the Children!)

    Sad state of morality here on planet earth.

    It’s starting to resemble Nazi Germany.

    You are starting to look like you are constantly walking with the wind blowing from behind you. (hint: I’m talking about your hair.) Just accept it man. Slick that stuff back with a good pomade.

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